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Westfield St Lukes Shopping Centre,
80 St Lukes Road,
St Lukes

(09) 815 3333

Moas Nest Information

Moa's Nest in St Lukes, Auckland, is a unique 100% pure New Zealand café bar, serving great kiwi cuisine. Great kiwi times with entertainment every Tuesday to Saturday night.

Opening Hours
Daily: 10.30 to 21.30
Food Times
Breakfast: 10.30 to 12.00 Sat-Sun Lunch: 12.00 - 17.00 Dinner: 17.00 - 21.30 Bar Snacks: 21.30 till close
Avg Food Spend
$$$ per person
Food Info
Set Lunch Menu, A La Carte Menu, Breakfast Menu
Large Screen, Pool Tables
Jeans OK
Children welcome - Children allowed before 22.00

Kids Menu
Outdoor Area
Private area
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Disabled Facilities
Wheelchair Access, Disabled Toilets

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Reviewer Kirstyc
Worst coffee EVER! I ordered a chai latte and received a chai that tasted like ginger ale warmed up! When I complained the manager came up and was extremely hostile and rude. He told me that what a chai latte tastes like! Having come from Melbourne (coffee capital) and a regular coffee drinker I was extremely offended and disgusted by the service. His employee who had only worked at the cafe for 3 weeks proved more professional and better at customer service than him! My suggestion would be : manager training for the manager and for the employee thank you for you kind customer service and sweetie go work for Starbucks across from you!
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Reviewer quartface
Last night was the third time my partner and I went to this restaurant. Moas Nest is an extremely comfortable and great place to go when you're hungry because the food is amazing. I have no qualms with the food, when it's what you've ordered.The first time I went to the restaurant, my partner ordered a salad with no tomato. Now, I know that you can take the tomato out, but how hard is it not to put tomato in in the first place? The waitress even wrote it down. Not to mention - it just gets wasted. We brought this up to the manager who brought us our food and he immediately argued that we did ask for tomato. He didn't hesitate, he just said no, we ordered the salad WITH tomato. And he was incredibly rude. Fine. Waste your tomato. It also took around 40 minutes to get out to us. We were rattled by the pathetic response from the manager for the rest of the evening.A few months go by, we come back to the Moas Nest and the food comes out so quick and correct and good. My partner ordered the exact same thing, the salad with no tomato. No rude manager in sight either.The third time we returned we order the exact same meal as the second. We know what we want already. There's a young woman in training, but the manager from our first dreadful experience is taking our orders. Surely nothing can go wrong though. Not only do they get my partner's order completely wrong this time, but when I point this out to the manager HE TELLS US MY PARTNER MISPRONOUNCED HIS ORDER. He then tells us that he knows what he heard, and despite my denial that my partner does not get his order wrong when he comes here, this manager denies any incorrect order being taken. Not to mention he spoke over me repeatedly when I was trying to make a complaint. To make it okay my partner asked for them to put noodles on top of my partner's order so it slightly looked like what he wanted. Cheers...Utterly terrible customer service skills. Managerial training strongly suggested. Amazing food.
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Reviewer JoBick
Went to Moa's Nest for dinner before our movie with a group of friends and I will NEVER return (July 2012). The fish and chips were horrible, the fish, clearly frozen, was rubbery and tasteless. The 'salad' on the side was wilted with a few sad pieces of carrot on top (they was actually bendy). My friends had similar comments about their meals. Don't go, really not worth it at all!
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Reviewer HairyThistle
We ordered and waited for 40 minutes for our pizza’s, then after asking the waitress why it was taking so long we were told they had mixed the table numbers up and sorry it would be another 15 minutes, when they arrived the pizza’s were over cooked -one of them was so hard you could tap it on the plate like concrete. Less than 2 minutes passed and the waitress came back and told us we need to leave in ten minutes as they had a private function starting at 8 o’clock. Would I like the meal packed up as a take away? We had come all the way from Papakura and were not happy. Not impressed with the food or the service at Moa's Nest.
