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51 Hobson Street,
Auckland Central

(09) 309 9220

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Reviewer Anonymous
OVER THE TOP EXPENSIVE FOOD. disgusting. My boyfriend had recommended me dennys as he always went to the ones in USA. So when he finally came to nz we decided to go try. The food did not taste good at all and overall service was not the best. if you want good dennys go to USA.
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Reviewer Anonymous
On Friday 07/12/07 at approximately 12:00am, stopped in for a quick bite to eat. I had ordered the chicken lasagne

After a few bites into the lasagne I discover that there was hair in the lasagne which I had to literally pull out of my mouth. This was immensely repulsive & nauseating. I have never experienced this at any restaurant, not even at my local fish & chip takeaway.

We had called the waiter over and had explained to him what I have found, not a word was said by him nor was an apology given. He simply took the lasagne and headed back to the kitchen. We were left to sit there for a moment.

At this point we had decided to leave as we could not tolerate to eat there. We got up and left our barely consumed meals. As we were about to leave we were asked to pay for the other meals, those we never consumed due to the repulsiveness of the lasagne.

I simply refused to pay for a meal that was as revolting as that meal was. I think it was the manager that I spoke to. He insisted that I had to pay for all of the meals apart from the lasagne. Again no apology or any considerations were given to our complaint.

I was very angry at this point and to top of the evening he had the impudence to swear at me as I was paying for the meal. And if all of this was not enough we were also told to never come back to that restaurant.

Very very very bad service.
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Reviewer Jurnee
You should come and try the Manukau Denny's it's worse. I complained about the service I received and got this response:

Hello Josephine,

Thank you for taking the time to write regarding your recent visit to our Manukau restaurant.
I am saddened to read that we didn't live up to our usual level of guest satisfaction with and that you left unhappy.
After talking with the restaurant manager I am satisfied that we did rectify the errors in your favor and hope that one day you might visit us again.

yours sincerely

D Bell
Marketing Manager
Dennys NZ

There was no apology as per my request "to receive dessert with the main meal", and was only informed 10 minutes after I had finished my main meal that there was no lemon meringue available . How they rectified the errors in my favour was to not charge me $3.80 for a glass of coke which was to compensate me for the 'stone cold chips'. Oh by the way, they tried to charge me for the dessert that I didn't get! - Report
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Reviewer Anonymous
Denny's Restaurant is a 24-hour family restaurant. You won't have problem finding a carpark because there is parking underground. It's pretty basic food - if you feel like eating out late at night, this is the restaurant I would recommend you.

You can purchase the 2-for-1 ticket for $15
so you get a good deal. The satay roll and the fried chicken with sour cream are really nice. My friends and I always say crab food but it's not bad to try once.
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