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Rising To The Occasion: Auckland's Best Hot Cross Buns

Rising To The Occasion: Auckland's Best Hot Cross Buns

In case you hadn't noticed, Easter is on the horizon. Heck, the supermarkets have been flogging Cadbury cremes and marshmallow morsels for months, effectively limiting our ability to lose those few kegs packed on over a summer of excess.

But forget chocolate, the real Easter foody debate comes when we talk Hot Cross Buns. Ok, so they're not to everyone's liking and they certainly aren't one or even two a penny (thanks, inflation), but in the lead up to Easter, they're still as popular as ever.

This year, the Easter bunny has let us in on a bit of inside knowledge - sample your way through our guide to the best hot cross buns in Auckland.

It's fair to say that we (and our astute community) have a bit of a thing going with this West End Road eatery. Catroux got the full five star treatment when we reviewed them, and we're ever so glad that commitment to taste and quality extends to their Hot Cross Bun offering.

Go grab a bun, but we warn you, it's not the only thing you're likely to end up trying....Catroux is that good.

Little & Friday
In the world of baking, there's few things that Kim and the Little & Friday wunderkinds can't do. Little & Friday is not only the most visited, but most prolifically reviewed cafe on View Auckland and their moorish offerings have been the stuff of legend. Ever since devouring L&F's Easter treats last year, we've been yearning for more of the same.

You can get your laughing gear around their Hot Cross Bun at either of their Newmarket, City or Belmont locations. Go on, make it a bakers dozen.

Wild Wheat
The Easter season can never come too early when Wild Wheat announces their Hot Cross Buns will soon be on shelves across their stores. The specialty bread maker's version comes packed with candied peel and a generous helping of fruit and spices, all rounded off with a cinnamon glaze. Delicious.

Head on in to any one of their three Auckland stores; (Belmont, Mt Eden, Howick) or check out their site for stockists across Auckland.

Little Bread & Butter
Few can escape the tempting smells wafting onto Richmond Road from this Ponsonby bakery at the best of times - even more of a concern when the Little Bread & Butter crew add their Hot Cross Buns into the mix. Also on the Easter agenda for you Hot Cross Bun haters will be 'Hefezopf' - yum.

They're the purveyors of all thinks sweet and treaty - so it stands to reason that the addition of delicious Hot Cross Buns to their offering shouldn't come as a surprise.

Bakers Delight
If transport is an issue around this fair city of ours and you can't get along to any of the above venues easily, head to your nearest Bakers Delight and push the boat out. Their mocha flavoured hot cross buns might not be traditional but its best not to let tradition get in the way of good flavouring.

Get 'em while they're hot Auckland - and ViewAuckland.co.nz wishes you all a happy Easter

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