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Pescado Café and Tapas Bar offers a taste of the Mediterranean. Perfectly perched to catch the sun all day in Auckland’s newest waterside dining strip North Wharf, Pescado cuisine evokes the spices of the Kasbah and the magical aromas of the tagine. Pescado acknowledges the fine produce of New Zealand’s sea and land with different tastes from Morocco to Greece, in small plates accompanied by great New Zealand and European wines. Catch the rising sun with breakfast, nibble on tapas with a sip of sherry to watch the sun go down over the harbour and spend the evening in the comfort and warmth of legendary Middle Eastern hospitality.

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We booked a table at Pescado for dinner after attending the Seafood Festival. This restaurant is in Wyndard Quarter in a big airy bright open building which was quite inviting, luckily enough because it’s filled with a lot of timber tables and chairs.

The service can’t be faulted as we did dine early so the restaurant wasn’t busy. The food I quite enjoyed. I was worried at the outset as there has been rather mixed reviews. Maybe they look after groups better because we had no qualms. I can’t speak for everyone of the 10 in my group but my prawns and pork belly was lovely and the desserts were great. The produce seemed fresh and presented nicely. I’ve had more creative tastier tapas elsewhere but I’ve had a lot worse. So I was happy. It’s worth a casual visit.
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Reviewer centralcpl
very disappointing
$16 for bread with homemade dips no homemade bread no home made dips 4 pieces of old bread not even grilled
4 dips one olive oil and balsamic two bought in dips the other a mint yoghurt dressing this is not a dip for breads
next the calamari with a green apple and sweet chilli salsa
this was bottle of sweet chilli with diced apple through it
we had to ask for water and when we left no one asked if we enjoyed it just a grunt of thxs after he took my money
COME ON its not hard to make dips or salsas
well we tried we didn't like and will not be back
i know they will not mind as its all about money and the bottom line as in food and alcohol margins and making profit
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Reviewer aden
Having walked out of a restaurant further down the strip for rudeness we were pleasantly surprised by Pescado. There were 7 in our group and the restaurant was busy but the staff took a great deal of time moving tables together and sun shades until eventually they seated us at a larger table. The menu was interesting - you don't have to go for tapas - and delicious. The decor and ambience of the restaurant inside was charming. All in all a very pleasant experience and we were thorough enjoyed ourselves - far better than Jack Tar's.
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Reviewer leannex
Had a wonderful long lunch at Pescado yesterday and my friends and I were very impressed. Tried four different Tapas and they were all excellent. The winelist has a good selection of affordable wines and the service and ambience was perfect for a chilly Auckland day. I am confident in recommending Pescado and look forward to returning!
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Reviewer lydz38
I am incredibly disappointed in the service here. Went to Pescado on a Sunday morning for some breakfast - the restaurant was about 3/4 full at the time. We seated ourselves, waited for a menu whilst the wait staff stood around, and when I finally managed to catch the waiter's eye and ask for a menu, he was apologetic and brought us the breakfast menu and to take our drinks order.

10 minutes later, the coffees arrived and said waiter left. Another 10 minutes later he comes back to the table to say that they are not serving breakfast any more, and even though he had given us the breakfast menu, there was no way for us to have anything on it, although we arrived at the restaurant at 10.55am (breakfast closes at 11am).

We weren't interested in tapas on a Sunday morning, so decided to leave. When we complained about the shoddy service when we went to pay the bill, no one on the staff was interested, nor did they apologise.

Definitely won't go there again.
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Glad I tried Pescado myself before reading into the majority of the reviews here. Took my kids down to North Wharf this afternoon for a play and the promise of ice cream - I was quite keen for a few pints at Jack Tar or the Conservatory but both venues we're pretty full (especially for a young family of four) but Pescado had ice cream on the menu and the appeal of calamari and chips was too good to refuse.
The food (and movenpick icecream) was a roaring success, however the very highest praise must be passed on to the guys rock and are a credit to Pescado....well worth seeking out if you are heading to the Wynyard Quarter.
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Reviewer Le_baby
Went to Pescado for a business lunch a week ago. The area is lovely and the food was good (meatballs, chicken skewers were great, the prawn filos had no prawns) however, the service was pretty average. The first waitress was prompt and friendly, however, the another waitress starting clearing our plates when we said we were not finished, we were left alone for too long while we wanted to order more food and drinks, finally, when we did order more drinks, they appeared and were all put in front of the wrong people (based on the empty glassware in front of us, an educated guess would have sorted who had the coke/beer/wine).

So all in all, I think Pescado is a nice restaurant with good location, but the service has room for improvement.
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Reviewer jitterbug
Great tapas. We went to Pescado on a Friday night when the restaurant was pretty full but managed to squeeze in straight away at a table for two. Ordered a large tapas platter and the food was really tasty and quick to come out - no waiting at all?.. Nice atmosphere and good location - will definitely eat at Pescado again.
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Reviewer Sage
Simply awful. A girlfriend and I went to Pescado for lunch yesterday and were very underwhelmed by the quality of the food. The prawns were completely much so we left over half of them....and the calamari was chewy.

