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120 Quay Street,
Auckland Central

(09) 300 5279

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Tyler St. Garage is a new bar in the Britomart area of Central Auckland. Set to become a popular drinking establishment, the central location and large drinks menu should ensure it fast becomes a welcome addition to the entertainment scene in Britomart.

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Daily: 11.30 till late
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$$$ per person
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Reviewer weedramortwo
I reckon Tyler St Garage is just about the best after work drinks spot in Auckland. On a sunny evening you can't beat sitting on their awesome deck enjoying a few beers and then throwing back slices of their awesome pizza - it's almost worth going to work for!
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Went to Tyler St Garage for my partners friends birthday drinks.Commenting on the decor- it was its modern flavour of hip,chic look with darkened lighting( perhaps to match the 'garage' look) but was airy and cold with its high roofs. Didnt order any food so cant comment on that, however can certainly say the service there is none next to kiwi hospitality(and having worked in this industry for sometime I certainly dont rate the service here- hence 1 star!!) As you'd expect to pay for a beer- $9-10 for only a tap beer! I tried a trusty macs hopper. Not bad, cold and had the fizz still. 2nd beer I thought I'd try would be there house beer named after the bar (Me thinking that they brew their own but most likely they've just stolen someone elses for a shite beer) I returned it having only taken a couple of sips- it was sickly sweet like old DB and it was flat in comparison to my last. I asked the bartender but he refused to believe it was flat and warm- didnt even try it let alone get his manager, who I asked to see. So rather than get anal about it i bought another macs and thought i would try to like it later rather than waste it. In the end I couldnt bear it and my mates said the same so i went to approach the bar manager, he didnt even acknowledge me or apologize that their product was not satisfactory for me, the customer! He couldnt even explain why he couldnt refund me or even offer me another beer. ( Note- that both bar staff couldnt speak english clearly if not at all well) I asked to take the beer away but he even bloody refused to take it and told me to put it over on the side of the bar where other empties were- like i worked there! Idiot! After that fiasco we were all luckily leaving ( in our limo btw) and taking our money elsewhere. I word of advice for the owner, Train your staff to be hospitable and courteous!!!
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Reviewer Pendejo75
Had lunch at Tyler Street Garage today - the potato on the gorgonzola and potato pizza was raw. Not good.
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Reviewer david38
had Sunday lunch , had to ask if it was open , went up stairs staff sitting around not a good look . food was good ,drinks slow coming,
the staff looked like they had a hard night, did not come back to table to asked if our meals were ok or more drinks.
Tyler St Garage should stick to evening only.
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Reviewer JordanN
Tyler Street Garage is highly overrated. Basically just a concrete shed which Im sure is supposed to be part of its novelty however I personally find it unappealing. Sat upstairs which was the only nice place to sit in the venue....that was until it rained and discovered there is no really effective shelter from the rain up there. Staff at Tyler St were friendly enough but won't be back.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Been along to a few of the rugby screenings at Tyler Street garage. Real party atmosphere and the pleasing thing is that they don't pack the place out too much - it's still nice and relaxed. Good to see Tyler st garage isn't going down the cash grab route and protecting their product!
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Reviewer baldie
Awesome rooftop bar although service isn't always super efficient. The menu at Tyler st Garage is also pretty good for pub grub with some interesting options.
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Reviewer Kev
Nice venue but I'd have to say a little dissapointed in my undersized $17 'wild boar' gourmet hotdog. Would have got a better hot dog from a takeway bar. Won't be eating at Tyler Street Garage again.
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Reviewer nathanb
The bouncers got trigger happy about 1am and were overly aggressive. Tyler St Garage is the worst place in Britomart.
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Reviewer Avanti
Tyler St Garage is a pretty good place - the staff are friendly but the drinks are pricy. Bit of a que to get in and quite a few people inside. Tyler street garage is quite a big bar so not really that intimate and quite noisy.
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Reviewer shoreforsure
the rooftop bar at tyler street garage is the best thing to hit Britomart in ages. Its small so claim your spot and kick back there and make the most of it. the price list at tyler street garage is a bit on the steep side but in a setting like this, thats understandable.
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Reviewer minimouse32
Just back from Tyler St Garage - this place is awesome! Gotta love the Tiger Prawn Pizza Hutt that's for sure!
The rooftop bar at Tyler Street Garage is also pretty cool (but not on a freezing night like tonight) - looking forward to heading to Britomart in the summer.
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Reviewer gretchen294
Had heard heaps about Tyler St Garage and it all lives up to they hype. The industrial look is really cool and trendy, the staff really on to it and great range of drinks. Haven't tried the food - that's what my next visit to Tyler St Garage will be for!
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nice fitout and a good setting, but I thought the service at Tyler St Garage could be improved. It was reasonably busy but the wait was a bit longer than I was expecting.
The industrial look is a good idea - can see Tyler St Garage heaving in a matter of months.
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Reviewer mikekt
Thought the prices at Tyler Street Garage were a bit on the steep side but it is a great location that is nice and central. Good to see Britomart being revamped like this - now if only we had a waterfront stadium! Few more visits to Tyler st garage on the cards come September, October (and hopefully with a reason to celebrate)!
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Reviewer cmonthebay
I really like what they've done at Tyler Street Garage. Modern fitout, good drinks selection and a concise but interesting menu.
Had the wild boar sausage on my last visit there and it was nice and hearty.
Looking forward to a few more visits to Tyler Street Garage - see you there soon!
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What a great addition to the group of hip, cutting edge restaurants and bars that are clustered in the Downtown area!! Tyler Street Garage has just opened, but the stripped back, clean but interesting semi-industrial look is very NYC.Brendan Turner(?) is one of the most experienced operators around, and his staff, menus, beverage list, and the overall "feel" of the place are a great endorsement of the attention to detail that he has.Myself and a group of the usual suspects have now christened Tyler St as our second home...You should too!!
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Reviewer mikekt
Paid a visit to Tyler Street Garage last week after reading about it in the papers. Great drinking spot - rooftop is the perfect setting and the Britomart location makes it nice and handy for me.
Drinks list is ok (I was expecting a bit more) but service is spot on. Tyler Street Garage won't find it hard to attract new punters if every experience was like the one I had!
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Reviewer Anonymous
Looking forward to the opening of Tyler Street's going to be the bomb! With Shaly Isles, Cafe Hanoi and now Tyler Street Garage, Britomart is fast overtaking the Viaduct as party central me-thinks!
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