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Reviewer Georgina28
About a month ago, my Mum and I ventured to Kingsland to try out The Fridge Cafe. I had received a voucher and was very excited, as I have wanted to go to The Fridge for ages! (Sadly, probably due to the fact that I do not hang out in Kingsland as often as I would like).

We arrived at The Fridge around 2.30pm on a Saturday. We decided on a hot drink and a sweet cake.

Service was friendly when we walked in. Not overly attentive, but not distant either.

The first thing you notice is the large cabinet by the till - except when we arrived, there was very little food left. The cabinet looked tired and unorganised. My Mum pointed out that as the food dwindles throughout the day, they should still make sure the rest of it looks good. I totally agreed. Nothing looked highly appealing, except for a few sweet cakes.

We ordered an extra hot, trim flat white ($4), an extra hot, trim hot chocolate ($4.50) and a Sticky Date Pudding Cake served warm with cream ($5.50). We also bought two chocolate chip cookies ($3.50 each), to take away.

Both drinks were perfect - extra hot and strong! I do find at most cafes that there will be a 50/50 chance whether they will make it extra hot or not. Usually I just take it back if it is not hot enough. If you do come to The Fridge, I recommend ordering a hot chocolate as it is sweet and comes with marshmallows and a chocolate fish! One of the few places in Auckland that gives you both!

However, the highlight of our afternoon tea was definitely the Sticky Date Pudding Cake! It was delicious! It was warm the whole way through, very moist and had a good serving of dates inside the cake. It was just like eating the real dessert!

Overall, The Fridge had great coffee and sweet treats. Next time, I will definietly try one of their famous pies!
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One word – scrumptious! If you ever in Kingsland and you need caffeine hit along with a hearty breakfast then stop off at “The Fridge”. This deceiving gem is on the main street amongst the hustle and bustle of surrounding pubs and boutique shops and should not be overlooked! It has a cute courtyard out the back which is great to catch the last of the summer sun and a warming atmosphere by the waiters to go along with it. I made a choice that I did not regret and that was the “Eggs benedict on homemade hashcakes”. It was just all the right textures and flavours and certainly hit the spot! This is one café that I shall be back to visit again very soon!
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Reviewer JKD
The food may well be tasty.... but I wouldn't know since I never got to enjoy mine. I collected a round of lunches for my workplace and only on unpacking the bag half an hour later discovered mine wasn't there. Rang to chase it up. I expected, at worst, just an apology, or at best, an offer of another replacement item when I next came in another day. However I received neither. The frosty call taker told me since my item had already been heated I could come back and get it, or nothing at all. I wasn't sure what to say. Seemed like it was being implied this situation was totally my fault. I asked the call taker if she was in the habit of visiting cafes, paying for food and then deliberately leaving without it. I said from my point of view the fact is I did not know all of my order was not filled, so when after waiting and handed a large bag and told "thanks", I left. I asked if it was expected I unpack the bag and count out my items before leaving. Bottom line is, I won't ever find out if food at The Fridge is any good cause last time I paid for some I never got to try it.
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Reviewer mOuSe
My work mate and I travel from East Tamaki almost once a month for the Fridge's chicken pesto pie!!! yummmmy
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Reviewer Morepork
Overpriced is an understatement....... I had been advised to this place for good pies. I love a good pie so went along to check it out. Now where are the pies I thought as I walked into the store, they don't seem to be in the same warmer as the $7.50 pastries - oh no wait they are trying to call those pastries pies. Sorry, pies in New Zealand do not cost $7.50. Go anywhere else and get a great pie for less than $4....
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Reviewer Morepork
I posted this in the wrong slot, please ignore this post. I apologise to the people at the kitchen. If the moderators could remove this post that would be great. Cheers - Report
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Reviewer megan504
The fridge is definitely the best cafe in Kingsland. The pies are amazing the atmosphere is really nice out in the back courtyard. I go there quite often and have never been disappointed with the food or service.
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Reviewer vmouse
Amazing food, great coffee, pretty good service. I'd challenge anyone to find a brunch better than this in Auckland. Quite reasonably priced too.
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Reviewer AMB
Loving this place, recently discovered it and very enthusiastic about it. Looks tiny from the front and actually has two huge areas out the back, plus an outdoor area.
Often very crowded because it has a well deserved good reputation, the staff will let you know if there is a big wait on the cooked lunches/breakfasts. And there is always the option of having one of their gigantic home cooked pies or one of their many cabinet options, I counted 6 types of chicken wraps alone last time I was there.
Yes I did wait 40 minutes for my meal, but they warned me, I don't mind if they warn you.
One minor gripe, the outside area needs a re-landscaping, my chair sank 2 inches into mud and the mud got on my jacket.
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