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SKYCITY Auckland,
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Auckland Central

(09) 363 7048

Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar Information

Fast paced and fresh, Depot Restaurant by Al Brown will be a place to drop in and refuel.

Small plates of food to share, oysters shucked to order, and much of the produce cooked over charcoal or hard wood.

Depot by Al Brown will celebrate seasonal produce served in a straightforward style, with an emphasis on fun and attention to detail.

Depot Restaurant is SKYCITY's newest dining experience.

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 07.00 til late
Sat, Sun 10.00 til late
Avg Food Spend
$$$ per person
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A La Carte Menu
Children welcome
Metro Top 50 - 2012
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Disabled Facilities
Wheelchair Access, NO Disabled Toilets

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I love the Depot, it’s my favourite place. I can never fault the food, wine selection or the service. On this visit it was very busy for a Wednesday night and we were told for 2 of us there would be a 45 minute wait. As there was no room to drink there we headed over to Bellotta. We didn’t even get down the first drink and we got a call about 10 minutes later that there was a table for us.

We ended up having exactly what I had at a previous visit, the NZ meat board with salami, lomo and popcorn duck tongue served with a fig crostini I love, mustard and mini gerkins. It’s the most amazing antipasto platter to graze on.

For mains we shared the Crisp Freedom farms pork hock with salsa verde and creamy mash with a side of potato skins. All perfect!

It’s such a shame we were too stuffed for dessert as I had wanted to try the Jelly tip which I saw sitting on the pass. If you go you must try there sugar pie which I have had before twice – it’s devine!
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Reviewer Tulia
We went to Depot for birthday celebrations wanting a relaxed atmosphere to savour a tasty Sunday lunch as a group of four. We were all well satisfied. We had the Hapuka sliders, which were luscious. The brisket tortillas were surprisingly good for me, they had a sweet, smoked, robust taste. The skirt steak was kept simple, but superbly cooked. We also had the street corn and kumara skins as sides. The food felt wholesome and satisfying. Just what you want for a Sunday lunch.
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I love the Depot. Last time I went here was when it was first opened so I was well overdue another visit. I remember the food being inventive and fresh and the waiters funny and tentative. Well nothing has changed there.

You still have to wait as this place has never lost its popularity but it’s worth the wait. When you are not in a rush to get to anything, sitting outside feels much like you are in some cool hip city somewhere in Europe down some alleyway watching people as they walk past. My champagne glass was never empty so I couldn’t complain.

My 2 friends shouted me for my Birthday and we decided on a shared dinner so we could get to try more. We started with the NZ Meat Board. I absolutely loved the relish and the unique fig crostini that went well with the different meats.

For mains, as we are all pork lovers we decided on the Crisp Freedom Farms Pork Hock with Apple slaw and parsnip puree with a side of potato skins and asparagus. The flavours were amazing and the pork cooked perfectly.

For dessert we shared the Cream pie and the molten chocolate dessert. Both were wonderful.

I love this thriving fun place with its amazing food. I would go back in a heart beat.
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Dining at Al Brown’s Depot is like falling in love with New Zealand. The rustic and charming fit-out of this Federal St eatery is quite cool.

The pictures are very kiwi-ana not cliché Italian pictures, like pictures of a group of men standing around, hands wrapped around tall, brown beer bottles.

The menu headlines with "EAT UP" in bold print - and that's exactly what we did. Tagged as an eatery and oyster bar, Depot has the most incredibly simple and tempting menu that embraces the very best of what New Zealand has to offer today.

We started with the fish sliders and the beef encased in small, soft, warm flour tortilla with slaw. They were both good.

Then we had a larger dish, also to share, of a whole pork hock which came slow-roasted and served with a hit of horseradish and apple salsa. It was soft in places, crispy in others. Divine.

As we are both sweet tooths we had to sample something on the Dessert menu and so enjoyed the Cream Pie which was delectably silky and melt in your mouth.

The staff were friendly, helpful and witty. On accidently bumping my wine over they quickly replaced it with a free replacement. Now that’s service!

