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Auckland Central

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The Spitting Feathers is a classy, modern pub located in Wyndham Street in the heart of Auckland City. From the people behind the English Corner Shop, expect the Spitting Feathers to sell all the favourites from the motherland.

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Reviewer YoTriz
I came here on a Thursday, and I came back on a Friday. Both times were great. They have $5 dollar pizzas and $3 chips (fries) and cheap drinks. The pizzas are pretty good, a good price for the size, you get a whole thin crust pizza for $5. Both nights included me of having Heineken ($3 on Thursday and $4 on Friday). Let's just say that my friends and I took advantage of the drink cost both those days. It's a nice pub and a great place to relax and hang out with your buddies. Both times it wasn't crowded. The only thing that questions me about the place is why over 18 but under 21 people can't get into this establishment when the drinking age is 18. By the way, there are more specials each day and more items, I was just reviewing what I ordered and my experience.
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Reviewer AucklandCBD
Nice atmosphere clean bar, staff friendly...however, my English friend was over from Melbourne so I thought I would take her for a meal in a place that serves traditional English type food. Sadly the meal was a little disappointing. The glass of wine I ordered wasn't available and it was only 7pm. We both ordered the pie and mash, but the veggies on the plate were only just warm and very very crunchy boarding on hard, could have done with cooking a little more. The cauliflower was practically cold. Wouldn't now be able to recommend this place.
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Reviewer cfcuker
A truly rubbish website. I arranged to meet friends for a drink, well into the New year, there was nothing on the website to indicate what dates they would be closed, and upon arrival, nothing indicated at the door. Embarrassing for me, and a huge waste of time and money coming from West Auckland. Tidy up, or you will lose a pile of custom!!
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Reviewer Martinnz
Excellent English pub, very welcoming staff, clean and cosy surroundings - great genuine English beer.

I have been to Spitting Feathers a few times now, last time was fathers day when we had the roast - great food, great beer, just like being back home down the local pub.

Well done and thanks to the owners and staff, will be going back again and again.

Thank you Martin, Sally and Family
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Reviewer Hardatwork
Took my teenage sons to Spitting Feathers to watch the Rugby on Sunday, I was very impressed, felt like we where very welcomed.
Not being English picking a beer was unfamiliar, I settled on a dark smooth, which was fantastic.
My sons had a 7up?
We all had a roast dinner for $15 it was brilliant value, and really hit the spot!
Spitting Feathers was a great experience all round.

Well done guys, keep it up! We'll be back!
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Reviewer TerryHome
Having been to many English pubs in NZ having to sit surrounded in awful memorabilia, drinking kiwi beer in pint glasses, I was expecting much from this.
As soon as I walked in the door, I thought I must have it wrong, until I saw the Carling logo on the tap, and then the John Smiths, and a huge range of beers and alcopops from back home. The bar itself is spectacularly clean, the atmosphere was perfect, music was spot on, other drinkers where polite and friendly. It was like drinking in bars back home at Christmas time!
I was only intending on having a pint or two, until I got chatting to a staff member about back home. Several pints and some scampi later... They have hardly any posters around the walls, and all the promotional items are extremely well presented.
We have over 100 people coming out for our Wedding in January, and we'll al be down here most nights, you can bank that one!

