Top 10 Valentine's Day Faux Pas

Top 10 Valentine's Day Faux Pas

Valentine's Day is a special time of year, it's a time to appreciate your loved one and show them how much you care. It can also be the perfect day to easily screw up spectacularly. To help you avoid the latter we've put together a list of the top ten things not to do on V-Day.

10 Talk about past loves...
This one should seem pretty obvious but we've heard some horrific stories of people sharing overly intimate details from past Valentine's Days with their loved ones. Needless to say sharing intimate details is one way to guarantee no further initmate activities.

9 Get too drunk...
Number nine follows on from number ten in that if you ignore this rule you could face the prospect of an explosive ending to what should be the most romantic day of the year. No one likes a slurry, stumbly mess of a significant other to look after.

8 Wear work clothes...
People like to feel like you've put in a bit of effort for the occasion so showing up in your work overalls or uniform is not a good start. Have a shower, chuck on some nice clothes, maybe a bit of cologne and you'll be set to go!

7 Leave it to the last minute...
Yes you're busy and yes you both agreed not to make a big deal of it this year but secretly your loved one really is hoping you'll make a big deal. Don't forget to book the restaurant, don't forget to order the flowers and don't forget to write in the card. As much as they say they don't mind, if you do nothing, they will.

6 Not pay...
So you made it to the restaurant, ordered a fancy bottle of wine and some nice meals and the bill has arrived. Do not, under any circumstances let them pay the bill. Steal it, hide it, do anything you can to be the one to send your credit card back with that piece of paper!

5 Check out other people...
This one should be pretty obvious but we all know sometimes it takes a little conscious effort to keep your eyes firmly locked on your lover. This is of vital importance. Even the slightest eye flick will be noticed and will effectively end the night.

4 Correct them...
They may be going on and on about how much they love your favourite sports team when in reality you support the opposition, or that the cause of a rainbow is fairy tears but whatever you do don't correct them. This is the day for them to feel special, let them have this one, there's 364 days of the year on which to be right.

3 Go back on your word...
Going back on your word is horrible. Don't promise to go to their favourite restaurant and then take them somewhere else. Don't say you'll be home at 5 and then get home at 7. Any sudden change of plans won't only ruin your V-Day but could plant the seeds of suspicion in your loved one's head...

2 Answer your phone...
Turn your phone off! Nothing is more anti-social than texting or answering a call in the middle of dinner, or a date, or a conversation. So if you want to be a mood-killer be sure to check Twitter on your phone during the first course, it's a sure fire way to get the silent treatment right through to dessert.

What ever you do, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT VALENTINE'S DAY! Everyone complains about how it's a corporate holiday and it doesn't really mean anything and you may feel safe in ignoring it but never underestimate the power of disappointment. If they feel you've forgotten them by forgetting Valentine's Day, consider the relationship over. As an ironic bonus, you'll never have to remember V-Day again...

Check out our Valentine's Day channel for more great V-Day tips!

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