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Ponsonby Central,
136-138 Ponsonby Road,

(09) 378 6369

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Founded in March 2012, Bird On A Wire is a destination for delicious food that is both nutritious and aligned with your values. Set up by friends who wanted to bring the notion of a local 'chicken shop' to Auckland, Bird On A Wire has gone from strength to strength. In addition to the best free range rotisserie chook this town has seen, The Bird quickly become known for its great seasonal salads and we are really pleased that we have developed a strong local following in Ponsonby.

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Mon – Sun: 10:30 – 22:30
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Reviewer BKABOO
Went last night and ordered a whole Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Asian Slaw and baguette...loved it! The jerk seasoning was awesome, very thick layer over the chicken and although it didn't look that appetising, it tasted amazing. Very moist chicken, perfect on the aforementioned baguette and with the salad.
Would definitely go back to Bird On A Wire, although slightly pricey at $48 (which would include 2 salads), I wasn't disappointed - will just need to save up and treat ourselves now and then - and next time we're trying the chips!
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The chicken I got was fresh out of the oven. It was juicy and tender but some parts, e.g. the wing, was really dry.

The selling point about Bird on a wire is probably the 'free range chicken'. All in all, chicken was pretty normal. I had asked for the Ponsy Coq chicken, but I don't think I was given it due to a mix up. Either that, there wasn't much difference between the Ponsy and a standard one. Might go back to try the other flavours.

The Caesar salad was really good. Lots of stuff in it, could be a meal on its own. We got some mini ciabatta-like mini rolls which contain, I think, blueberries. Strange to be eating that with the savoury items. I liked the bread though. Was pretty yummy.

Overall, Bird on a Wire isn't too bad if you're looking for a quick healthy meal.
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Reviewer Et_67
its ok. the chicken is yummy but small, and although I could taste a tiny bit of truffle, it wasn't mindblowingly different from a supermarket chicken and twice the price. The Bird On A Wire salads were delicious but I was disapointed at the lack of bread choices. A wholemeal or 5 grain option would have been nice... not all of us are fans of white bread.
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Reviewer peachie
I love the idea of Bird On A Wire, hot organic chickens and delicious salads. The menu sounds yum and the salads are a big tick, fresh and generous and not drowned in dressing. But sadly the main event didn't quite live up to expectation. I expected the chickens to be at least as tasty and moist as the ones from the supermarket if not better, but it didn't measure up. We went 6:30pm mid-week so maybe the chickens had been in the warmer since lunch, but ours was dry and only warm not hot. I really want Bird On A Wire to work, it's such a great idea, and will give it another try, but it needs some killer chooks to up the ante.
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Reviewer Sarah11
Eat at bird on a wire often, best chicken around and the service is always outstanding. You must try Korean BBQ and you need to try their chips.. they are amazing!
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sorry folks, I just cant see what all the fuss is about. The beer battered fries are ok (but no better than Burger Fuel's), the bean, avocado and tomato salad nice and fresh but the chicken - what a real disappointment. Ever since Bird on a Wire opened in Ponsonby I'd been reading raves about it (denizen, eatherenow, gatherandhunt and this very site) and I haven't really seen any objectivity. Call a spade a spade folks.
The jerk chicken that I had was about as tasteless and dry as a supermarket bought one.
Big ups for their friendly approach though - I'll give Bird on a Wire another go but it pays not to believe the hype.
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Reviewer chalkie
Headed past KFC and into Bird on a wire which serves chickens who have a had a happy upbringing!! (which is very important to me)
Jerk Chicken was what I was wanting to try and wasn't disappointed!
It could have had a little more chili but so tasty!
The beer battered fries were outstanding as well, and the fresh healthy coleslaw (which clearly balances out eating the fries) was delish!
The happy friendly staff were great too - we ate there as I didn't want my food going cold driving all the way to the shore and I just couldn't wait!
I'll be going back to try the Korean BBQ chicken next.
And if you don't want the Kohu ice cream for desert - pop next door to Rocket Kitchen for a cake instead!
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Reviewer FineHungus
I've just had Bird On A Wire for lunch after salivating over the menu for the past week and looking forward to the opening since I read about it on eatherenow. Ordered the Banh Mi Chicken "sandwich". Was a very tough piece of french stick with a lot of cold oily pate and chicken - as in seeping through the bread onto my fingers and chin. Couldn't taste the coriander or carrot, and the Vietnamese dressing was either completely flavourless or omitted from my order altogether, so no tangy/freshness to cut through the grease. I am disappointed because I was really really wanting to like it. On the positive: Bird On A Wire offers great beer battered fries and dipping sauces and friendly service.
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Reviewer sharkbait
Fast, cheap and tasty- Bird on a wire is an awesome addition to Ponsonby road. Have the chicken burger fuel/ murder burger hands down. I'm going to need bigger jeans!
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A little birdie told me that Bird On A Wire had opened its doors this week so found an excuse to take a detour to Ponsonby for lunch yesterday with a mate.
Despite just launching, already really popular judging by the foot traffic and you can see how the simple concept will continue to attract Aucklanders looking for a well priced, healthy dining option.
I loved the Banh Mi chicken roll ($12 I think) but wasn't overly fussed with the beer battered chips. For once, great to find a venue that IS generous when it comes to fillings.
Based on this experience of Bird On A Wire, further exploration of their menu is warranted for sure - this Ponsonby eatery is off to a great start!
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Reviewer Anonymous
I really can't wait for Bird On A Wire to open...hurry up please! I've got a Jamaican jerk chicken with my name on it...
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