We love tapas and were excited to try this new place in a prime location but will never go back to Pescado, unless we want bread and dips, as these were good.

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Reviewer marcolane
I love tapas! Maybe having Mediterranean genes has something to do with it... and my mom's excellent cooking!When I go out for a meal with friends, I want to have a good time and eat well. Pescado definitely is a place for this. Their tapas were some of the best I have tasted in quite a while. They weren't overly buttery or salty, like many restaurants make them in Auckland. I am not a vegetarian but I don't like meat much - so I was really happy with the variety Pescado offered: crispy prawns with garlic, calamares, grilled scallopes, tortilla, grilled halloumi, and toasted hazelnuts that were super yummy! (Yes we did over order but were happy to pay just over $100 - with three glasses of wine - split over three, i.e. $33/head). Not bad when we have to pay almost $30 for two coffees and pieces of cakes nowadays! The atmosphere and food reminded me of rustic taverns in Tuscany. I wasn't bothered with the basic service. It's part of the charm of such places - unpretentious and simple service. I prefer it to another place where the service has made being Mediterranean (Italian, in my case) synonymous with rowdiness (I won't name names!).As one reviewer already said, this place has not been open long and a few hiccups are expected. Staff maybe need more training but their chefs seem top notch. I'll definitely go back again, with a bigger group for my birthday. It's a great space and location for a party. I just hope they'll organise an evening of flamingo dancers once they've settled into a good routine. Then again it may just be my Italian genes that aren't so nit-picky ;-)
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Sunday brunch is a busy time in the Viaduct and any restaurant would be pleased with the business. After arriving at Pescado at about 9am we were told to sit anywhere we liked (waiter wasn't interested in seating us or giving us menus).After about 5 minutes our coffee order was taken, this consisted of a Chai Latte (which gained a blank expression from the waitress) and a glass of water. At this point the cafe was about 1/2 full.
20 minutes later the Chai and glass of water arrived. The Chai had large lumps of cinnamon and presentation was pretty average.
After another half an hour the food arrived (we watched a number of other patrons get fed up with the service and leave while we were waiting). The Bacon and Eggs consisted of eggs that were hardly fried and bacon that was far too over cooked.
At this point staff were turning away about 50 customers due to not being able to keep up with orders.
When we went to pay the bill we told the staff member our table number but he still wasn't able to figure out where our table was and we had to explain what we had before he was able to find our order.
Clearly the staff aren't trained at all and the kitchen is utterly unorganised. Excuse given was that Pescado had only been open for two weeks.
Good luck when people start arriving from around the world for the World Cup. I will never be going back to Pescado and hope that they are embarrassed by their standard of service!
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Reviewer agou
nice atmosphere and busy on a friday night, so we had high hopes for Pescado. but the food didnt live up to expectation. i've had much better tapas at various auckland cafes/bars. it took about an hour to get our food (it was a busy friday night, but we saw many plates come out and people around us were served, but for some reason they had forgotten about us the waiter apologetically explained. apparently the kitchen had just closed when they took our order, which i found hard to believe as it was only about 8pm on a friday! do they really want to turn hungry people away that early?). By the time the food arrived (haloumi on salad, fritatta and patatas bravas) we were so hungry we gobbled it up, but were very disappointed. potatoes looked like they were out of a frozen bag, all golden and perfectly cut (not like the rough hunks with skin still on that im used to, and was covered in a plain tomato sauce. was not tastebud tantalising or spicy or anything much at all, just a filler for our hungry tums. fritatta had no flavour either (in fact we threw salt all over everything and then it was bearable) and haloumi was fine (haloumi always tastes good, you cant really cook it wrong) but was cold, and we all know this needs to be served HOT! we are vegetarian so cant comment on the meat and seafood at Pescado, but these are pretty staple tapas dishes and they hadn't got them right.
we werent offered anything free for our hour long wait, which i thought was pretty unenthusiastic customer service, but to be honest by the time we got to the till didnt have the heart to complain to the nice girl as we didnt want to prolong our stay, just wanted to pay and get out of there. Pescado has only been open a few weeks and not a good first impression they made on us, so dont think we'll be heading back there with the other choices now down at north wharf. if i hear suddenly theyv improved then maybe, as i love tapas. but the food here was embarrasingly unauthentic i thought!
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Reviewer DougallC
What a poorly run ship Pescado was, we walked out within 5 minutes. At arrival we were greeted by what could only be described as very confused staff, requesting a table for 2 we were taken past the almost empty main dining area around to an old totally bare wooden table that had seating for 6, it was so far removed from the dining area and was by the rear kitchen/service entrance, the unpacked furniture and other stores product were stacked up at one of of the table. The table was an old extendable pull out type that was crooked, wobbly and had mismatched chairs. We were then served water that was very warm and a single A4 food stained paper menu, no words were spoken by the waiter at all, after a pause for about another minute in stunned amazement we felt it best to go else where. We will not be going back to Pescado!
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