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Urban Turban offers all the aromas, wondrous seasoning and tastes that only the authentic street cuisine of Mumbai can deliver. Executive Chef Ganesh Gopal, owner/operator Glen Giroux has built Urban Turban on the same principles of healthy eating –‘straight from the garden to the table.’ The food reflects the simple clean tastes of a multitude of dishes ranging from classic helpings (Tandoori Prawn bhel) to our chefs modern interpretations (Butter chicken Burger). Set on Auckland’s NORTH WHARF Viaduct and over looking the harbor. Urban Turban has built a warm and inviting place with the same metropolitan energy and the vibrant enjoyment that live up to our slogan ‘the fun never ends’.

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Sun to Thursday - 11am to 11pm
Fri, Sat 11am - midnight
Not Necessary on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
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Reviewer kbyr001
We decided to give Urban Turban a go despite the mixed feedback and were meet by a pleasant experience. The food was really tasty and I felt the portion sizes were fair given the price. We have a shared samosa starter, a all you can eat curry each and a couple of beers and the meal came in at under $75 which I felt given the location and other restaurants in the area was not unreasonable. The service was prompt and really pleasant and it was a busy Saturday night . Would happily eat her again and say it is a pleasant place to eat if curry is what you fancy on the night
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Lovely day in Auckland so thought lunch at the waters edge would be a good idea. I hadn't been to Urban Turban previously but looked appealing and the destination can't be better for enjoying the sunshine.
We didn't feel like curry so shared a few tapas and a pizza with my friends. The Garlic Prawn pizza is really very good (didn't skimp on the prawns either) and the Chicken Farcha was also a hit. The meat balls were pretty fiery (but flavoursome) so quite a wise choice to get the paneer tikka which softened the blow. Enjoyed a nice glass of Pinot Gris too. Overall a suprisingly good experience and certainly will look to make a return visit in the coming months.
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Reviewer duakun
great food, great location and great service, gun powder prawn in delicious, flew in from Sydney and loved it
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I pulled out of dinner at Urban Turban at the last minute and my 9 friends went. I just had to give some feedback on their behalf just to warn others. I had heard very mixed reviews and some really bad so I thought we could give them the benefit of the doubt and visit in the hopes in was good. How bad can a curry night be?!

Apparently the service was really bad, the worst they have ever had.
However the food was really good. And to top it off Richie McCaw sat at at table near by.