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Reviewer bear
Went for a quick bite before a movie and ordered the platter. Unfortunately this turned out to be the most ghastly plate of food I think we have ever been served anywhere. The cheese which was meant to be feta was off and made us gag therefore we could not eat the seafood as we couldn't trust that this wasn't going to make us ill. The sauce poured over half the plate was unidentifiable and certainly not appreciated. On mentioning the above to the barman (possibly the manager) no apology was offered. Instead, the chef was told, in front of us, to have a word with the suppliers. I somehow don't think that this is going to make a difference to the standard of food served here nor to the level of service. We will definitely find somewhere else to eat before a movie in future.
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Reviewer shopoholic
Went in for dinner and had the vegetarian crepes just delicious! Friend had the fish and chips which was a huge plate and she could not finish them all but very tasty too. Decided to stay and listen to the DJ who was really good. The bar staff were very friendly and they were accommodating with virgin cocktails. The place has a pool table which is great and the manager moved it out into the main area so we had more room to play. Nice to know there is somewhere with easy parking, good food and friendly staff. On less positive note: have to go up and order your food and drinks but did not ask if could run a tab? The wine selection is not great which is why we went with the cocktails, one of the bar girls seemed a little confused with one of the cocktails but the manager was great and made them and apologized. overall it is not fancy but it has a nice atmosphere and were made to feel welcome, pub food, pub decor. Will be going back if just to try those crepes again!
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Reviewer otukuogo
Purchased the half price vouchers online yesterday and enjoyed a nice afternoon out BUT would have to say that the place is looking very tired and bathroom looked like it had not seen a mop in far too many weeks. The corn fritters were deep fried to a veritable crisp and were returned to the kitchen. The lighting was so meagre we could barely see our meals and our request to have the unused lighting over our table switched on was ignored (or forgotten). Although a staff member did approach our table once meal was served to ask how it was, we did have to order our meal at the bar and collect our own eating utensils. I thought the pricing was reasonable and the presentation of food was good, but taste was average. Salmon a little over-cooked, lamb burger not particularly lamby, and the aforementioned corn fritters frazzled in the deep fryer. Butter chicken was good, Thai beef salad was good, and roast pork was OK. French toast was tasty but serving was minuscule - literally 2 pieces of a french stick ungenerously cut - and served with large but cheap chewy bacon. On the positive side the staff were generally nice and the corn fritters were replaced with french toast free of charge, kids downed the choc frappes quickly, and the undercover parking was a bonus on a wet day. Would not go again at full price but may consider it at the discounted online price now we know which dishes to avoid.
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Reviewer hele27
Went to Moa's nest last night (Wed).
Firstly, barely anyone in the place. But despite this we had to go to the bar to order our meals, even though we were sitting in the restaurant area.
Ordered the platter for starter, two prawns with heads on were tough and chewy, obviously frozen as was the calamari, mussels were cold.
Ordered the fish of the day, Snapper which I seldom eat as it is so expensive, so is a treat. It arrived and had obviously been frozen, the skin was on and the flavour of the whole meal was disgusting. Served with big chunks of carrots and a tomato sauce. It was so bad I sent it back.
To top it off the cost was very expensive for what was offered.

