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55 Customs Street,
Auckland Central

021 045 8315

The Pony Club Information

Built in the late 80s, Pony was opened to the Public on November 23rd 2005. Red velvet mirrors - walnut and mirrors makes for one of the most unique bars in the world. The Pony Club, Auckland has hosted Tommy Lee to Elle McPherson....

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Daily: 22.00 to 07.00
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Cocktail List available
Outdoor Area
Private outdoor area
Nominated 2006 New Bar of the year. Every other award since then has been rigged.
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Disabled Facilities
Wheelchair Access, NO Disabled Toilets

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Reviewer annon
Had an awesome time at Pony on Saturday night, bar was packed with some beautiful people, not the usual muppets that you see around town. The makeup artist was an wicked surprise, the $6 vodka red bulls were legend.....ary! HOT BARTENDERS TOO! WIN WIN.
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Reviewer Ash_Travel
I would give less if i could....

We went to go in here after the Rugby World cup final with a group of mates (3 guys, 4 chicks). One was wearing an All Blacks Jersey and we were all denied entry....only to see a guy in a t-shirt with a French flag painted on his face walk out!

About as unpatriotic as possible....even the big Maori bouncer seemed pissed that he was having to do this and apologised to us! Wont go back...

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Reviewer bubblychic
Where do I start???? Was there on 7th May 2011 for my nieces HENS party.Well what can I say. The Pony Club was ok (wasn't really what I expected) the room on the right hand side was so disgusting and had a very very bad smell like someone had done their dirty business in there and left their horrible left overs behind. The bar staff there were very friendly but one woman stood out like a sore thumb her name was Jo (I am not to sure if she is the Manager) but she was absolutely appalling. She was very rude, she kept saying "take your glasses off the bench when the stripper was working, and then she kept saying "NO PHOTO'S ALLOWED" because the public have entered the building.I mean honestly.... come on now who does that? Who does that to customers??? In the event that people have paid we expect TOP QUALITY we expect to be TREATED WITH RESPECT, we expect to be it on the night.I seriously think manangment need to look into this her attitude was appalling. I wm never going back to The Pony Club again and I certainly would not recommend that place to family and friends if Jo is working there.We had no problems with all the other bar staff members they were lovely. Jo stood out like a sore thumb with her rude attitude, very seldom got a smile from her at all. My suggestion would be for you to go on some type of people skill training you HONESTLY NEED IT. You can count your lucky stars Jo that I did not knock your front teeth out cause you were darn right rude. If I was to ever rate your attitude and your customer service approach it would be a NEGATIVE 10!If you can't smile, if you can't relate to your customers and be customer focused you shouldn't even be working there in the first place!
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Reviewer Wiremu
The first thing i did in this bar was walk into a mirror. Interesting start. I was feel like a goon untill id taken 5 steps into the bar and heard a noise behind me. Some girl was sprawled on the floor after tripping and sliding down stairs into the same mirror.

I had heard pony bar was a bit flash but on entry I didnt see limosines, red carpet or an army of photographers. Imagine my surprise to find girls walking around pouting and pulling peice signs as there mates take far too many shots of them on a digital camera..

Early days though so I thought I would give it a chance, the bar staff were quality and managed everything we threw at them. The dance floor was interesting. Hair extensions flying everywhere and over pronounced "D's" as girls tell you they are moDels.

This place has potential to be good fun, and an easy place to chill with the booths- just hope they dont take themselves too seriously, we are in NZ afterall - home of no. 8 wire and Steak and Cheese pies, just chill fulla's.
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Reviewer Rebekah Kitto
Pony Club was a great venue. Been there 3 times and always had a great time. However when the venue became full they rounded up groups of people and ushered them to the door for absolutely no apparent reason when the doormen and managers were questioned. I saw two groups get pushed out before they ushered our group out. Is this a normal thing at Clubs? Never going back again and neither will my 15 friends. Pony did not do themselves any favours that night.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Arriving at Pony around 1am I was certainly keen to find out what the fuss was all about. To make sure there were no problems we had our names at the door thanks to Brooke.

A few minutes in you can tell its oo's version of Margarita's and the cities answer to North Shores Poe.

The man himself circles the joint like a pimp, making sure everyone notices him, shaking hands with all his mates.

Some of the guys are sleazy grabbing at your arse and thinking that constant harassment is going to get them somewhere. Girls are totally dressed up, some dancing like they’re in a hip hop video. The crowd is young.

The actual club is smaller then expected with low ceilings (are male strippers short?).

Best thing about El Paradiso is the bar staff – efficient and friendly. Be careful of the exit – you may find yourself walking into a mirror, if you’ve had a few too many!!
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I thought the Pony Club was awesome. The fact that it's undergone a total transformation from a scungy strip joint into a cool, funky bar for the beautiful people of Auckland makes it totally Starkish. Good stuff guys.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Very funky bar. However, one huge downside was the standard of the bathrooms. Did not enjoy wading through several inches of water and paper! Nor the awful smell. Brooke, you have a wicked place otherwise, please hire some cleaning staff!
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Reviewer Ivan Millan
Awesome new bar, cool atmosphere great music a real refreshing change to the Auckland pub scene. Great ratios and awesome friendly and did I mention hot bar staff. would definatly recommend El Paradiso (Pony Club) a+++.
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