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663 Swanson Road,

(09) 833 9013

Swanson Memorial RSA Information

Swanson Memorial RSA in Swanson, Auckland, is a large friendly club with views of the neighbouring golf course.

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 11.00 - 23.00 Fri - Sat: 11.00 to 23.30 Sun: 13.00 to 21.00
Food Times
Daily: 17.30 to 20.30
Avg Food Spend
$$ per person
Food Info
A La Carte Menu
Large Screen, Pool Tables
Collar required
Children welcome - Children allowed before 20.30
Outdoor Area
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Disabled Facilities
Wheelchair Access, Disabled Toilets

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Reviewer tutapuiti
My husband and I were looking for a place close to home where there is good food and not too expensive and a friendly atmosphere and Swanson RSA ticked those boxes for us. The restaurant staff are very obliging and courteous and the food is amazing. We enjoyed it so much that we have now become members there. We have been members of other RSA's but Swanson is by far the most friendliest one that we have been to so much so, that even though we will be moving from Sturges Road to Oratia, we will still make it our RSA
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Swanson RSA fabulous venue for lunch.
Something for everyone from the soup and rolls to the fabulous array of meats veges and salads, not to mention all the desserts.
The first time I took my family there they said as good as xmas dinner not to mention the price $20 amazing.
The staff always courteous and friendly.
In fact we are going there for lunch today.
Party of 8 a great way to keep in touch with your family.
Highly recommended.
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Reviewer Jody18
I came here to Swanson RSA to enjoy a nice dinner with family on Saturday 11th February 2017 which we were all excited for........

Which turned out to be the worst, by the bad customer service me and my family received by Restraunt manager Joy, and doorsmen Allan.
On arrival as entering we were greeted so rudely by Allan who was pointing out the rules and made us feel like outsiders and not welcomed, My family were seated at a table for 12, we called prior and booked for 14.

Being first time visitors we were not aware of buffet process, and myself, mother in law and partner were dishing our food we were yelled at from kitchen area that we needed to pay first before eating which left us totally embarrassed in front of people around.
We then paid and advised the rest of the family at the table to pay first.

And as we finally got to our table to eat and all enjoy our meal, Joy then approached us at our table and demanded rudely there is one more person to pay which was my brother in law who was at the time attending to his son in the restroom and had not been advised yet.

Our booking included 5 kids under the age of 7 years, our kids were thirsty so my partner grabbed 2 jugs of water for our little ones, on his way back to our table with the 2 jugs of water my partner was yelled at by a staff member from the kitchen area that he was only allowed to take one jug at a time.
We felt very discouraged as outsiders and upset and do not recommend this place at all. I hope this complaint reaches the New Zealand herald. Terrible service, almost racist as me and my family felt as we are Polynesians.
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Reviewer Number8wire
Fantastic place, it's the only place like it out west. Wonderful facilities welcoming and friendly, loved it.
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Reviewer DolphinDiver
Beautiful club, best venue out West. Delicious restaurant and great value, kids are only $1 per year of age. I particularly like the various soups. Really nice garden bar too.
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Reviewer DolphinDiver
Beautiful club, best venue out West and the restaurant is delicious. I particularly love the different soups. Great value with kids at only $1 per year of age.
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Reviewer bigjules
Went for a birthday lunch on Waitangi Day - lovely buffet, great service. Have booked for another birthday next month. I had never been to Swanson RSA before and was really impressed with the facilities.
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Reviewer Madasa
Have to agree with you Chris. A very friendly place to go to and the food is great. You should try the Scallop salad one day. Superb.
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Reviewer Chrisdaman
Swanson RSA has come along way since the last comment I see recorded in 1998. There is a new cook and she and her staff are doing a great job. The bar staff have created a food vibe around the RSA and it is now a well known and growing club. For all those comments below ignore them and come have a look for yourselves. See you there Chris
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Reviewer Anonymous
This would be the worst place to eat at the moment I think. Their prices have gone up and yet the amount of food you receive is getting less. What is going on in this club. The rsa is suppose to be a family club with great food and great prices but not at this club. Swanson rsa needs to take a hard look at whats going on or they will loose their older members, and its a sad fact that this is the only rsa that does'nt do lunches and only opens four nights a week for four hours a night. We want to be able to have lunch from time to time there and for god sakes get a new cook.
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Reviewer Anonymous
We visited this club on anzac day, we stayed for a few drinks and apart from the club being packed full, which is understandable due to anzac day we had a good time, but, when we decided to have a meal we were blown away by the rudeness we recieved by the lady who served us, and then to find our food was over cooked was to much. We give the club a five but the food a 0
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Reviewer Epati
Terrible service is all I can say. Totally disagree with the two below. We left after 15 mins after increasingly ugly vibes- I get the feeling outsiders are discouraged- give this one a miss people.
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Reviewer Anonymous
I'm truly suprised with the bad comments that I have seen here. My family & myself have visited Swanson RSA a few times and have found the bar staff great, they always have a smile and willing to help.The patrons friendly and helpful,the music is never loud. It's always nice to be welcomed when you dont live in the area. We will be back!!!
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Reviewer Anonymous
Well Saturday night was a great nite and I would like to congratulate all staff for fantastic service. As for the rubbish I have been reading on this site lately, what a load of rubbish. I think that it has been the same person writing this garbage, and has a personal issue with the club. If this person is so unhappy then maybe he or she should go else where.
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Reviewer Thom688
I was well disappointed. rude barstaff, ruder patrons, noise levels well in excess of acceptable for a restaurant.
I've learnt my lesson and won't be returning.
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Reviewer T Macintosh
The Swanson RSA was fine in the old days of Crump making the food and membership regulations (swiping cards and guests signing the guestbook) were observed. Unfortunately the floodgates have been opened to any and all local winos and various yobbos. This is no longer a club for old soldiers but a squalid tavern. Food a consideration only so as to keep a liquor licence IMO. 0 stars Bob.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Awful. If I could give them a 0/5 I would. agree with below comments entirely.
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Reviewer Anonymous
The ambience, a bunch of drunken louts singing horribly out of tune - dance to my ten guitars, on an endless loop. All the demeanor of the party in Once were warriors but without even the slick charm of Uncle bully.
Cook the man some eggs, it would have been a lot better than the slop they served.
Two thumbs down Swanson RSA, it's a shame you don't have half the class of your Henderson counterpart.
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Reviewer Anonymous
The barmaid at Swanson RSA is one of the most unfriendly women I have ever come across. Everything seemed to be a problem, even when under her instruction we took our empties back to the bar she still did not smile or even acknowledge our prescence other than to take our order and our money. The patrons seem to be a cross of men who have finished work, who felt obliged to try to convince you of their manhood, and older people who spent their time look at you like you didn't belong. I would never go back nor recommend this place as a venue for any event, meal, or social get together.
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Reviewer Anonymous
The music was a bunch of old guys resurrecting and subsequently killing Elvis and the food was awful. A middle aged man with a mullet kept leering at my 14 year old daughter while an urban cowboy (later I was told he was a priest and committee member) egged him on.
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