Will never go back again
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Reviewer Baggs
One of our friends recommended Moa's Nest to us last month. We had never heard about it.We thought we will try it out and went for drinks and dinner on a Thursday night.We were happily acknowledged by the girl near the bar who quickly went behind the bar to take our orders. She was friendly and knew ins and outs of the food and drinks menu.shortly we were served our drinks and pizza bread. Pizza bread was fresh and nicely baked.we ordered lamb shanks and chicken Thai salads . they both were delicious. The male bar manager visited us during our meal and asked "is every thing alright" over all it was an excellent experience.The place is huge with nice music system and smoking balcony.Moas Nest is the place I will like to be every weekend> great service
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Reviewer Tabu
We always go to movies at St.Lukes mall. During these school holidays we friends went to see Transformers 3 on Monday and had lunch at Moa's nest. They have free pool on Mondays and owner let us played pool for hours. My sister is fond of music and we often go with our parents on Thursdays and she enjoys karaoke . The deck is a nice place to sit in Sun winters and enjoy evenings in summers.

The staff is very polite and welcoming. Great place to hang out!
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Reviewer annsh
i think if anybody wants to hang out after or before shopping just go MOA's NEST. I went there with my family 5 6 days back, very friendly and active staff. We had ordered drinks and soup of the day and i found that soup yum very yum, food was very nice n tasty. There is a separate smoking area, dance area, if anybody wants to have some coffee so u ll find a coffee area as well, nice and beautiful decor. Next month i will celebrate my birthday over there only that's why i have already made my booking.
I recommend Mao's nest one of the best bar.
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Reviewer Tabu
It was my son's first birthday and a friend recommended this place to me. They were booked that night but they took us on board for an early dinner.
The owner who migrated from US has good knowledge about the wines and served the appropriate wine for our set menu. Children under 15 had unlimited free drinks. Knowing that my son loves to groove to music they surprised us with their DJ. For teens they opened their pool room for free.

I thank Moa's nest for their excellent service , yummy food and their exceptional hospitality.

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Reviewer elliotc
Not sure which was worse; the fact that Moa's Nest managed to both burn and under-cook a frozen pizza at the same time or the total indifference when we complained.Service was terrible too with knives, forks and napkins an optional extra.A very disappointing quick bite before a movie and one that I will definitely not repeat.
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My Brothers partner had her farewell at Moas Nest the other night, it was a Friday night We arrived around 10pm, it was nice, bright, bang on next to the movies and had good decor, i especially like the outside area as it gave a rustic, relaxing feeling and also with the fact that you could smoke, (i was a bit iffy with the idea of having to walk all the way out just to have a smoke) they also had a reasonable sized dance floor. Overall impression of the actual surroundings/ decor i would have to say is OOKKAAYY! But the toilets are disgusting and small and one of the toilet doors in the bathroom is broken i did mention this the bar staff- they replied it will be fixed on Monday. Speking of the Bar staff, they were rude and also in my opinion inexperienced, i asked for a typical basic shot which i think all bar staff should all know and she didn't know what it was i then had to explain to her how to make it after i told her she seemed to still not understand me so she handed me a card and said pick one and left, then returned after serving another customer which i found completely rude as i had my order ready it was she that was the one who did not know what i wanted. After finally getting the shots i returned later that evening and wanted to try another shot, i asked again and she replied they did not have it, i agreed and started looking for another drink as i remebrd what hapened last time if i tried to explain to her. I then settled for a beer which she dropped and was still going to serve it to me if i had not asked for a new one, i then asked to have it in a glas and i received a beer with half froff and half beer i asked to replace it the manager then came over and asked what the problem was i said i would like a full glass a beer not half, he returned with my beer and said in a arrogant tone "Here! Now if that's all please move away from the bar!!!" My experience had been killed from that moment i left with my party and took my money else where. LMAO AFTER M
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Reviewer alison04
I was completely unimpressed with our lunch! after two attempts of pouring my drink into a clean glass, I changed my order to a drink that I could drink out of a bottle, we had to ask for clean cutlery twice, and the meals were average - under cooked corn fritters and overcooked beef salad. We wont be returning to this place at all, and I will be writing to the owners to share our bad experience.
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Reviewer coffeedrinker
I experienced bad service and bad coffees. I ordered four trim mochas. The girl came back to repeat our order and got it wrong, then when pouring the milk she used full milk, after she made the coffees it tasted like hot water, no hint of coffee or choc, she made another batch and shoved the coffee in our face to try it, then came up with a remark that "that's how she made it the first time" so we left with the coffees unsatisfied with the service and coffees, the manager was rude to us as she was making them again, money hungry and no service. Starbux is only across from them, get it there, waiting in line is so worth it! Lessoned learned.
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Reviewer Amz
I'm surprised to read all these reviews. We've certainly had a fantastic experience and a nice manager. We went to Moa's for the first time for a bite to eat before the movies and had the most courteous and attentive manager I've met in a while (have they changed management recently?) When I changed my dish after ordering, he bought it out and at no extra charge, even though the dish was more expensive. The fish of the day was exquisite, perfectly done and delicately seasoned, and the sauce that they used was magical. The drinks were great, no problems there either. A nice and friendly bar, will be popping back again on my way in or out of the movies :D A++
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Reviewer lily
We went to the Moa's nest for dessert tonight, I have never had such bad service in my life.

