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23 Mount Eden Road,
Eden Terrace,
Eden Terrace

(09) 354 4505

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Located on Mt Eden road, Twenty Three is a nice cafe thats great for breakfast and lunch meals with a good selection of pies, filled sandwiches, freshly prepared salads and good strong Supreme coffee.

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Mon-Fri 07.00-17.00
Sat 08.00-17.00
Sun 08.00-17.00
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Reviewer Spykerwolf
Smallest portion of food I have ever eaten in my life. Unbelievable how something can be overpriced and undersized. Feels like a hipsters paradise in there. Nothing more to say...

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Reviewer EdenTceGirl
Bloody good place. I go here all the time as I'm lucky enough to live nearby. It isn't perfect, but that isn't actually possible. The owner can be moody to be fair, but it is a hard business & she works bloody hard. She is lovely most of the time. The food is consistently amazing, both cabinet & to order. The salads(my favourite), are fresh & healthy. The service is perfect when busy & damn good despite when it is insanely busy- which is often. Mistakes are made occasionally & cordially corrected. The staff are really friendly. I really love the music, but that is probably a matter of taste. The bathrooms are a delight & have wheel chair access. There are 3 areas with 1 open to the outdoors yet also under-cover, another closer to the counter, and another that is perfect for meetings as it is a little more displaced from all the action. They have a range of complimentary sauces, bring water to your table, have a sit-down menu option, regular cleaners(after hours)& lots of newspapers & other up-to-date reading material. They also have seasonal considerations to the services they provide, with fireplaces & blankets in the winter and sunblock in the summer. Keep cups, fair trade coffee and they recycle for the hippies lol. They have really long hours & open up to the corner store at night. I'm not a bar person, but I've enjoyed it when I have been there & the light meals seem like a foodies oasis. Best operation I've ever been to personally.
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Reviewer bmrider71
I used to go here regularly (about once a month) as I work in the neighborhood. The coffee is good and the salads and other healthy (well, for Auckland take-away standards :)) choices are refreshing. It's always been a bit too cool for school, but to date the service has been friendly. Today that changed (lady serving up the take-away food was surly) so I won't be back.

As Warren Buffet reportedly said, "It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it".
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Reviewer strungout
I got served a burnt quiche from a very rude lady in the Kitchen (I think she must have been having a bad day). She refused to take the food back or swap it for something else after I politely requested an alternative.. I received a lot of attitude and her response was very condescending and unhelpful – “No, that is what you ordered”.

I felt rather nauseated from my experience and disgusted with the poor level of customer service. I’ve advised my friends and colleagues to never eat at this place.
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Reviewer powerdrainer
Make sure you never attempt to use your laptop in this Cafe.
The owner came and basically told me off like child for "sucking up all of her power" I had been there 15 minutes. All in all brilliant coffee, knob-head owner.
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Reviewer queen
Been to Twenty Three Cafe few times love their hot chocolate and their homemade marshmallows yummy
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Breakfast at Twentythree this-morning, that makes four days in a row. Once you get used to the relaxed venue, great service and excellent poached eggs, bacon and mushrooms, life wont be the same.
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Reviewer Maverick
Just went to lunch at Twenty Three Cafe.Terrible attitude of the woman on the till.We waited 25 mins for a small salad and muffin.Still hadn't arrived when I asked the woman much longer?She said doing it soon.In the meantime 6 groups of takeaways were served and gone.I gave her the benefit of doubt and asked if it was their first day back?No we are always like this was her reply.Always poor service and arrogant staff???I am a local resident but I won't be back.No excuse for poor service!!!
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Just back from a coffee at Twenty Three and had to pass on my compliments. Sure, only had a coffee, but the service was fantastic (despite being fairly busy) and yet staff we're more than comfortable engageing in decent conversation.
If you want to see how hospo should be 'done well' - head out to Mt Eden and call in to Twenty Three cafe - you can see what I mean.
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Reviewer voli005
Very disappointing. Food was actually quite nice but the attitude from the staff was apauling. A local but not a regular.
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Reviewer tastes
Popped into to twenty three for lunch and found it to be a pleasurable experience. The coffee was good, my baguette was very nice and served with a tasty dip on the side. The best thing was probably that the service, it was no fuss but good, a nice change for Auckland. The staff were happy and seemed to genuinely want to make the experience good for you rather than an air of general disinterest that infects most eating establishments in Auckland.
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Went to Twenty Three a couple of weekends ago and had the most delicious muesli ever! The coffee was great too and the place was humming. If I wasn't on such a health kick I would have definitely tried the chocolate caramel slice calling my name from the cabinet - it looked mouth watering. Definitely recommend this Mt Eden Restaurant to all my friends :)
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Reviewer baghag
was just here on Fri, here is my review on my blog. Would like to give it a 3.5 star rating.
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Reviewer Adman
Look sorry guys but sometimes good things don't last. I have tried this cafe three times now [I work close by] and the last time was most disappointing. I bought one of their pre made baguette which was quite truthfully a couple of days old. I couldn't eat it and threw it away.
They have a cabinet full of these things and I often wondered what happens to the unsold ones...I guess they just recycle them.
Not good.
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Reviewer Herison
I eat brunch out A LOT and have been here twice in the last week. Fantastic coffee, wonderful service and best of all a menu packed with that rare and delightful thing - DIFFERENT food options! Innovative choices and excellent products.
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Reviewer Yopie
Just drove over from Remuera (where - we don't really have the best cafes) - and just had THE BEST COFFEE ever!!!!! Order a large flat-white in a glass... now we're talking!Cheers 23 - I'm a fan...Joannaps - am going to try your brunch menu... sounds good!
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