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Shin Somatics® Workshop 1

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Soul - Centre of the Body and Mind


Age Restrictions
All Ages

Certification programs 2012 with Kelly Ferris (USA)

Workshop 1: Beginning/intermediate module: 16-20 May

Somatic yoga, intuitive dance, & integrative bodywork • Balance of the body's energy system • Land to water yoga • Oneness to individuation in Infant Life • Depth-movement dance therapy • Hands-on integrative bodywork

‘Kelly Ferris is a long-time student of Sondra Fraleigh. She is certified as a somatic movement educator RSME through Eastwest Somatics Institute and ISMETA. A dancer and university professor of dance with many years’ experience facilitating learning and change through somatic modes.’

Land to water yoga is a unique contemporary style of yoga, grounded in processes of Shin Somatics as developed through our work at the Eastwest Somatics Institute. Much yoga today emphasises physical competition, having lost the original intent of spiritual healing and self-awareness. Yoga means "to yoke": it signals our kinship with the environment and all forms of life. In practice, yoga can be a psychophysical means for transforming personality—progressing through enjoyable shapes and movements that anyone can do.

This unique new form of yoga maintains yoga’s original intent of spiritual healing and awareness and offers a way to deepen clear seeing and a calm mind, urging one past his or her limited ego. It is based on five stages of infant development and the methods of Shin Somatics® Moving Way. Its progression moves backward from the most complex movement in terms of balance to the least: from walking to floating (from land to water), providing the opportunity to retrace our personal human development back to its watery soma source.

Costs & schedule of deposits:
First deposit is non-refundable, unless workshops are cancelled. Second and third deposits are also non-refundable, but can be applied at 2/3 value to any future workshop at Eastwest.

First deposit: $200 (NZ) due by 01 March 2012
Second deposit: $350 (NZ) due by 01 April 2012
Third deposit: $350 (NZ) due by 01 May 2012
If registering for 2 modules, remainder due 01 May 2012 $900 (NZ) for each module register for 2 modules & save $100
‘Experience the work of Sondra Fraleigh, one of the world's leading somatic educators. Eastwest Somatics is an international somatics training association. Earn levels of credit towards becoming a registered somatic movement therapist through Eastwest and Ismeta’

Module 1: 16-20 May 2012
Module 2: 23-27 May 2012
How: $900 per module



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