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Snapdragon Bar & Kitchen Information

Snapdragon Bar & Kitchen is the latest drinking and dining destination to hit the Viaduct Harbour.
Snapdragon Bar & Kitchen is home to three distinct spaces blending 1930s vintage glamour, West Hollywood lounge and a healthy shot of private gentlemen's lounge.

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Mon-Fri: 11.30 till late
Sat-Sun 10.30 till late
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$$$ per person
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A La Carte Menu, Breakfast Menu
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Reviewer Zeb_Steele
I went with friends on a night out, at fist everything was going well. Then the bouncer then asked me if if would leave because I was not buying alcohol from the bar replying with I am the driver to which he replied I don't care get out. He forced my water out of my hand then took me outside. Once outside I asked for the name of the bouncer and for the manager to which they laughed at me and told me to go away in a unpolite mannor. As I am not from Auckland I asked some locals about the place and they said it happens regularly there and you should avoid this club! It was terrible and I would strongly suggest not going to this club!
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Reviewer ljbrown
A friends birthday meant a celebratory lunch was on the cards. We went to Snapdragon and were very pleased with our choice. Having a selection from the "small plates" menu meant that we were able to sample a number of different dishes (tempura prawns were amazing!!), while ensuring that we could still walk back to the office comfortably (and not roll back!). The waitress was so lovely; looking after us wonderfully while not being too intrusive. Overall we really enjoyed it and are planning a return visit to Snapdragon.
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Went here during a sunny lunch time and was concerned that it was the only place on the viaduct not heaving but I figured the main reason was there was no uncovered area in the sun Unlike the other restaurants. The menu at Snapdragon looked good and very different with lots of choice for my vegetarian wife so we decided to give it a shot.We ordered a few dishes as per the menu and they come out tapas style. The service was very good throughout but there were aspects of the food which was lacking. I had the beef sliders, oysters and dragon tail fries (just curly fries), wife had kumara chips, and smoked mozzarella tart.The tart was great as were the beef sliders. The dragon tail fries were described on the menu as having herb salt and tomatsamic but neither really stood out and they were just pretty normal as were the kumara chips. Finally the oysters, they didn't seem the freshest but they were good except plenty of shell I kept finding in the oysters.So not bad but could do better would be the verdict.
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Reviewer km_swain
The staff at Snapdragon are extremely rude! I was told to watch the F*#k out by a bartender while I was having a drink at the bar with colleagues (isn’t that what a bar is for?), the same bartender proceeded to tell us to hurry the f*#k up while we locating a credit card to open a tab!
They also have a strange policy where they randomly select people (1 in 4 we were advised by a staff member) to whom they will only serve water (apparently the police were doing the rounds) It would have been better practice to serve the clearly intoxicated people arm wrestling in the bar water!
The night proceeded to get worse when we were told we could not order any more food, all we wanted was fries! And here I was thinking that it was a condition of a liquor licence that they had to have food available whenever liquor was for sale! I will not be going back to Snapdragon and neither will my colleagues.
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Reviewer hbgiles
Never before in my life have i experienced such disgusting service and appalling manners from waiters and bar staff like i did at Snapdragon. Giggly bar girls behind the bar laughing at me when i complained about the lack of service and also a waiter who told me "don't tell me, i only work here". I would'nt eat here if you paid me to. What a bunch of stuck up pretenious staff. Appalled. We went elsewhere on the viaduct and had a lovely meal. Snapdragon missed out on over $400.00 worth of custom.
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Reviewer Theresa_Smith
This is one of my fav places to go, for lunch. The food is good, although I hear the menu is changing soon, . I like that you can choose between the ground floor on the deck with the beautiful view of the harbour.
We will have to come back to Snapdragon and try the new menu.
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Reviewer JHarding
Dined at Snapdragon for lunch with my wife and would recommend this venue as a great place to go. Sunshine dining outside, the waterfront right behind you and an assortment of delicious dishes. We were greeted on arrival and seated straight away. Snapdragon is well worth the visit.
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Reviewer JadeMarie
Went to Snapdragon Bar on St. Patricks Day and queued for over half an hour to get our drinks.. Very poor service
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Reviewer bthomasnz
My partner and I have been to Snapdragon Bar & Kitchen once before when it first opened so were excited to see they had new a menu. They all sounded great and was hard to pick but have to say that the gnocchi was sublime. Next time i need to get it as the main! We were served by a very attentive waitress and even though there was a slight wait on our mains, she kept us informed and kept checking on us. The mains were delicious and the steak was cooked perfectly. We were told prior it was cooked pink so were able to ask for it cooked a little more to be how we liked it. Have always thought the interior of snap dragon is something special and is nothing like anywhere nearby, has great decor. We had a great experience at Snapdragon and I am sure we will visit again.