Depot feels and tastes like New Zealand. It makes me proud to be a kiwi. Thanks Al. I’ll be back real soon!
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Reviewer Ferrari
Cant stay away from Depot such a cool space with awesome vibe
Food and service are amazing this is defiently New Zealand hospitality at its best ..
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Reviewer neumanas
What can I say,This place is wonderful!
Staff is super friendly, always with an eye on your table so they can fill the water etc, the food is really nice!
The big dishes are good enough to share between 2 people.
When you order an entree , lets say with 3 *something*, if you are a couple they always ask if you would like to add an extra 1 so can eat 2 each... really nice people, food, atmosphere, everything!!
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Had my first experience of The Depot on Monday night - a great decision as we didn't have to wait at all and it was not heaving with people as it has been when I have walked by in the past. The food was delicious - beautiful, tasty Hapuka and perfect mayo on the sliders, meaty lamb ribs with a spicy rub, and crunchy potato skins topped with cheese. The atmosphere and the staff were great but our waiter was just too pushy - always trying to upsell at every opportunity, to the point where it became quite annoying. Apart from that, fantastic!
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Reviewer foodeditor
Depot is a great restaurant but ridiculous wait during dinner.
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Reviewer rosehawthorn
Depot has been on my to-do list for ages and yesterday finally got the chance to go. It was packed and all the foodie stars were in attendance (Al Brown, Kyle Street and Sean Connelly) so keeping good company.
Managed to get a table outside after not too long. It was lunch, so we shared the ribs which were fantastic and the pulled pork sliders - both dishes perfect for sharing.
Must be said - coffee is fantastic too.
On this evidence I'll certainly be returning to Depot Eatery soon!
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Reviewer neumanas
We went to Depot Eatery on Sat afternoon, I dont eat fish so would be a challenge for me, we decided to sit outside, got the menu, very very friendly staff!! we order chicken and steak.. what can i say.. AMAZING!!!!the presentation and the flavours were just incredible! The staff were always checking up on us, making sure we had drinks and food... Recommend it big time!! (even the noisy protest on the street didnt kill our great experience)A+++
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Reviewer kimharring
Been to Depot at least a half dozen times but only in the afternoons - until this week! What a fantastic excuse for a breakfast meeting. The toasted muesli complete with summer fruit is a healthy indulgence if you dont want to go for the usual suspects - and coupled with great coffee, just another reason to head to Depot at all times of the day.
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Reviewer Baz
Great food, fantastic ambiance, tasty drinks, great service. Only downfall of Depot Eatery is the either head there for lunch, an early dinner or a late dinner. I've been three times already and will be going again soon. Love Depot's sliders.
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Reviewer marwilliam
Great Place, just down the road from my office. Went after work and even when we had to wait 45 minutes for our table, it was worthy. Depot Eatery is simple and tasty , great ambiance and cool deco.
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Woah just amazing, best dinning experience I have had in Auckland matched only by my once brilliant visit to Vinnies. Depot Eatery is crammed yet you never seem to want for anything! There is always someone on hand to bring you a drink or some quick oyster!Food wise I have a big problem with the menu, I don’t have enough money or a big enough stomach to eat everything that I wanted so it was time to cull the list methodically whilst swilling a glass of Sav from the pump a la beer style. Oysters were first an I have to say these were the freshest and best oysters I have ever tasted. Just amazing and clean tasting, Al Brown himself says that oysters are his favourite and this passion shows in the raw quality of the oysters.I also ordered the meat board as a small size and when it arrived it was very clear that even the small is not really intended for 1 as it was really big however I knew I wouldn’t have any issues finishing it. The first thing that jumped out at me was it wasn’t just an antipasto platter with cured meats etc.; it had in house made items like the wild rabbit rillette. It was a rustic plate as was most of the food which suits the theme, I again didn’t have a negative thing to say, the rillettes were powerful and smooth and accompanied by some brilliantly cured European styled meats all made in NZ. In fact I liked the rabbit until I had it with the chutney which just enhanced the flavour even further. Big plate but nothing left!The next course was the bone marrow! My friend who met me afterwards asked why someone would eat that as it’s what she feeds her dog; ‘well’ I said ‘do you like butter? Do you like steaks?” Of course, “well imagine the best steak mixed with the softest butter and that what you have.” Mixed with the peppery salad and basted onto yet more bread and it was outstanding.Read more view Auckland reviews of Depot Eatery to find the best Auckland eateries then visit for the full depot review and more!
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Reviewer peachie
I love this place! the worst thing about Depot Eatery is that everyone wants to go so it's so hard to get a table! But with good reason - the food is so tasty, and original, every time without fail, the fit-out is cool, and despite the staff looking a bit under pressure at times, the service is good. If you could book, Depot Eatery would be perfect.
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Reviewer hwalters
I've been trying to dine at depot eatery at least three times in the last 4 months but every time it's a fail because it's been packed to the rafters.
Finally I had the opportunity last night and I can so see why it is such a popular eatery with punters and critics alike.
Great vibrant atmosphere and relaxed setting make sure it's a comfortable, low key dining experience.
Al brown has done such a fantastic job here and deserves the accolades he has received so far.
The food- its an experience in itself. We shared a variety of smaller plates with the lamb rack and prosciutto toastie real highlights.
Let's hope it isn't another 4 months before I get to enjoy the delights of depot eatery again!
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Reviewer dazlling1
Wonderful food, great service from our waitress Sarah, pitty about the service at the door though, got a text to say that our table was ready
(we had turned up earlier in the evening to be told that it was too full as soon as a table is available they would text us) we turned up 5 mins later to get a hand in the face and a comment saying just back off...not great at all no matter how busy it was....we actually saw a couple walk out without paying as they were told to back up as well.( I dont think they appreciated been spoken to like that). We appreciate good food just as much as good customer service. Other than that stinker, would recommend Depot Eatery to our friends and family.
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Reviewer Ben De Haan
Finally got a chance to eat at Al Brown's Depot Eatery after trying so many times before but never fancying the wait to get a table.

