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The Wiggles - or at least my 3 year old does
Movies, skiing, shopping, eating out
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Luc Besson's The Big Blue
La Haine
Hercules Returns
"Your ego's writing cheques your body can't cash!" Top Gun

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24/09/2009 @ 23:02
Seriously had my best night ever here last weekend - some random sleeze was desperate to get into my friend's knickers that he spent all night drowning us in champagne and cocktails until we showed him our wedding rings, which didn't stop him, but when my friend whipped out her police badge and told him to f#$k off he finally got the picture!

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04/10/2009 @ 21:41
What about the A-Team Movie - Liam Neeson as Hanibal and Bradley Cooper as Face - not sure if the original TV version can be bettered, but will be interesting to see the style that Joe Carnahan gives it - Narc was awesome!
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