Ladyhawke Interview
Ladyhawke Interview
We had a chat with the lovely Ladyhawke on the eve of her NZ tour!
Where do you call home at the moment?


London is sort of where I call home at the moment, but I’m hardly ever there. Usually always travelling around.

Do you think you'll be in London for the Olympics then?


Nope, thankfully I strategically planned it and made sure I’m not there!

Who are your favourite crowds you like playing to?


That’s hard because I don’t want to offend anyone. I think the best crowds for me are in London, the London crowds are just so incredible. The UK has embraced me from the beginning and the crowds there are just so awesome. Also nothing beats a festival crowd, like playing in front of a whole group of people who are all pretty much drunk, they’re all energetic and excited so you know they just want to hear the music. Hopefully they’ve got their beer goggles on.
Do you think people going to festivals are far more passionate about music?


Festivals, especially in the UK cost about 300 pounds to go to and people spend all year saving up their hard earned money just to cane it at the festival, so they’ve really really earnt their ticket, festivals are so expensive now even the Austrailian ones are getting up there – people heading along genuinely love music.

What’s your favourite NZ city?


Um that’s a hard one, I spent 6 years living in Wellington, I’m from Masterton I was born and raised there, left there when I was 18 and then I lived in Auckland for a year and a half. So I’m like quite torn, because I was always a Wellingtonian at heart I guess. Then I moved to Auckland and I loved it. I loved Auckland, you know Wellingtonians are always saying 'errr' Auckland. But I really loved it, I’d never lived there before and I gave it a go and so many of my friends had moved up there so I thought I’d give it a go. A lot of mates from overseas ended up moving back to Auckland around the same time as I did, so it was really cool, weather was warmer, I just enjoyed it.
But yeah I also love Wellington because my Dad lives there, and really central and Mum and my Step-dad are over in Masterton.

I thought it was very brave of you opening up about your Asperges Syndrome, I think you are helping other people dealing with it. Did it help you when making this album?


The thing with my record was like, Anxiety, it has always been part of my life, to the point where its like just there, it's second nature. You know sometimes its horrible, but in writing the album a couple of times I was writing the lyrics out to some of the songs sometimes I thought am I revealing to much about myself here but then I thought well no matter what, what I end up writing its from my heart and there are so many people who have aniexty and depression and stuff like that. And its so awesome to find out that you're not the only person living with it. I've got a couple of friends who are the same as me and have that really bad aniexty and we talk about all the time and it just really helps knowing that there are other people you can share your experience’s with and my way of doing that I guess is through music because I don’t really want to go around having a chat about it all the time, I'd rather just write a song about it and then that’s that.
Aniexty is, I never really thought it was a big deal. Some people have talked about "oh its really amazing that you’ve called you album aniexty" but I thought hang on doesn’t everybody have it (aniexty)? I wasn’t trying to make a big statement at all I was actually poking fun at myself.

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