But it was so worth it. Love the concept of sharing plates, wine on tap and served in tumblers, super friendly staff.

Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Definitely recommended!
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Depot's food is fantastic - simple but rather complicated at the same time. Absolutely loved the freshness of the clams and the chardonnay and shallot sauce. Yum! If the sliders are on the menu, then you'll have to try these as well. Overall, very fresh produce and lovely flavours - simply delicious!

Wide range of drinks available.

The environment in Depot is rustic, down to the mackerel tins they use to hold your mismatched cutlery. Seating is a little uncomfortable as they have the high chairs and tables. Cramped. But I suppose you could call that cosy. Definitely not a place for a long dinner. Plenty of places around Depot for you to move onto after your meal though.

Staff are friendly and really helpful. Good service as the waitress offered to change our plates between the different meals and were attentive. I did go again for a lunch. Staff were still friendly but not quite as attentive. Still, not much to rant about their service.

Make sure everyone from your party arrives on time as you will not get seated until your party is there. A bit of a challenge with a bigger group, but the waitress was willing to give some leeway if almost everyone was there. Definitely head to Depot early to get a table if you're not inclined to waiting. Otherwise, turn up later and you'll get one as other patrons leave -- but you may miss out on things as they sell out.
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Reviewer Awhi
took my man to Depot Eatery yesterday for brunch his birthday....sooo loved this place. The ambiance, the kaimoana, the staff and the sounds. You get such a chilled out feeling when entering which I have to say was a total opposite experience to when we visited Logan Browns in Wellington after reading so many rave reviews we decided to take ourselves along to celebrate a very special occasion - Our experience was the total opposite. Very disappointing- I know that it is a different type of dining experience however, ambiance was so pretentious and the amount of food dished up comparative to the price was horrendous. I have loved Hunger for the Wild series and watching your cooking finesse on television - a big fan because you come across like a mate - easy and relaxed. As I mentioned our experience in Wellington seemed so in-congruent with your style Mr. Brown...that was then and this is now ahhh! but now The Depot we will be back and back for sure!
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caught up with a few mates at Depot Restaurant during the last week of the footy. Really rammed (few All Blacks around also I might add) but staff didn't seem to flustered. Naturally there was a bit of a wait but the pints were going down well so we really didnt notice. I had the pork hock that we'd been recommended from the waitress - this dish alone is a reason to head back to Depot Eatery very soon. Well done Al Brown - you've created another Auckland institution in a matter of weeks!
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Reviewer RuthHader
what a fantastic eatery. the fitout is superb and the food to die for - Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar is a welcome arrival in Auckland 0 thank you Al!
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Reviewer kimwsm
I have nothing but good things to say about the Depot Eatery restaurant. I loved the whole experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone. We visited the restaurant on the 2nd day of opening.
The service we got was amazing! All the waiters were friendly and happy to talk you through the menu, make recommendations as well as make small talk in general. They were all also very well-versed in what was on the menu and the recommendations we received for what to order were outstanding.
The atmosphere in the restaurant was great - kind of like an upmarket diner but so much better!
Food was amazing. I can't fault anything that we were served and the wait staff checked up on us after every dish to see how we were going and if we had any feedback or comments about the dish we just had.
All in all, it was a good experience and I would definitely go back to Depot Eatery again.
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Reviewer Lynley Ruck
Loved the oysters, loved the pork hock and the kingfish sashimi, loved the pinot on tap - almost missed our show we wanted to stay and stay at Depot Eatery! Only one grumble, oyster shell in one of the tempura oysters, but bar staff serving food were suitably apologetic and to be fair - how many oysters were the oyster shuckers shucking? Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar was packed and humming. I have a sneaky red in a retro tumbler when cooking at home and having the same out made me feel at home! So thanks for the fresh approach, the kitchenalia, the fabulous staff and for COMING TO AUCKLAND - we love you AL Brown!
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Reviewer Anonymous
Can't wait for Al Brown's Depot restaurant to open at SKYCITY. I'm originally from Wellington and a big fan of Logan Brown so hopefully Depot can offer the same sort of exceptional food and service that I'm used to!
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