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290 Dominion Road,
Mt Eden

(09) 630 6633

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The most beloved family restaurant in New Zealand, Valentines in Mt Eden, Auckland, is a fully licensed all you can eat restaurant and bar, with over 100 dishes to choose from.

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Daily: 12.00 to 14.30 Daily: 17.30 to 21.30
Essential on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
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Wheelchair Access, Disabled Toilets

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Reviewer quasi
Really disappointed with Valentines Mt Eden. Have been to many buffet restaurants and I have to say this is by far the worst one!!! A very small selection of food, and the food that was there was terrible! No flavour, or very overcooked, even the chips had way too much salt to the point of being inedible and I only found one thing that was I was actually able to eat. I don't mind small selections in buffets but at least made sure they are edible. We paid $33 per person, and looking on the website afterwards, it says it should be $29 pp so obviously have not updated their website in a while either. There are plenty of better buffet places in auckland, DO NOT waste your time here.
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Reviewer CopperJ
Travelling from south island. I would say, it is the best Valentines so far. The restaurant was packed on the weekend. There was a big birthday party at the back. First, we received warm greetings at reception, and then been allocated to a window seat. What a nice view upstairs. After sitting on the table for a while we started our lunch. The salad was fresh. Hot food were really tasty. They had my favourite dumplings which I rarely find in Nelson. The dessert section was superb. A huge selection over there. I love pannacotta, very smooth texture. The service was excellent. Although the restaurant was busy, the dirt plates were collected very fast. We super enjoyed our lunch. Well done guys. Keeping it up.
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Reviewer pauline8424
We, a group of 10, have been Valentines Mt Eden on Monday this week. What a lovely dinner experience. chicken salad and broccoli salad are just fantastic. the decoration on seafood makes them so appetising . went to the dessert section, there is huge range to be choosen. Chocolate mousse is my favourite. The fruit is freshly cut. The service is superb. Manager over there is really helpful. will be there again.
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Reviewer Nell
I went here for dinner last night. The presentation of the food was awful. Slap happy would minimally describe it. The seafood cocktails were dead in the dish… not fresh – the mains were not well presented and unappetising. Anyone with a food allergy or fussy about what they eat should not eat here. The attention to clearing away dishes off the table was good, but what a shame about the food. I will not be returning to this Valentines and the manager really needs to step up and do something about a more professional look when it comes to the entrees, fish and seafood, desserts and the mains. The desserts – pavlova looked like it came out of a box – pineapple looked like it came out of a tin and the orange segments were just piled on. No whipped cream was provided. The ginger snaps were partially filled with cream. Most unappetizing meal I have had the displeasure to be served. This place needs professional appraisal and to get its act together re presentation of its food. It was freezing cold in the restaurant.
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Reviewer Samuel.King
We had 1st birthday part last Sat. lunch. The food was great. The service was superb. Everyone enjoyed that day. Well done guys. We will see you very soon.
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Reviewer BK2
#very professional service

#good selection of the hot food, i love roast pork which is very tasty and tender

#beautiful kids cocktail made

I had very pleasant time with my family in this valentines. We will be back soon.
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Reviewer 183581
Really really disappointing. I went to Valentines for my birthday and definitely it was not the best option. Normally I would leave this place straight away after arrival, but because it was not my choice to pick up this restaurant I stayed and thought just to let it go. Wrong decision.
To start this “adventure” with, the waiter at the arrival asked if I booked the birthday cake which was supposed to be a surprise… Big failure.
We arrived at 7 pm and it was hardly any food left. Just a few cold fries, some tasteless rice and steamed vegies. We really had to “hunt” for some meat and as I do not eat seafood I sticked just with this left overs…. I know my bf wanted the best for me, unfortunately he hadn’t read the review before… Also, big disappintment regarding customer service- dirty plates at the buffet, dirty environment in general. “The icing on the cake” was collecting our glasses (still we had the drinks) after we finished the dessert. Suprisingly… we still wanted to have a chat and spend some time in this dodgy place but they basically showed us that the time is over. My bf paid $96 for two bad buffet plates + cake. The price vs quality (food, customer service) was simply devastating. Never ever more. Cant give less than one star.
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Reviewer Monster
The only reason i am giving this restaurant 1star is because the the staff member at the front desk was very nice. Otherwise i would be giving it 0. The food was bland, dry and completely unappetising. Selection was very limited. Cutlery was dirty. Had to dig down 3 plates before i found a clean one. I spent $87 ( family of 4) and we all left hungry. I will never visit this restaurant again.
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Reviewer lapogas
What happen to the Valetine Experience. I remember as a kid going to them in the 80's & 90's & 2000 they were great!! Fresh incredible supply of all kinds of food. Now its a mind feild of what is going to make you ill!!I suspect it is no longer a company but sold as Franchisees.2 years ago I had a bad experience with Pakurange and sworn I will never go back. My wife book this time and told me were going to Mt Eden Valetines. I thought well its been a while maybe something has changed.Well I was wrong. When I arrived I just new that this was going to be another bad experience. You could smell the lack of freshness & you know they are cutting corners left right & centre.First on the menu raw chicken...discoverd by my child...we told the waiter who I could not believe picked it out of the plate and carried to the kitchen and showed the Chef...he never came nor Management only her with a message that he couldn't see any as I had imagined well before...the list goes on...mouldy cheese, shrimp cocktails with cabbage...I am going to run out of room here....All I will say is that check the surveys before you dine...these business owners do not have the customer in mind...they are not willing to learn and have brought the standard right down....the brand name valetines is worthless....Total disregards to the basics of business principles....Not a third time !!!
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Reviewer Flowrydah
Sadly the food was a let down. The soups, butter chicken pizzas etc were all bland, I was getting full on the fries. However their desserts were the saviours of the night! So delicious :) well at the end of the night I pretty much had to pay $40 for chips and dessert. Overall bummer.
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Reviewer corbinelliott
I am sitting in Valentines as I write this. This is the worst sit down dinner buffet meal I've ever had and I'm about to pay $29 for it. We found little bits of bone on the extremely thin crust ham pizza, which also sports peas. The roast potato was raw, actually difficult and noisy to cut. The seafood chowder looked like bodily emissions. They have veges and meat swimming in weak fluid. The "Apple Crumber" is a cheap sponge pudding more akin to bread and butter pudding, but chewy and flavourless. No apple. No crumble. The accompanying custard is like a bad plastic with varying textures from gluggy to chewy bits. There is fake fruit scattered haphazardly around the place, including an apple in the middle of the cheese board with several bite marks in it. Why put fruit on a platter that you can not eat? All meats are of the cheapest cuts and poor quality possible. There are (raw) potatoes, cauliflower and peas but no other vegetables. The pumpkin soup was brown and runny. They were successful in deep frying samosas and spring rolls, but I can get that from any mall food court. In fact, it's like having a $29 buffet with a smorgasbord and a roast hut, only bad, really bad. Never have I left a buffet having eaten so little. Never come here. Valentines, either start charging $15, or change everything, or close in shame. I love food, and you murdered it.
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Reviewer flyingcow_g
Came here with a table of about 20 for a birthday during dinner service. The atmosphere was comfortable and service was prompt with not many other patrons around.