We ordered 2 sticky date puddings (which they didn't have) and 2 ice cream sorbet sundaes.

The sundae's came out, they were not a mix of sorbets and ice cream but rather 3 scoops of ice cream with a bit of sauce for $10. When we asked the lady who had taken our orders, she said they had changed their menu but not the written menu's. When we said they should have informed us of this. The lady attacked us saying that she was not a mind reader and could not have known that we would not want just ice cream. Instead of apologising for the inconvenience, or admitting there was a problem the lady yelled at us walked off and came back with a refund, throwing it on the table.

Some simple customer service and an apology could have avoided the whole situation.

We will not be returning.
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Reviewer tulip
I had one of the best fish n chips in the town.Ambiance is casual n relaxing.My partner had Beef Nachos which was amazing.Overall it was a lovely dining experience.
Open deck is very comfortable place to be in the evening.
It is a big relief from those fine dining sir n madam restaurant.
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Reviewer tulip
its d best place to hang out in d evenings..
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Reviewer gardenia
My husband are locals and have been to Moa's Nest on and off over the last 7 years, so we've seen management come and go without much fuss.

However, at our last visit, I was absolutely appalled at how much the standard of service and food had declined. So much so that I will never return there again!

As a wine drinker of some 25 plus years, I know that when you ask for a glass of pinot gris, it should come chilled and usually the glass is a dead giveaway as it will feel cold to the touch and have moisture on the sides from the chilling. However, the glass I got was nowhere near chilled and when I took one sip and tasted it, it was lukewarm. When I took the glass back to the counter to complain, the manager curtly brushed me off by saying that it was such a hot day that even she was sweating like mad. This was the wrong answer. She then got the bottle out of the chiller and handed it to me to feel. The bottle did not feel cold either but she said that there was nothing wrong with her chiller. I stood there in amazement and went back to my table in shocked at the treatment. Not only did she imply that I was stupid, but she offered no alternative means of resolution.

After about 10minutes, we were then served our meal without so much of a comment or smile. She was cold and absolutely rude even when both my husband and I said thank you (begrudingly).

By the way, the mussels tasted off (in a horrible chardonnay/garlic sauce!) and the nacho's were disgusting with hardly any beef and the melted cheese was pitiful. There was just mostly a blob of sour cream.

We left quietly but were absolutely disgusted with the service and the poor standard of food.

By the way, my husband told me that the men's toilets were dirty and covered in grafitti which is nothing new apparently and he says that they've been this way for years.

We will never go back again and will let all our friends and neighbours know also.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Hearty pub food. Friendly staff. Rude Manager (when asked to uphold smokefree legislation, heated exchange followed and I was told to "Get f*****".) Will never go back.
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Reviewer AMB
moas nest cant explain abt it... some times v had great experiences n some times not.but the new head chef is tryin greatly to put it on top his new blt is awesome.The best there will be a steak or burger or new BLt the worse will be the pork belly which dont have any inspiration.the team is good but the managers over there r pretty rude n lettin it down
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I am appalled I recommended this place on Friday night to overseas guest as I had been a few time with work friends, however this place has changed and for the worst, overall experience Very poor service, expensive meals for very little servings on huge plates , Food is tasteless, kids meals a real rip off McDonalds is by far better, waited for almost 45-50 minutes for our food that arrived all at different times another 30 mins for drinks, waitress staff useless not once asked how how meals were and stood behind the bar texting
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Reviewer Anonymous
The last time I went to Moa's Nest was going to be just that 'the last time'. The Nest had changed hands so many times and just kept getting worse. BUT - surprise, surprise. New owners, new attitude, new menu. We went for lunch so I can't comment on the dinner menu. Highly recommended, great service and great food and not too expensive.
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