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447 Mt Eden Road,
Mt Eden

(09) 623 3833

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Circus Circus has never disappointed me in the past and I am happy to say that their service and menu is still as great as the last time I went! I ordered the pasta of the day which was a fettuccine with bacon, mushroom and courgette in a tomato sauce and I licked the plate clean just like a cat! Unfortunately the restaurant was a tad busy and the waiter failed to bring us the dessert menu but all in all I can not fault it!
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Reviewer Gauma
Being not far away from this place, I go there regularly. It's got so much going for it: superb coffee, amazing desserts, delicious food etc. It's great that you can catch up with your friends for a coffee and a cake when most of the cafes are closed - Circus Circus is open till late.
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Reviewer Cysim
Circus Circus has such rude waiters. Wasn't very happy with the service
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Reviewer ankari
Been going to Circus Circus for years - coffee went downhill for a wee while recently when Barristo left but back up to scratch lately. Find the lack of salads on offer appalling ... but great club sandwiches and carrot cake.
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Reviewer gothemanu2011
had a mixed bag experience at Circus Circus last week. Coffee was great and the majority of the staff were really awesome but come payment time, unfortunately myself and it seemed a whole host of other patrons we're appallingly treated - the asian lady at the till barking out outdoors - jeez, did you want me to pay or not???? Circus Circus has always had a solid reputation - but it is often the little things that turn the tide.
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Reviewer robandkelly
Pluses:– Fresh food due to high number of customers
Minuses:– Salad was lacking and covered in copious amounts of dressing
Interesting:– Why is Circus Circus so busy? They do everything just below average
Verdict: – Will go back soon for breakfast to see if things are better
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Reviewer citykid
Unlike a few of the peeps posting reviews here, the few times I have visited Circus Circus I have had nothing but good service. Attentive and friendly - didn't think the staff that dealt with me were pretentious at all...certainly not on the Ponsonby scale.
Good coffee to boot - Circus Circus has long been an con of the Mt Eden cafe scene and for good reason - I for one will be heading back.
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Reviewer LynW
We go here often as a couple for brunch at weekends and also meet friends for coffee with regularity. I had sent emails through the website inquiry form which kept being rejected, so I called up and I was told to try again and if it got rejected call back and ask for the Manager -- which I did. Apparently he had left but the guy I spoke to told me he could help. I told him what I was considering Circus Circus as a venue for a lunch for 16 people for an upcoming 50th birthday to which I was told they were too busy at weekends to set aside a table for 16 and we would have to take potluck and see if one was available. I told him I couldn't risk that with 16 people as it was for a special event. He then told me there was no where locally that would take bookings for that number at the weekend whether it was a special occassion or not. I was very surprised at this comment as I had made tentative queries with two other nice local cafes. I said that wasn't true as I had had responses for other local cafes regarding the same size group and number. He said we could have a table but only for an hour! I should have told him to get over himself, as other busy cafes in Mt Eden did not have the same inflated sense of popularity. I am very disappointed at this as we have been loyal patrons of Circus Circus for a long time - but I doubt if we will go back again - there are other places in Mt Eden equally as good who it are happy to welcome our group and aren't dismissive of patron loyalty.
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Reviewer coffeeslinga
Unfortunately that is the reality for any cafe manager/owner/operator running a successful business. Whether you are a local or not, the risk to set aside 16 covers for more than an hour is too great. Those tables will turn once, maybe twice in that time span (1-2 hours) and the whole days profitability could depend on that. It might look as if cafes like Circus Circus make wads of cash but the reality is that those extra 10 or 11 meals they can trade in that small space of time can mean the diff between a good day and a plodder. What if 3 or 4 of your party don't show. Will you guarantee to fork out for the trade those reservations might cost? Probably not.I have managed many successful cafes including the Original Baretta Famiglia in Dominion Rd, Dida's Foodstore in Herne Bay and Zarbo in Newmarket and it is madness to accept reservations at lunch based on the above. Unfortunately for you - many times up to half the people are late, do not show or stay for two hours or more. Busy cafes aren't built for this type of dining. The issue I have is the way you were dealt with. Or weren't. Circus Circus should have got onto you in the first instance without delay and politely explained what I have to you. - Report
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