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Live at Six

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Auckland Town Hall - Concert Chamber


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Truth is Overrated. LIVE AT SIX By Dean Hewison and Leon Wadham by arrangement with Playmarket New Zealand “A thriller in the making and breaking of news, it is a not-to-be-missed show” – Theatreview A show that uncovers the power broadcast media have over our perception of truth, and, in an age of smartphones, lets the audience get in on the action.

Set in the world of NZ television news, Live at Six is a comedy with a thriller edge. It tells the story of a news anchor, Jane Kenyon, (played by Jess Robinson) whose life and career is rocked when footage of her (apparently) misbehaving at a party goes viral. The story is out, and the race is on for both her network and the competition to package the footage and the story. Whose version will the public believe – and more importantly, whose will they tune in to?

What makes this production unique is the incorporation of on-the-night footage, and a very real deadline. Each performance begins as the ‘incident’ occurs in the foyer pre-show, captured by specially fitted security cameras. Audience members can also use their smart phones to shoot the action and upload to the show crew. As the story of journos, presenters and executives plays out on stage, the audience can also watch each network’s editors scrambling to cut the footage to fit their agenda. Interviews conducted with willing audience members in the interval add to both the story and the challenge for the editors.

At the end of the show, the audience sees both versions of the broadcast story, built with that night’s footage. Does either version match the ‘reality’ they witnessed two hours earlier? Alongside the technical wizardry is a script full of wit and insight. The pressure cooker atmosphere of the newsroom tests loyalties and friendships both within and across the networks, and at the centre of it all, Jane Kenyon must face the nation.



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