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4/323 Parnell Road,

(09) 358 2969

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Athidi is situated in the colonial charm and bustling restaurant strip that is the Parnell Village in central Auckland

We made every effort to keep Athidi as close as possible to this ambience of this area whilst keeping to our goal of serving Aucklanders and visitors an authentic Indian experience.

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Dinner: Daily
Essential on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
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$$$ per person
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Private area
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Disabled Facilities
Wheelchair Access, NO Disabled Toilets

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Reviewer gina1234
We booked in with Athidi on Parnell to have our wedding reception in November 2011 we meant up with the manager vikram who made us feel like this is the place where we want to enjoy as our reception venue. On the week of the wedding I emailed him 5 days earlier and he made it clear that everything was going to go well. On the day of the wedding everything was so bad I was so stressed out when really I should been having the best day. And it was all because of the service of Athidi manager vikram. Who made out that he was sick but ok if he was sick he didn't organise someone to manage what he was meant to be doing. The table cloths were dirty. the dinner was meant to be served at 8pm and it was served at 10pm. The entree was only served to a few of our guests. Jayesh who was the person meant to be running the place on behalf of Vikram was so incompetent we had to tell him what to do. To top it off we put a bar tab down but he was still charging our guests for drinks which was em brassing on our part. We were so disappointed with the service and the food. The place was dirty we had to clean the area and toilets ourselves. Vikram really made the night stressful when it should have been relaxing. If he wasn't well he should have organised staff members who were competent enough to take care of us as we were the customers and this was our wedding day. So unhappy.
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Reviewer rascalofrue
We went to Athidi with a $39 two person Groupon ($107 value). Reading through the menu I worked out immediately that it would be actually impossible to get to $107 with the allowed two entrees, two mains and two deserts. Maybe if we bought two whole tandoori chickens – the most expensive entree at $18 we could have got close to the alleged value of the Groupon.But then our friendly waiter told us that such an order was out of the question.Also not permitted, he told us, was for us Groupon plebs to order any dish containing seafood- including prawn curries that were only $1 dollar more than a beef vindaloo.Needless to say neither the prohibition on seafood, or on starters costing $18 was a condition listed as part of the Groupon. This doubtless amounts to a breach of the Fair Trading Act but we didn’t kick up a fuss because we have young children and don’t get out often and just wanted to enjoy each others company, and at least they did provide a lovely setting, sitting out on the large covered wooden balcony with the rain beating down.As for the food, well it was decidedly third rate.The starter- a mixed platter for two at around $22, was okay although on the mean side, with two small pieces of tikka masala chicken. Oh well, I suppose that came to one piece each.For mains we settled on a saag beef curry (the most expensive we were allowed, from memory) and a vegetarian dumpling dish (the name escapes me but paneer was involved). The dumplings and beef both arrived bobbing around in that thick, blended sauce that makes up all second rate curries. No other discernible ingredients, no textures, no interest. Saag dishes, to my mind at least, should be earthy in colour, rather than lurid green.Worst of all was that the dumpling dish contained only two dumplings – smaller than golf balls – despite costing $16.70.The dumplings were on the dry side but both curries were perfectly edible, if not anywhere near ‘fine dining’ standard. Th
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Reviewer jion73
The saddest part about this review page is that I must actually give one star to the restaurant. My partner and I went there for a nice romantic evening. Instead, we spent the night worrying we would have food poisoning the next day. There were five other tables in the restaurant and each had a complaint. One had to wait until the meal was finished to receive their naan. Another found the toilet a mess and missing paper/soap not to mention a blatant disregard for hygiene. Then there were those who didn't get their order taken, those that waited 30 minutes for a curry, and those that pleaded with the owners to end their meal before dessert even though their voucher included it because they wanted to escape. The service was poor and neglectful (it was as if they were surprised customers exist). The food was mall-quality but restaurant-priced. The most disappointing moment was when we realized this place was taking up space where another restaurant could actually be. The happiest moment was when we left.
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Reviewer greenbee
My partner and I had a voucher to use at Athidi on Parnell and went along; from the minute we arrived it went horribly!

First they didn't seat us, just pointed us at a table outside (when it was cold and drafty and there was space inside). We sat there for a while, without menus or offers of a drink. Eventually we got up and moved ourselves inside to a warmer table with menus. More time went by and we were not asked for our orders - in the end my partner went up (twice) to the bar to request someone take our order until he took it himself!

The food took a long while to come and was mediocre at best. The pakoras we had were soggy and the scallops (4!) were definitely not pan-seared and didn't taste too fresh.

The curries were ok, though we had to call attention once again to get a refill of our rice. Dessert was fine though quite small portions for the price.

The toilet was a disgrace. It was dirty, there was no toilet paper, and instead of soap there was dishwashing liquid.

If we hadn't had a voucher for Athidi on Parnell we would have left during many different points of the night. Even paying half price, the meal was not worth the money.
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Reviewer mgoh010
I was making a 15 people banquet in Athidi on Parnell. We have less than 10 curries in the banquet, having 16 shots of Vodka and the total bill was $922 (Rip Off).It is alright if all my guest are happy. But we wait for almost 2 hours for 10 curriess and 10 Entree, that was really a rip off. The customer service is good in the beginning but it turns out to be really slow at last, our food arrived 2 hours later and every of my guest is so unhappy.The manager keep promising that the food will be ready in next 15 to 20 minutes but it turns out to be a lie after all. After 2 hours later, 4 or 5 my guest left without having any food because they are just too hungry. The time is 12am when we get our food and that is only 10 curries.Only 1 chef and 1 manager are working and we make a reservation 2 days before. They should have at least 2 chefs in the kitchen to speed it up but I think they just want to save cost and earn more money.Please dont go to Athidi restaurant because they are lier and fail to keep their promise. They even want to call police to get us out of the premise when we are complaining.We should have went to Masala or Ravis but they have been promising very nicely: 2 Entries and 5 curries for each person in the banquet. Thanks for that, 15 of us only have 10 curries after all for $900+.I swear none of us will return
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Reviewer Smylee
I have been there once. Loved the outdoor arrangement. Light music and the candles were added perks to the food. Pretty decent Indian food.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Outstanding service, great food, good prices. We had a romantic dinner for two outside and highly recommend Athidi on Parnell - we will be going back.
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