Check this place out, English, kiwi, you won't be disappointed!
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Reviewer hwalters
really great English pub that I could quite easily spend hours in. Spitting Feathers is worth seeking out if you're in town - every time I've been there the atmosphere has been good, service fast and staff chatty. Combinations that you don't often get in Auckland pubs!
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Reviewer SunnyC
I went twice during a visit to Auckland - with the family at lunchtime and again during a night out with friends. Loved it both times - the beer, the food, the ambience and the great staff. A big plus for a couple of my friends was the vegetarian options - they tucked into Quorn burgers. Don't expect a restaurant atmosphere, this place is a pub and proud of it. Will definitely go back.
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Reviewer earlhickey
I stumbled across Spitting Feathers when I was in the area for work, expecting yet another "english bar" which is nothing of the sort. So imagine my surprise when I saw real english beers, bar snacks and great atmosphere. Spitting Feathers is an awesome bar, the only problems are the location which its so easy to miss as its just up some stairs off a street which is not that busy, but don't let that worry you, put in the time to find it and the rewards are worth it.
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Reviewer kibbymk
Very hard to find and thought the advertising in the street needed to be added at ground level but after going not sure if they need to. Wouldn't recommend it.
Food was not good and the wine we were buying when asking for another bottle was not available very early in the night. The pie we got was not as described by the waitress.Asked if it was minced beef or a beef pie and were told it was a beef pie meaning chuncks of beef. Turned out it was a less than average mince pie.
Food showing on the Spitting Feathers website not available.
Very disappointing and wont be going back to the Spitting Feathers
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Reviewer Pedi
Been to Spitting Feathers a couple of times & will go again, good ale, haven't tasted the food but a real plus for me that the walls weren't covered with the standard Union Flags, horse brasses & old bikes bolted to the ceiling.
Looking forward to a few pints of Pedi on Saturday night.
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Reviewer jaspjes01
Tried out Spitting Feathers, last night (friday) had a few beers Spitfire, tetley's etc real happy with the beer well priced, welldone, only let down for us was the noise you could not hear the person sitting next to you.If you can sort this problem out you will be onto a winner good luck guys.
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Reviewer Bikersteve
Good beer,
Good food,
The Spitting Feathers could do better with promoting the menu, 'fish and wedgies', whats the fish? Haddock. Why not promote it! For those born north of Watford, the best fish in the world!
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Reviewer Clorpet
Had wedges this weekend. Took ages to arrive (had to ask if they had forgotten). They had no taste and came with a little bowl of sour cream that was so gluggy you honestly couldn't scoop it up. Laminated menus were sticky and offputting. Tables full of empty glasses. Was on deck but was too noisy as it is just a concrete box. Music on but couldn't really hear what it was playing. Ears started crackling as people had to shout over the music.Apart from that the Spitting Feathers was ok. Staff were friendly and service was quick. I would go back to Spitting Feathers again and hopefully the minor issues above would have been addressed - just teething problems I guess. Like something from Canal St. in Manchester not a local pub.
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Reviewer cfcuker
I see you are finally open, I went twice within the week of the mooted opening date and was disappointed both times and no opening date was given, so I gave up. I will try again soon to see if the Spitting Feathers lives up to the hype, though I fear I will have missed all the grand opening prices and promos. PR Fail!
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Reviewer Jayian
Really impressed with Spitting Feathers. Friendly staff, great ambience. I came here for the beer - was not disappointed - was in beer heaven!

Will definitely go back, thought the food was a very high standard for pub food and well priced. Recommended.

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Reviewer WendyB
Dreadful! Arguing behind the bar! No wine list! Just Red or White, the Food (burger) was inedible, when complained, they just took the plate away with no apology, couldn't sort out the bill as their till was down! Prefer to go to Fawlty Towers at least it was funny there! Spitting Feathers is a joke!
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Reviewer pommysoandso
Spitting Feathers is my new home away from home. great catching up with friends there over the weekend even if the rugby was dour - having good English beverages on tap does make drowning sorrows a lot easier. Have been recommending Spitting Feathers to anyone that will listen - a great 'local' in downtown Auckland...who would have thought.
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Reviewer dabsy
I am afraid i was not that too impressed about Spitting Feathers .....Food was top notch, but overall i did not feel that for a supposed "British Pub" that it really had that feel. As for the beer, namely Tetleys etc......i found that it was served too cold, and by the time it got to room temperature, it just was not worth drinking!...a great shame really. I will more than likely be sticking to the Bluestone Room next door, as it seems to have more of the ambiance, and tthe beer is still very much top notch!. Moving forward, i will try to make another appearance.
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Reviewer tom_uk
Went on Friday and had a great time, really good atmosphere. The Spitting Feathers is one of the few places in Auckland that sells pints and at a good price too, especially considering the location. Had popular uk beers on tap and a big selection of uk ciders and ales in the fridge. Really nice decor and a long bar to lean against. Even an outside area for smokers was well heated. Little hard to find (50 yards off Queen Street) but Spitting Feathers is well worth the hunt. Found my new local :)
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Reviewer charlie93
We went to Spitting Feathers on Sunday for lunch. We were most disappointed that this English pub was not serving a Roast. We weren't too impressed with the food but did enjoy the English beers on tap. We also expected a few english folk behind the bar.....
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great english pub in downtown auckland. expect spitting feathers to be heaving come rwc but even now it seemed pretty popular (lunchtime visit). Beers are well priced too which is a nice change from this end of town.
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great new pub - and pub being the operative word. No teenyboppers, cheesy music blearing all over the place - just good, well priced drink. Can't comment on the food but for atmosphere and drink alone, Spitting Feathers gets my vote of confidence.
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Reviewer SimonP
I'll be heading down to check out Spitting Feathers tonight after work! Going to try out the scampi!
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Reviewer Anonymous
cant wait for the spitting feathers to open - have heard miles davies go on about it on radio sport so really keen to give it a whirl. let's hope there's bulmers on tap...please...With spitting feathers now open I no longer have to traipse to the north shore to go to the speakers corner for a taste of home!
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