My Favourite Dish: Geoff Scott, Vinnies

My Favourite Dish: Geoff Scott, Vinnies


Geoff Scott
Head Chef - Vinnies

Smoked Snapper with pickled mussels, seaweed jelly, granny smith and kiwi mayonnaise.

This is a dish that's been in the brew for a while and has just come onto our menu. It came about by wanting to have a dish that represents the city we're in. I'm very passionate about food from your local area, and asked the question of what foods represent the Auckland area and the harbour.

Catching snapper is such an iconic pastime from my childhood, so that was the first thing I wanted in the dish. Another thing growing up was going out during a low tide and picking green-lipped mussels off the rocks, so I wanted to include that childhood memory of the favours from the sea into the dish.

Apart from the mix of nostalgia, I also wanted to have some classic kiwi flavours, which come through strongly with the introduction of the classic kiwi dressing. This is based on an old fashioned mayonnaise made with condensed milk which when I was a kid pretty much everyone had all over the country! When local guests come into the restaurant, they pick up that flavour straight away.

When an order for this dish comes in, we start to build the layers of the dish on the plate, starting with some thin slices of raw daikon which is a Chinese white radish. This is the platform that the salad is built on. Then we construct 3 small towers of a mixture of the salad which is the snapper, the mussels, granny smith apple and chopped fresh herbs with a dressing to bind.

The 3 small towers are finished off with a seaweed jelly, which gives the dish a real visual presence and a taste of being at the seaside. Some guests feel that it represents the jellyfish you find washed up on the beach! The jelly provides a wonderful texture against the softness of the fish and the crunchiness of the apple.

This dish is my favourite as it's very much part of the food that I like to eat and cook. It transports the diner to another place, taking them back to memories that they may have had walking on the seashore, going out fishing or cooking their own seafood. Bringing in classic kiwi flavours takes them to another level of enjoyment which they might not have been expecting. It's great seeing guests hearing the story of the dish, experiencing it and seeing memories being sparked within them that will hopefully last long after they've left the restaurant.

Nostalgia is exactly the right word to describe this stunner of a dish from Geoff Scott. A beautiful combination of flavours, textures and memories.

As told to Jono Park.

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