Maybe avoid going into the city for this one as there are plenty of better curry houses around.
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Reviewer Rajiv
Had lunch at Urban Turban today
It was super busy and the food n service was just great
To me, living in Auckland for well over 20 years, was the best Indian food.
My staff and my experience was just top grade, we will be back for our christmas function here
A visit here for real Bombay style food is a Must - it truly a great experience - also they have free Wifi
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Reviewer Mansij
Worst Indian resturant I have ever been. Guys this place is total rip off!!! Food is not great and the price is of a 5 star resturant. For mains currys are bottom less which comes with one naan bread and a table spoon of rice. Which is not sufficient and to order extra naan bread is 7$ . I do not recommend anyone that place.. Indians!! The food doesn't taste like Indian food!!
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Reviewer kimharring
my recent experience at Urban Turban proves my theory that generally you should make your own mind up about a restaurant before being too quick to judge based on others experiences.
Had read some fairly negative reviews on a number of sites including this one but making the most of the spring afternoon sunshine, decided to visit wynyard quarter. The area was quite busy (seemed Aucklanders were making the most of it) and Urban Turban quite full but managed to nab a table outside with a friend.
There's definately some 'safe' westernised options but I do like the overall concept. stand out for me were the spicy chicken about firestarter!
Service was fast but friendly but aside from the view, decor etc wasn't anything out of the ordinary.
I'm glad I gave Urban Turban a go and will return again soon
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Reviewer baldie
Hadn't been into the Wynyard Quarter area since the World Cup so was keen to see it with my partner without the festival crowds.
We decided on a meal at Urban Turban - we're both fans of Indian cuisine but more often than not walk away from the experience thinking we could almost have done it ourselves.
Pleased to say Urban Turban didn't give us the same feeling. I had the vindaloo and when combined with great beer, perfect for a mid-winter treat.
Service was good too - meals were received fairly quickly and only had positive vibes from the staff. I'd definitely go back again.
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Reviewer MadhavNZ
I was at Urban Turban this weekend and boy it is the best Indian in town. I am Indian from Mumbai and can vouch for the food taste.
I had the groupon voucher and it was a real treat for us.
Thank you Urban Turban team, the south african waiter is just awesome, good luck to him. We will be back with more friends and don't get worry about the last review, it seems the customer is a grumpy north indian
cheers madhav
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Reviewer Sindhu
We had the Groupon Voucher. Chicken and paneer on the mixed platter were not well done and felt like food was just rushed to the table. Could be better if well done. When asked if the butter chicken would be good or the Himalayan? The Indian waitress there suggested we go for the Himalayan, their speciality. So we ordered Himalayan chicken on the menu. Our worst decision. Chicken was so raw and the gravy was just onion, tomato paste and water, very watery. The worst chicken dish of my life. SO NEVER GO FOR HIMALYAN CHICKEN. Nothing special about it. Felt very disappointed. More than disappointed felt cheated, they just take us for a ride and make us feel like fools. We being Indians, have the basic knowledge about any dish could taste or the basic ingredients. The most frustrating part was - the Bhel had mustard seeds. That means there was tadka (tempering). Wow!! they are the pioneers in it, to think that Bhel should contain mustard or has tadka. That shows the capability of their chef. BHEL DOESN'T NEED TADKA AND NEVER CONTAINS MUSTARD SEEDS (not sure, maybe has mustard powder in the Punjab region, but never mustard seeds). Bhel is made similar to a salad. Everything is added in the raw form to the puffed rice (even the spices are either raw paste or powder). Hope their chef gets to read this. The Indian waitress also needs to work on her dressing/presentation. Needs an apron We went thinking that this could be different as its in the city. Being Indian we still go out to eat Indian for a change. We understand that it'll not taste as in India, food is made to suit the non-Indians too. We get that, its fine to some extent. But butter chicken is not all about just adding cream or every dish is not about just onion, tomato paste with different names. So please stop fooling customers and make some decent effort to make Urban Turban closer to the authentic still making it taste mild. That'll be appreciable.
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I visited Urban Turban with my family (2 adults + 3 children under 5) and had a great time. The food was good, quick to come, was hot, reasonably priced and tasty too! The staff were attentive, but not intrusive, and were willing to help whenever help was needed. Being child friendly means a lot to us as we do like to get out for family meals. We all had a great time and will certainly return to Urban Turban again in the future.
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Reviewer jyim001
My friend and I had dinner at Urban Turban on Sunday 11 March 2012 and thought we would try the "world-famous" bottomless butter chicken advertised on the menu. Before we decided to eat there, we first specifically asked a waitress if (a) we could share one order of the bottomless butter chicken between two people, and (b) if there were any special T&Cs in that case. The waitress assured us that it was fine to share, and the only thing she mentioned was that only the chicken was unlimited, not the rice/bread/sides that came with the dish. It sounded like a pretty good deal, so we decided to give it a go later that night. It was fairly quiet when we returned to the restaurant around 7pm, but service was still extremely slow. Most of the staff were fairly polite and friendly when we actually got their attention, but one waiter let the entire crew down with his surly attitude and grumpy face. He avoided eye contact and gave the impression that he would rather be anywhere else than at the restaurant. The butter chicken we ordered was not too bad flavour-wise, but the chicken portions were miniscule. It was a mission trying to get refills, and after 4 refills, Mr. Grumpy informed us that as we were sharing, we had reached the maximum number of refills. He explained that the limit was put in place to avoid excessive sharing of one order between a large number of people. Fair enough, but it seems highly unethical to me to advertise something as "bottomless" yet not have the T&Cs printed anywhere on the menu, and also to have staff who fail to explain the T&Cs when specifically asked about sharing the dish. The food is certainly not good enough to convince me to return to Urban Turban, when there are better and cheaper Indian restaurants in Auckland. And to the grouchy waiter: Give smiling a go, Sunshine. If you don't want to serve people, don't work as a waiter.
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Reviewer edward00
Went to Urban Turban yesterday with work colleagues for lunch. The restaurant was not busy - however the service was excruciatingly slow. We ordered a bottle of wine and then some food. After waiting for 20 minutes we enquired about our wine and were told it was coming. We waited some more and then gave up and left – also noticed three other guest left when we did too.
Had a great lunch at Prego.
I’ve heard the food at Urban Turban is good – it’s a shame it’s let down by abysmal service.
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Reviewer kimwsm
We went there last Sunday for lunch and they did not have much on their menu. Never mind the lack of food on their menu, the food itself was over-priced and hardly 'Indian' or tasty! It was more fusion with an Indian twist if you ask me. Also, the service was quite bad. We paid about $24 for a main. I wouldn't recommend Urban Turban or go there again myself.
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Reviewer Tim12
I just came back from a night out at the Urban Turban (Wednesday the 31st of August) with a few mates. Started with a few cold Heineken's, Tapas, and Lamb Masala curry of the day. The food was amazing, hot and delicious. The two male waiters, one a South African bloke, and one a Kiwi bloke, were quirky, entertaining, and efficient. The venue was clean and the music was great!
All round a good evening, recommended for any occasion!
Will be seeing the team at Urban Turban again for sure!
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Reviewer sb92
Went to Urban Turban on Sunday afternoon for lunch, and would have to say it was the best butter chicken I have had! Absolutely delicious, lovely staff and great location. Cheers
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Reviewer MattW
I had dinner at Urban Turban last night and was one of most wonderful Indian meals in NZ. We have been robbed of good Indian food and now we have it finally. The Costal curry was really well done, the same flavours I had on my trip to South India and the Pan Ice Cream - wow that we a highlight. Good work guys and I am not sure where the negative comments of Urban Turban come from - seems like employees of below avg Raviz rest
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Reviewer Phattones
Very disappointing. The rice was cold and the fish curry was bland. The only other option was a butter chicken. The music was too loud, and the service was slow. I wanted more food as the portions are nouveau cuisine, but couldn't get any service.
Others around me were sending food back to be reheated. This on a Sunday afternoon. I am afraid that we Brits like a proper curry, and with Raviz opening up around the corner with a genuine curry from $12 I know where to go next time. Aucklanders, if Urban Turban survive the English rugby fans, then go back in November, but don't pay to be a guinea pig at $25 for a beer and fish in a sauce.
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Urban Turban is what Auckland was missing. Such great ambience and service has never been displayed by an Indian restaurant in Auckland before. Superb location and we are so glad we found a great hang out place. My partner and me loved the tapas style food and the vegetarian and meat options were simple and easy to choose out of. Its good to have a short menu.

