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Ponsonby Central,
7 Richmond Road,

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Review byEd Reed14/05/2013

Foxtrot Parlour, Ponsonby Central - Cafe Review


Is there a better dining destination late on a gloriously sunny Saturday morning than Ponsonby Central? Not as far as we're aware. Couples, friends, families - they're all here and the conversation is flowing.

You have to feel sorry for the guys and gals at Foxtrot Parlour. Having visited this Ponsonby Central hotspot at least four times since it opened its doors late last year, I have never once seen it even remotely empty. As with all good hospitality ventures it may seem chaotic, but in reality the staff take it in their sweet stride. Infact, their enthusiasm is contagious.

Drinks List
Superb, piping hot coffee delivered instantaneously from the obviously well-drilled barista. Thankfully, with kids in tow, an excuse to try the cooler beverages was a lot more justifiable. Enter the ice cream soda. 'Quick Step' - a black doris plum and lime syrup offering was downright's amazing how protective kids can get over their treats.

The haloumi with slow roasted tomatoes and pesto on toast was terrific as was the mouthful of coconut-cream covered waffles I managed to sneak past one of my little dining companions. The truth is, I would have been satisfied with any number of the items on the menu - I even have the huge pies earmarked for a later visit.

The Bottom Line
Foxtrot Parlour is the business. Friendly, relaxing and most importantly, rewarding. Ponsonby Central owes a lot of it's early wins to the Foxtrot team and their continued over-achievement. Lucky for us, eh!

Reason to Return
We may be heading into winter but is that reason to forgo an ice cream soda? No, not on your life. Add in a piece of that rocky road while you're at it - treadmill, I think you and I need to have words.

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