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Snapdragon is my choice of bar withing the viaduct area. I love the atmosphere, and the interesting decor. The is plenty of room for a special night out (I had my birthday there last year). And my favourite thing at Snapdragon is the secret room behind the bookshelf wall....
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Reviewer goodtimes
In town last night i saw the bouncers from this pub beat a grown man till he was out cold and leave him on the concrete outside the bar. The poor man was much smaller than the bouncers and was out numbered. There was blood everywhere. I will surely never go here.
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Reviewer ERAB
This place is the pits. We visited Snapdragon for a quiet drink after a meal to celebrate my husbands birthday. We were sitting at a table against a wall when all of a sudden my husband was shoved face first into our table by some very rude and what looked like very under age brats. There was plenty of space for them to walk in front of our table but instead they decided to shove their way through behind us. As they did not say excuse me or apologise, we were a little annoyed and words were naturally exchanged, coming from a generation where bad manners are not accepted as the norm. Despite a very trashy and mouthy female (whose parents are no doubt delighted with what they have produced - dressed like tramp an with a mouth to match - who wouldn't be) we managed to calm things down and go back to our evening - for about ten minutes when we were again set about by these revolting teenagers who weren't going to be happy until they caused a problem. The end result was the devious trailer trash made a false allegation to bouncers that she had been pushed and as we were not given an opportunity to give an account of what had actually happened we ended up having to leave. The jokes on Snapdragon though. They threw out the grown up victims with disposable income who were spending money on champagne and decent wine for the sake of some revolting trouble-making teenagers who I noticed were not drinking or eating anything at all. Good business move. If you want a kindergarten experience with aggressive bouncers come here. If you want a more sophisticated, adult experience, go next door to Soul. In all my years of being in licensed premises both as a patron and as a proprietor I have never been subjected to such poor treatment and amateur operation. If I had been the drunken aggressor this might have been understandable but as I was neither it is not. This place is strictly underage kiddie territory.
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Reviewer john22
Nice scenery for a drink, food ok, but Bouncers are abusive. Better places in the Viaduct to go where you don't have to put up with their rudeness. Hopefully this place won't last long.
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Reviewer tactilefog
Though a bit pricey the food is fantastic and well worth the price. Interesting decor and spaces make this a great place to enjoy a meal or a drink. Will definitely be back.
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Reviewer baldie
We had our work do at Snapdragon Bar & Kitchen last week and although I was feeling worse for wear the following day, seemed to remember that my experience at this VIaduct restaurant was only a good one.
Cool setting, friendly staff and good food - I had the Fish goujons to start and the Savanah beef fillet...melt in the mouth stuff.
Really pleased Snapdragon Bar & Kitchen has arrived to the Viaduct - at least now there's a few more good dining options.
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Reviewer pippiebee
It's a treat for us to venture out to the Viaduct. We went on Friday night which is one of the busiest nights in the Viaduct. The service was excellent and could not be faulted, even when my friend asked our waiter to confirm with the Chef that her chicken was cooked. Another attentive waitress came to double check my friend was happy with her meal part way through. Where do you get that kind of attention these days?! The food was delicious and good size portions too. We indulged and had desert too. What a fabulous dining experience. The decor is amazing and we love the restaurant, bar and gentlemen's club with the revolving bookcase. Top marks to the staff at Snapdragon!
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I went to the opening of Snapdragon Bar & Kitchen last night and must say I was really impressed. This end of town is really starting to become 'the destination' in Auckland and I can see Snapdragon at the centre of it.Didn't have the opportunity to eat and ok it was opening night so early days, but the vibe, service and general ambiance will set Snapdragon in good stead - looking forward to paying it another visit in a few weeks time.
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Reviewer nzsimon
From the awesome Plant wall to the rest of the decore this is an awesome place
The food speaks for itself we tried all the Entree's and two of the mains plus 2 of the desserts wonderful food great service
The secret bookcase revolving door into the games room is cool as are all the small areas upstairs for sitting and chatting
This place is set to be "The Place " to be this summer
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