Would surely recommend Urban Turban to my mates.

Already looking forward to our visit on the next weekend.
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Reviewer Zarafa
Bad food, amateur staff, overpriced. Greeted at Urban Turban by manager who said if we were lucky we'd get a good waiter but she didn't sound hopeful. Curry of the day was butter chicken or as waiter said "what a surprise - butter chicken". It was cold tomato soup with a couple of small pieces of meat. Waiter had to read back our order four times before he got it right. We only had to ask three times for an explanation of how the bottomless bowl voucher worked before he grudgingly gave an understandable answer - they've obviously been told to make it as difficult as possible to redeem the voucher, and it's not really worth the effort of asking. Whole Urban Turban experience was an expensive let-down, I'd recommend mall-food before this place. Embarrassing to think that overseas visitors might eat here.
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Reviewer NthShore
Very disappointing. Very small portions at an expensive price. Only two dishes on the menu, Butter Chicken or fish curry. How unoriginal. I have had better value from a food hall with lager portions and better choice. All dishes were over seasoned and tasted too salty. Avoid Urban Turban restaurant as there are better establishments in this area.
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Reviewer vecdeal
On Thursday night of the opening week Urban Turban was pretty busy, but service was fine. The menu was very limited with pretty much only two main courses on offer - chicken curry or fish curry - but I expect this might expand beyond opening week. The food was served in a kind of nouvelle-curry way - with salad, rice and naan. Good quality food, but not the biggest servings.

We had brought with us vouchers which were promoting the opening, and promised "A bottomless bowl of curry with rice, naan and a glass of wine or beer for $19". After our main, we were still hungry, and asked for more... but very disappointingly, our waitress said 'sorry, no', and in fact bottomless didn't mean bottomless at all. We felt pretty hard done by, having been tempted to come to the restaurant by a voucher which wasn't honored, and without any explanation. Maybe you could offer one here?
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Reviewer rochelle2
Trying to find out information about urban turban, no website, no email address, only one phone number and no answer. My friends and I all have vouchers and want to use them on the same night. Need to know if this is possible?
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May have been opening day jitters but the service at Urban Turban was REALLY slow and disorganised. We ended up only getting a drink because the wait was so long. Drinks were also pretty pricey. Not sure whether we will go back to sample the food at Urban Turban, will see what feedback we get on the food first.
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Reviewer sweettreat
Initially I thought the last thing Auckland needs is yet another Indian restaurant but after visiting Urban Turban during the weekend during the opening of the Wynyard Quarter development, I was really quite pleased with the contemporary setting and menu the owners have concocted. Looking forward to visiting Urban Turban when the hoopla dies down...I'm picking post world cup...
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Reviewer Mmmmartin
I had the opportunity to taste the delicious food before Urban Turban even opened. Stunning delicate flavours and with the great location and the entertainment planned Urban Turban is going to be an amazing venue. I am heading down again this Saturday for the Grand Opening of North Wharf.
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