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After being assured and given a thorough recommendation that Winehot was indeed the diamond in the rough that has to be discovered buried in Kingsland, my friend and I (who was a repeat visitor) were both completely disappointed by the winter menu.There were no meals to speak of at all, instead the entire menu consisted of a very bland entree-style breads and pate. The food arrived quickly, and the service was attentive, but the standard of fine dining that we were expecting was far below par for us. We were served two long french sticks of white bread, and three inedible pates which were over-seasoned. On a positive note, the chocolate nougat and pistachio ice-cream for dessert was quite delicious, and after a glass or two of wine, we had settled into the somewhat uncomfortable surroundings.The black surroundings at Winehot were far too dark and depressing for winter (black walls, ceiling, floors and tables and nearly no lighting at all), and the newly renovated tall wooden table and chairs were too high and uncomfortable.Perhaps it's worth a visit in summer, but it was too dark and dreary for winter.
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Reviewer paulninja
great wine selection at this cozy little place
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Reviewer tracyBee
We love everything about this place - except the room temperature in winter!. It should be the perfect winter spot with it's dark walls and soft lighting.. except for the fact that the place was just too cold. Last winter our red wine felt almost refridgerated so couldn't be enjoyed properly, which is such as shame as their recommendations are always terrific. The food is consistently good - simple and delicious & the service always great. But we are praying Inehot gets some better heating options before winter fully arrives - or I'll have to leave my coat on all night again.
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Reviewer Anonymous
After reading a great review in ‘Cuisine’ magazine I realised that the bistro it raved about was just around the corner from us (well a couple corners actually) in Kingsland and would be the perfect place for a special meal. I checked out their menu online and sent an email enquiring about a booking and was told they don’t take bookings – but if you come in before 7.30 you’re pretty much assured of a table.
So on Saturday night we went out to a French bistro/wine bar “Winehot”. Good service, friendly atmosphere, attractive decor. Dark navy walls, black furniture, lots of shiny gilded mirrors and gleaming crystal chandeliers.
My partner and I shared some bread and dips and blue cheese croquets, then he had oxtails and I had duck, and then we shared a delicious chocolate moussey thing. These were all good (esp. yum-tas-tic dessert), although the starters were fairly ordinary. The oxtails and duck came with a restrained amount of veges, but were both very tasty and moist. I think we scandalised the owner of the winebar by failing to order any wine what-so-ever – but at $75 we felt we’d splurged enough.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Although I thought the name might be a good reason not to, I'm very pleased I did. Winehot was the perfect mix of hub-bub and groovy music, neither intrusive and both conducive to a cosy social evening in a friendly environment. Just like the wine really, and that's what it's all about after all.

For kiwis who've returned from their OEs with a changed taste in wines (I won't be so rude to suggest improved), or ex-pats pining for a bit more complexity and balance between their wine and food, Winehot offers a well thought out list which features a good range of wines and prices by the glass from France, Italy and Spain amongst others

I'd describe the decor as black boudoir. The gilt mirror and chandeliers work well with the black walls and pressed metal ceilings. A touch of elegance in a neighbourhood setting, a bit like the crystal tumblers.

Forget your car and catch the train to Morningside station. You won't want to be counting your drinks at Winehot.
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