My Favourite Dish: Sid Sahrawat, SidArt

My Favourite Dish: Sid Sahrawat, SidArt


Sid Sahrawat
Head Chef & Owner - SidArt

Easterbrook quail & rabbit loin with almonds & gingerbread

The way my food comes together is choosing unusual things I like and making them work with each other. Quail is such a versatile meat, so it's easy to come up with interesting combinations.

As this is an entree, it means you can be a little more experimental and express a little more flair as people tend to be more adventurous with their entrees than their mains. People come here prepared to be a little more adventurous and that's great. Pretty much all our tables go for the tasting menu where you can really try different things.

To make this dish, we pan-fry the breast. The leg meat we confit in duck fat, and then strip it so you have lean meat, the fatty meat and the texture when it is rolled in brik pastry. Brik pastry is a Tunisian pastry, kind of like puff pastry but with no dairy products in it, so it's really light. We pan-fry this so it has a really crispy texture and this holds the leg well. The other meat on the dish is rabbit loin which is quickly cooked on the pan and sliced quite thin.

We serve the dish with heirloom and pickled carrots, some crispy almonds and truffle mascapone which goes fantastically with the quail. We also make gingerbread which we use both on the dish as small crispy crumbs but also blitzed together with vegetable stock to make a puree. The gingerbread and carrots go really well together. The dish is then finished off with a lot of herbs and flowers.

This came into being as you start thinking about what to have on the menu, in this instance quail, and you start thinking about what to add to and pair it with. Sometimes it takes weeks of tinkering to get it right, so I start thinking about a dish way before it goes onto the menu. That's what I like about cooking and creativity - it's never finished and you're always looking at what's the next combination.

It really is a no-brainer for me that this is my favourite dish as I think this eats amazingly. The flavours work so well together - truffle with quail, almonds, gingerbread. I would choose this off the menu for sure if I had to choose one dish.

Art on a plate. You almost don't want to eat it as it looks so beautiful. But one dip into the dish, and it's impossible to stop. Utterly sensational.

As told to Jono Park.

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