The Best Auckland Restaurants
We've taken out the guess work and hand picked some of the best Auckland restaurants for you.
The Best Seafood Restaurants
Famed for being the City of Sails, Auckland has some of the best seafood restaurants in New Zealand. From oyster bars to fresh catch waterside restaurants, the Auckland seafood dining experience is second to none. Read on for's guide to the best seafood restaurants in Auckland.
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The Best Dining Experience
When looking for the best dining experience in Auckland we considered the concept, atmosphere and location as well as the food and service on offer. From sharing plates to exceptional views, these restaurants offer the best dining experience in Auckland - we couldn't recommend them any higher!
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The Best Breakfasts
Ah breakfast… one of the joys of the day. Be it as simple as a smoothie or as hearty as the full cooked, here are some of the best places in Auckland to start the day right.
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The Best Chinese Restaurants
After years of terrible gloop hiding nondescript meat, Auckland now boasts some of the best Chinese restaurants in the land, with everything from fine dining and poncey affairs to properly authentic spots that take your tongue off with their searing chilli heat. Chinese restaurants aren’t necessarily for everyone though, especially those places that serve up those really traditional dishes (dry fried pork intestines, anyone?), but there’s definitely enough choice, not least from the selection we’ve chosen as the best Chinese restaurants in Auckland.
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The Best Cosy Coffee Spots
Sometimes smaller is better. Sometimes it’s about that tiny place that does their thing really well and nothing more. Here are our favourite little hole-in-the-walls from around Auckland.
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The Best Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips will never go out of fashion - at least you'd hope not, as a good fillet of fish and chips should always be one's most guiltiest of pleasures. There are some great chippies all across Auckland but there are also plenty of impressive versions at restaurants too, so have a gander and start to look forward to Friday even more.
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The Best Japanese Restaurants
Noodles immersed in spiky hot broths; pan-fried gyoza dumplings; lines of yakitori over a robata grill; bento boxes; tempura – the list goes on. Thankfully, amidst all those venues masquerading as authentic Japanese restaurants are some genuine gems, able to knock up delectable examples of just why this cuisine is held in such high esteem. So take a look at this list of the best Japanese restaurants in Auckland and you'll be saying Nihon ni ikitai in no time.
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The Best Sushi Restaurants
Sushi and sashimi certainly polarise opinion, with those that love it coming over just a little evangelical about it, and those that aren't fond often completely failing to understand it. We love it though, so please prepare for a love-in with evangelical undertones. Here's our list of what we think are the best sushi restaurants in Auckland, so take a look and tuck in.
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The Best Takeaway Lunches
If we're allowed off our lunchtime leash, there are a few spots we head to so we can grab something to take back to our desks - though sometimes we do end up in the local supermarket buying the same tired looking sandwiches. The places below, though, are our minds' refuges - something to look forward to when we've had a morning of setbacks, our stomach's are rumbling and we're beginning to get a bit frazzled...
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The Best Tapas Restaurants
Ah tapas, the ying to the stuffy dining of yesteryear's yang. If a tapas bar gets it right then there are few better delights than settling in for a lazy session of little plates and carafes of Spanish wine. Shared plates have definitely locked themselves in as one of the new norms of dining in the city, with tapas having led the way. Here are 5 great spots to enjoy a little bite of something awesome.
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The Best Vietnamese Restaurants
Many Aucklanders grew up with little real appreciation of Asian cuisine, save for a bi-monthly ingestion of batter-heavy chicken balls washed down with some radioactive sweet and sour gloop. Praise be, then, to the Vietnamese restaurants of Auckland town, who have shown just how vibrant, fresh and downright tasty it can be. We swear by Vietnamese salads here, but the list below comprises our favourite places for all manner of authentic Vietnamese dishes.
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The Best Late Night Eats
It’s taken some time for somewhere to fill the gap left by the Open Late Cafe (gone but not forgotten), but the ever-increasing number of restaurants catering for all tastes and lifestyles means that it’s not impossible to find good food post-10pm.
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The Best Coffee
There are great cafes that do fantastic food, there are cafes that look amazing but if it’s just coffee and coffee alone that you’re after, here are five Auckland destinations that you can’t miss.
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The Best Cheap Eats
Who doesn’t love a bargain, especially when it comes to eating out! We recommend checking out the fantastic site for a comprehensive city-wide roundup, but if time is short and hunger is high, here are a selection of View’s favourite haunts where $20 goes a long way.
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The Best Restaurants With A View
Despite a stunning waterfront and harbour, there are surprisingly few restaurants in Auckland that take advantage of the view. Here's our pick of the restaurants that do:
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The Best Steaks
Medium rare, well done or blue - whatever your steak preference, whether you like high-end dining or relaxed bistro, there are many great steaks out there in Auckland. Here are our favourites:
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The Best Indian Restaurants
Serving up a list of the best Indian restaurants is always fraught with danger, as inevitably everybody's local curry house is apparently the best. Putting that to one side, this is a list of our favourite Auckland restaurants serving Indian food - be they curry houses in the middle of nowhere or high-end venues with the gongs to match.
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The Best Brunches
Brunch has become an embedded part of Auckland’s weekends, and there’s more choice than ever for that ‘late Sunday morning with friends’ special spot.
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The Best Burgers
The classic burger - it can be done so well, or so very not. We’ve searched out some of the best burgers in Auckland, from old favourites to gourmet restaurant varieties and one thing is for sure - there has never been a better time to put your face into that beautiful combination of patty and bun.
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The Best Italian Restaurants
When many people think of Italian food they simply think: pizza and pasta. Which is obviously madness - Italian cuisine is one of the richest and most diverse of all, and Italian people are quite rightly very proud of their culinary heritage. Here are our thoughts on some of the best Italian restaurants in Auckland that showcase Italian food as it should be: delicate, beautiful and passionate.
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The Best Cafes
You do realise that you're spoilt for choice living in Auckland right? There are dozens and dozens of fantastic cafes spread throughout the city offering everything from early morning breakfasts to late afternoon grazing. From great coffee to perfect eggs and sensational baking, we've somehow managed to pick 7 of the best:
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The Best Pizza
Remember when your biggest choice of pizza was whether the base was thick or not? Luckily times have changed, and there’s now every choice imaginable for great pizza around Auckland. Here are our top picks:
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The Best Suburban Cafes
Central Auckland is packed with amazing and exciting cafes. But there’s more than a few exciting café options outside the city fringe. Here’s our pick for the best of the burbs.
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The Best Sunday Roasts
Winter - rugby, rain and roasts. It's a kiwi classic that's become an essential part of New Zealand's culinary heritage. View New Zealand brings you Auckland's very best Sunday Roast destinations.
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The Best Tasting Menus
Sometimes you just want to go to a restaurant and forget about what it might cost you. Well, if you’re either reckless or rich, that is. The best tasting menus enable you to do just that, and whilst most are excruciatingly expensive, others are actually surprisingly affordable. Whichever you choose though, tasting menus offer you the chance to enjoy the very best dishes and the very best indicator of what a restaurant is all about – and of course the unadulterated joy of being lavishly, grotesquely greedy.
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Meat Your Match: Auckland's Best Meat-eries
Rare beef steak, mouth-wateringly good ribs, charcoal-grilled pork or wild game — whatever your poison, a visit to one of these great meat-eries will leave you well sated.
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The Best Ramen
Auckland loves a good food trend, but in truth ramen has been doing it the hard way, slowly winning the hearts, minds, and bellies of its diners for the past couple of years now, and is finally becoming a force here in little old N-Z. Here are the finest spots to get a steaming bowl of nourishing Japanese goodness in the 09.
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