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Latest Movie News - 9th November 2009
Posted on 09.11.09
Latest Movie News - 2nd November 2009
Posted on 02.11.09
Latest Movie News - 26th October 2009
Posted on 26.10.09

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Latest Movie News - 19th October 2009
Commented on 26.10.09 @ 20:33
Yup - check out for more details
Latest Movie News - 12th October 2009
Commented on 17.10.09 @ 13:47
Wall Street defined the 80's - fast paced money is everything kind of movie - one of Charlie Sheen's best (along with Platoon of course!)

Paranormal Activity certainly does look great - in fact looks pant wetting kind of scary, which is exactly the kind of movie that you want to take a date to, who else are they going to cuddle up to!! Haven't been this excited about a scary movie since the Blair Witch - which freaked me out for days,especially if you checked out their awesome website first!

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