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ASB North Wharf,
Wynyard Quarter

(09) 969 6986

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Miss Clawdy has now opened on North Wharf in Auckland. Miss Clawdy is your soul food haven. A place that feeds hungry hearts with attitude, family and fine food and wine worth sharing.

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Open 11.30am 'till late.
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Reviewer Georgina28
My foodie friend and I had lunch at Miss Clawdy and both of us thought it was pretty great. The decor was spot on and when we arrived, we were served complimentary popcorn which had a wonderful flavour!

We started with berry mocktails which were delicious. We then ordered quite a feast including: popcorn shrimp (unusual but good flavours), grilled fish taco (small but tasty), Southern fried jerk chicken with chipotle lime mayo (best fried chicken I have had so far in Auckland), snapper ceviche (very refreshing), cornbread (to die for) and the best dish of the day was the beetroot and quinoa salad – I have re-visited Miss Clawdy just for this dish!

Next came dessert. I had high expectations for the key lime pie as I had read many great reviews about it. However, when it arrived, the meringue on top was not properly done and as for the flavour, well it did not taste like lime, more lemon and was far too sweet (not in a good way). I was really disappointed!

Overall, the starters and mains were delicious and the service consistent too. I would have given Miss Clawdy a higher rating if the key lime pie had hit the spot!
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Reviewer tmak021
Miss Clawdy is one of my favorite places in all of auckand can't wait to come back again and again good work guys!!!!!!
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Have heard great things about Miss Clawdy and wanted to take the family somewhere a little bit different for Sunday lunch, so visited last weekend. It was very full even though it was a miserable, cold day, so we took the last available seat inside which was a high table. This was probably a bad start for me, as I don't really like eating a meal on a stool! The second problem was that there was no where to put our coats, and no-one offered to help us with this, so we also had to eat not with bags and coats on our laps.
We enjoyed the food that we ordered - the pulled pork Po boy, a kids chicken Po boy served with chips, barbeque ribs and a taco. Everything was served quickly and was reasonably tasty, however I didn't really feel any "wow factor". We did love the little icecream sandwiches served with chocolate milk The presentation of them was gorgeous and the chocolate cookie rich and delicious (although it would be handy if the menu stated that the milk contained cinnamon as well).
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This would have to be the fifth time that I have dined at Miss Clawdy's and I have been disappointed yet! With it's welcoming staff to the decor and buzz of this restaurant this has become one of my new favorites. This time we tried jambalaya w shrimp, andouille sausage & chicken w a crayfish & bourbon butter with complimenting side dishes of cajun hushpuppies w spicy tomato relish, andouille sausage & gouda and southern fried jerk chicken w chipotle & lime mayo. If you love the tastes of Southern and Central America then you will certainly enjoy this experience! Perfect with friends or the family!
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Reviewer Reesey
Dined with a big group, over 10 of us and the service was very fast indeed. The staff were very friendly and the food was amazing. The bestest tasting food i've tried in a while. We tried almost every dish on the menu and must say i was very impressed with every one i tried. The desserts were also very yummy.
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Loved the feel of Miss Clawdy - certainly didn't feel like we were in Auckland. The kingfish cerviche was beautiful, guacamole and nacho chips made a great starter and I'm told the ribs were divine. While the food came quickly our cocktails didn't arrive until our plates were almost cleaned. The prickly pear margarita and the cherry cocktail with lemonade ice blocks were awesome though - worth going just for a cocktail and snacks.
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Reviewer tsan479
We went here on a Wednesday night and were greeted at the door by some Brazilian dancers. Later on in the evening the dancers did a show which kept all the boys happy.

The atmosphere at Miss Clawdy was great, however the music volume was up a bit too loud (hard to keep a convo going). But the deco is great and service to match.

We ordered the fried oyster Po boy and kingfish cerviche which were delicious. The kingfish cerviche is a must!! We also ordered the special suckling pig which was super tender and you could see the pig being carved in the kitchen!

Overall Miss Clawdy is nice night out with some good food and entertainment.
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Miss Clawdy, a new restaurant that deals in soul-food and Mexican standards.

The logo on the menu promises food of "South and Central Americas"; I suspect they mean the American South and Central America. There's nothing too unfamiliar here, though I had not heard of hushpuppies, which are deep-fried balls of cornmeal. These my friend said were dry and not very good.

