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28/01/2010 @ 22:08
Avatar simply has to get all the kudos doesn't it - although I am really interested to see Crazy Heart - Jeff Bridges has been really doing some good stuff of late!

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24/03/2013 @ 20:05
After hearing so much about Coco's Cantina over the years I finally got to visit this restaurant during the week and can honestly say, it really loved up to my (high) expectations. It was so full and although we did have to wait at the bar for about and hour and half, the cocktails, tapas and friendly staff made that time fly. Absolutely loved th…

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31/01/2010 @ 20:28
Just wondering- is it a must to see avatar in 3 d or can you get away with a 2 d version and still get the wow factor everyones raving about. Anyone seen avatar in both formats?
I want to

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