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"How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss?"

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31/10/2009 @ 23:41
What about The Rock for Jonah - with a bit of a spray tan perhaps but they're both man mountains!! Apparently there's no mention of the food poisoning incident for the RWC final!! Rose tinted glasses!!!

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01/01/2010 @ 07:46
You must have stirred something up, because they have removed the word 'free' from their sign outside. It now just reads 'kids eat...'!!!
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17/09/2009 @ 11:59
Is it me or does Danny Boyle have an obsession about toilet scenes - first the Trainspotting diving-down-the-loo-for-drugs scene, then the Slumdog Millionaire diving-down-the-loo-for-an-autograph scene. Perhaps he was bog-flushed by the bullies at school!
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