The menu begins with a selection of po' boys, the Louisiana submarine sandwiches, classically of fried shrimp. The other options, of beef cheeks or pulled pork, look more promising. My friend also said this wasn’t very good. Sounds like a bad start you might say, but then she had the tacos (open-faced and soft-shell) were a different matter: one of grilled fish with the vivid sauce of tomato, onion and chilli that Mexicans called pico de gallo was terrific.

The fresh ceviche of snapper, which used coconut milk - something no Mexican ceviche-maker would dream of was said to be good.
The jambalaya I had was excellent, full of sausage, chicken and prawns. And the side of corn bread went perfectly – so moist and hot.

The dessert one friend had was a rhubarb-and-pear cobbler (like a crumble), the topping of which was gloopy and undercooked and a soft meringue pie of key lime which was very possibly authentic, I just wish the meringue was higher and crispy like that of a Lemon Meringue Pie.

In all, there's some work to be done here, but there is plenty of promise. Bottles of good chilli sauce on the table are no substitute for a bit more adventurousness in the kitchen.

The one thing I hope they sort is the fruit flies by the hoard we had buzzing around our heads as we were sitting at the table by the kitchen. If nothing else it gave us something to do with our rolled up menu.
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Reviewer Georgina28
My foodie friend and I had lunch at Miss Clawdy a few weekends ago. We both thought the decor was spot on and when we arrived, we were served complimentary popcorn which had a wonderful flavour! We started with berry mocktails which were delicious and very refreshing. We ordered quite a feast - popcorn shrimp (unusual but good flavours), grilled fish taco (small but tasty), southern fried jerk chicken with chipolte lime mayo (which is absolutely amazing and I believe it is far superior to the fried chicken at Mexico!!!), snapper cerviche (very fresh), cornbread (to die for!) and the quinoa beetroot salad (again very tasty). Next came dessert. I had high expectations for the key lime pie as I had read many reviews about it. However, when it arrived the meringue on top was not properly done - it did not look right. As for the flavour, it did not taste like lime, more lemon and was far too sweet (in a bad way). I was really disappointed. Overall, the food was delicious aside from the key lime pie and the service was top notch. Our waiter was very attentive and I will definitely be back.
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Reviewer tmak021
best restaurant, food was cooked to perfection, we got the fried chicken and it was to die for. definatly a place to reccomend to anyone and are now going to become frequent diners here. #auckland #bestplacetoeat
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Reviewer sn0wyte
Had a work lunch there recently. I enjoyed the decorations of the place, and the little cushions on the couch seats. You'd definitely appreciate them once you'd had a few of the shared plates!

I had a range of different foods, and each one was delicious. From memory my favourite was the Jerk Chicken and the Ribs. Each meal had a hint of spice, so if you're into that you'll definitely enjoy Miss Clawdy's. The staff were very friendly and helpful.
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In Auckland for the week for work and I've been eating my way around Aucklands cafes and restaurants and worried that I'll have to return to Wellington wearing elastic pants and getting a secondary seat belt on the flight!
Yesterday's visit to Miss Clawdy didn't do much to ease the intake - this place is awesome! Some interesting sights (with all the high-fashion crew around) but the really relaxed and friendly staff and ultra affordable prices are making me want to come back for more. My highlights - the jumbalaya and the ribs but everything else on offer couldn't be faulted. Take my advice and stagger your order - nothing worse than looking piggy (especially during fashion week!). Hats off to the staff as well - really impressed and quite possible some of the best looking waitresses I've ever come across!! I'm now wishing there was a Miss Clawdy in the capital.
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Reviewer Ferrari
Awesome food and great service cant wait to go back
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Reviewer weedramortwo
A mate works for ASB in their new building in the North Wharf and can't help but rub it in just how good the lunch dining options are in his neck of the woods. So, last week thought it would be a good opportunity to try one of these new restaurants - Miss Clawdy - a southern american (US) inspired eatery.
First thing that impressed was the music - good old soul and definately helped with the vibe. The tacos are great - $6 bucks a pop and although you need a few, well worth it. The pulled pork was delicious. The chargrilled corn with paprika was also might fine.
Great food was matched with an even better drinks list - emmerson's, james squires and little creatures - how the hell are lunch time visitors expected to have a productive afternoon after that drinks list!
Really rate Miss Clawdy - any jobs going ASB?
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