5 Minutes with... Kate Rodger
5 Minutes with... Kate Rodger
On the documentary front, Senna looks amazing. Do you need to be a racing fan to enjoy it?


Look from what I've seen of it (and I've only seen extended clips) there's no need to be a motoracing afficiando to embrace this one, I know I'm not and I'm excited by what I've seen. He was an extraordinary phenomonon, and his short life was lived with a crazy intensity. I for one can't wait to see it.
What would be some lesser-known films in the festival that you're looking out for?


Martha Marcy May Marlene, The First Grader and Kiwi film Love Story should be booked up in advance. Marth Marcy May Marlene is a creepy psychological thriller about a young woman who escapes from a cult and I really LOVED this film! The First Grader is the very moving true story of a Kenyan man in his eighties who goes his local primary school to learn to read and write, and was my pick of the Doha Tribeca fest last year. And a local outing Bill Gosden (NZFF director) loves so much he scheduled it as his opening night gala screening is the latest from from the incredibly talented kiwi filmmaker Florian Habitch which he shot in New York City and called Love Story.
How does this year compare to other years in terms of quality?


I gotta say with so many of this year's offerings coming direct from Cannes, this year definitely pips last year for me - but only just ;) And that's saying something too! The unforgettable experience of seeing Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West on the Civic's big screen last year made the 2010 very memorable indeed.
And your guilty pleasure so far this year?


Oh that has to be Fast and Furious 5 - and I can't believe I am saying that outloud! Totally dumb, but really was just so much fun. Another not quite as guilty pleasure - Thor (Chris Hemsworth, mmmm)

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