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All the goodness that North Shore locals have been raving about, can now be found in the city. The Newmarket branch of Little & Friday is now open for business.

Little & Friday Newmarket is more upmarket than the Belmont branch but the same dedication to quality food, coffee and service have not been compromised!

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Reviewer ilovefood
Went to little and friday newmarket today. second time this week!! I have to say the food is tasty and somewhat over indulgent but cant help but go back. Staff were under the pump again with a long queue as usual. They do well to keep the smiles on their faces and always a warm hello....not sure I'd be the same with the demanding public so good on you girls..and guys . of course ill be back
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Reviewer maybe
My mum and I went to Little and Friday late in the morning after she had read about it in a magazine. The both of us were sold with their philosophy - that they hire staff that love to cook. We thought that was a lovely idea, so we decided to give it a try.

I ordered a Cream Doughnut and I thought it was delicious. My mum ordered a Lemon and Coconut cupcake and she enjoyed that also. Though the seating was different from other cafes - you share a large table with other customers in the cafe - my mum and I had no qualms with that. There was also a table where you could get your own water, cutlery and whatnot; that was okay too. We approached it as part of the experience.

And though we enjoyed the food, the both of us left feeling that the customer service at Little and Friday was not at its best. Upon reading other reviews written by others, opinions regarding customer service was mixed; well, these are our thoughts:

For my mum and I specifically, the both of us enjoy going to cafes because of the environment - whether it be the character and presentation of the cafe itself, the customer service or the noise (or lack of). In this sense, the customer service fell short. We felt that the ladies serving us were not friendly and acted quite cold. And as another person has articulated, "[the staff] ... gave the impression it was beneath her to serve anyone." I'm afraid I have to agree. As a person who greatly values customer service, I'm afraid my experience at Little and Friday was disappointing at best.

Little and Friday (Newmarket), in my opinion, you're doing the food and presentation right. As for customer experience, I sincerely hope that improves. I will probably recommend Little and Friday to others for the food, but will share my personal experience regarding the poor customer service as a forewarning along with that recommendation.
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Reviewer Anonymous
We went to the Newmarket store today. While it is good food (and gorgeous baking), I understand what others mean about the distracted staff. They're pretty drifty. Just discovered I was over-charged - $25 for two coffees and one quiche. Yikes. Should have pointed out the mistake at the time, but only noticed it when checked my bank balance at home...Plus they didn't give me a receipt, so couldn't do anything. But would still recommend a visit to Little & Friday; it is cute.
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Reviewer NessLiddell
My friends introduced me to Little & Friday by bringing me one of their amazing savoury brioches. When my husband and I finally made the trip to their ‘original’ store in Belmont on a very busy weekend; I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of people, communal tables etc. So I decided to wait for the Newmarket store to open as it is just around the corner from my work. Now I get it. I understand how Little & Friday work with the larger communal tables and their beautiful display of freshly baked sweet and savoury treats. The food is lovingly made and has all sorts of little touches i.e. fresh flowers, fresh cherry tomatoes etc. I go in most days to get a coffee (and sometimes a treat) and the Newmarket team never fail to impress. They are always friendly and happy to chat if they aren’t too busy. They give me the boost I need before I start work in the morning. I have never been disappointed with the food, coffee or service. Little & Friday is my ULTIMATE happy place.
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Reviewer Tim Sato
Wow, have never been put off of a place before even eating there. I called up as there was conflicting information about their opening hours. Was told 8-3 on weekdays. Got there at 8:15 and they were closed, absolutely no sign of activity. Checked and re-checked that I was in the right place. Clearly said Little and Friday on the locked door and was part of a closed fabric store.

When I got into work at about 8:35, called them up and the woman said that they were open and that I must have been there at five past. Seeing as the train does not get into Newmarket until ten past, pretty much impossible for me to be there that early and am quite capable of looking at the MOB and telling the time. So was made to feel like I made a mistake and have to say that she was a bit rude.

There are lots of places out there, so no problem with choices. Seeing how they made things difficult, clearly they want me to take my money elsewhere, which is what I intend to do.
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Reviewer chocolates
Went to New Market Little and Friday today the service was amazing, the food was just incredible. What a great find, have read so much about this place and have wanted to try it for some time, very talented and well done to all staff. Will be back for sure very soon.
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Reviewer Hezzaa
Good coffee and cakes but arrogant , unfriendly staff. Meals arrive without salad, and when I pointed it out ,no apology just,' did you ask for it?' . Also no cutlery or glasses and again when I asked was told,' it's on the table!'. There were none left on our table so I had to interupt the other full table and retrieve my own cutlery, bit off-putting when I had spent rather a lot on lunch and coffee. I won't be back to Little & Friday and there are nicer and friendlier cafes in Newmarket.
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Reviewer cfrsr
Having had Little & Friday Newmarket recommended by a client, I ate there 3 times this last week.-and introduced several people to it.
However , today, the serving staff offered me an elephant as a token saying 'no pun intended.' (I am over-weight) I actually thought this was funny-especially when the elephant was next given to a woman larger than I am.
I can cope with the above, but I found the condescending manner of the girl who bought our coffees quite alarming.-Three times she carried our coffees to us and each time gave the impression it was beneath her to serve anyone.--
On the other occasions I have been here, I have found the staff to be very friendly--.
Will not be recommending Little & Friday any more.
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my partner dragged me along to Newmarket last week - usually Id be kicking and screaming - but with the added incentive of a visit to Little & Friday Newmarket I thought it was an offer to good to refuse.
Great coffee, friendly staff and delicious food - not as 'grungy' as the North Shore version but featuring all the good treats I've come to expect from thee guys - terrific.
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Reviewer stiffarm
Great to see Little & Friday Newmarket is every bit as good as the Takapuna version....and thank goodness it's opened (and hopefully permanently)!
My favourite item on Little & Friday's offering = the Bacon and Egg pies served with pesto....believe me, it's well worth travelling for. Whatever it is, Little & Friday has it in spades.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Hurrah! Little & Friday Newmarket is now open...pretty full on (understand it's their first day) but so very, very pleased. I firmly believe their bacon and egg pies are without doubt the best savoury treat you will try this year! First Belmont, now Newmarket...look our world! Good luck Little & Friday - I'll be helping spread the word for sure!
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