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Captain America Casting
Commented on 06.04.10 @ 08:36
Yeah Hot Tub time machine looks brilliant!!!
Latest Movie News - 2nd November 2009
Commented on 04.11.09 @ 12:47
Maybe they could use the guys from Flight of the Choncords in the Hobbit.... check out this video:
I'm a Hippie-Hypocrite
Commented on 04.11.09 @ 12:43
They even started a political party which allowed people who don't wash their hair and cultivate nits and sole form of transport is a skateboard into parliament......
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses
Commented on 04.11.09 @ 12:38
Older and Wiser?
Commented on 21.10.09 @ 18:27
Agreed Old People and supermarkets a recipe for disaster.... They always seem to pay entireley in coins also....
Sarah Harpur- Funeral Planner
Commented on 29.09.09 @ 15:40
I went to a funeral a few years ago and one of the people attending who was an ex cop put on white gloves and tried to stop traffic and direct the Hurse with Coffin on board out of the church. In the process he escaped death himselves on 4 or 5 occasions.... The road was really busy and the fact he just looked like a drunk guy with gloves on dancing on the road.
It was hard not to laugh as cars beeped and abused him in the process.....
Let me introduce myself
Commented on 20.09.09 @ 20:36
Also worth heading to Leigh just around the corner! Goat Island is fantastic and the Leigh Sawmill always has great live acts from all over NZ. You can stay there as well.

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