While those things are important, it ultimately comes down to the food - and frankly, most of it was sub-par at best. The roast potatoes were overcooked, the fish fingers were overcooked and the chicken wings were overcooked. Some of the garlic bread rolls had a tiny pinky-fingertip sized dab of butter on it; they were undercooked (almost as if they were just microwaved).

Not all the food was bad, but when simple food like that can't be cooked properly, it just reflects on the lack of care of the cooking staff and it leaves a negative impression. I wouldn't be in a hurry to come back here.

I would have given a 2-star ranking, but after paying the (already discounted) price of $28.90, I feel like I've been cheated. I wouldn't have felt good paying more than $20 for that experience.
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Reviewer kaydee
I went last night 23 July 2011 to this restaurant to celebrate a couple of birthdays in my family. The food was shockingly tasteless and of the poorest quality I have ever come across in any Valentine restaurant. The empty glasses on our table was so dirty with grime that we had to ask for replacement glasses. Absolutely disgusted with the hygiene standards. The hot food was poorly presented, the salad bar was drowned in dressings. The worst part was the custard. No taste to it, it tasted like plastic. In fact last night one of the tables near us (4 adults) refused to pay as they deemed the food was so poor that they feared they would get food poisoning the next day. I will never ever eat at this restaurant again. certainly not worth the $32 per adult for dinner. Tis a shame as I have always grown up going to Valentines. My first choice was our family favourite Fortuna Sky City but unfortunately they were under renovation.
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Reviewer jackaut
I went to this Valentines last Tuesday and we found the food is ok. Salads and Seafood are good except you have to wait for the oyster. Hot food are good selection and desert are nice. an only recommend I cant found out jellybees which i really love. Overall it is value to dine.
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We were 6 adults & 3 kids out for lunch on a Saturday. We were seated with plenty of space for us. We arrived early and avoided the queues for mains as we were already on dessert by then. Popular place for groups. Range of food available was OK for the kids but the adults were disappointed at the limited variety, especially re: seafood. Imbalance between deep fried and healthy options. Few salads and tasteless soggy vege, yuk! Although the friendly restaurant staff were great, the ill-tempered chef that was affronted when asked for fresh slices of baked ham managed to be trans-generationally offensive. Not my 1st choice of Auckland Valentines’ but overall, it provided value for money and was a good family-friendly option. Highlights: ‘scoopable’ ice cream with sundae trimmings
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Reviewer Anonymous
I was here on Saturday 13th October 2007. I will not be dining at this restaurant again. The cutlery smelt like sponge. They expected us to pay $28.95 to eat practically finger foods. The only main meals they had were 2x pasta dish which was for those who dont eat meat. Pork ribs, rice and some other dish which I cant remember. I stuck to the finger foods which was sad seeing I'm paying almost 30 dollars. The desert was ok, it probably put the buffet to shame.

I do believe they are under new management which maybe why they have gone down hill as it looks really cheap now. It took the waitress 5 minutes just to bring salt and pepper, which I was unaware you have to collect it yourself from the bar. Will not be recommending this restaurant to anyone nor will be dining here again.
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Reviewer Anonymous
A real RIP OFF restaurant that charged a 12-month old baby $4.95 -- even though the baby did not consume any solid food or drink. Discussed with the restaurant and they said as long as the baby needed to use their highchair, he/she will need to pay $4.95 minimum. Restaurant advised that even though the baby does not eat or drink, he/she will need to pay more as age goes up. What a rip off!!!
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