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83 Birkenhead Avenue,

(09) 480 0066

The Good Home Birkenhead Information

Located across the road from Highbury Shopping Centre on Auckland’s North Shore suburb of Birkenhead, The Good Home is a great bar with great features.

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Reviewer Mazlit
Do you want a restaurant that has beautifully cooked meat, delicious desserts, helpful waiters, fast service and a warm atmosphere? Do you want a homey feeling that welcomes you in and a great variety of food and drinks for the family? Then you should go to the Good Home restaurant!
When you come in you see a golden-lit room with a smooth stony bench and a big warm fire with armchairs around it and half of a caravan on the wall where they cook the food. There is a classical music library and a TV gently humming in the background. There are friendly waiters (Kate is our favourite).
There is food to suit whatever mood you’re in; like you could have two simple mini cheese burgers, or a fancy steak complete with chips and a simple salad (there are kid’s and adult sizes). For the desserts you can have ice-cream Sundaes and chocolate brownies. The ice cream Sundaes are made out of hokey pokey ice cream, whipped cream, pineapple lumps, and wafers, sprinkled with hundreds and thousands and topped off with chocolate sauce. The chocolate brownies are still warm from the oven and come with a swirl of whipped cream, a scoop of hokey pokey ice cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles of icing sugar!

The meal may be delicious but the only bad thing you may not like is they haven’t got enough crispy chips DUN DUN DUN!
The corn chips are too spicy for some kids, we think they are mostly for the adults, but every thing else is amazing. The service is super-fast so you aren’t kept waiting and starving.
I hope to see you at Good Home soon and if you’re wondering where it is, it’s the old Slipp Inn. We vote it 10 out of 10. By Riley, Ashleigh and
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Reviewer Mazlit
Do you love ribs that melt in your mouth? Ice cream sundaes perfectly sprinkled with 100s and 1000s? Waitress’s that teach you to waltz? Well, this sweet and welcoming restaurant is just right for you!
This luxurious restaurant is great for a family outing or for a quick ‘wine and dine’ with your friends.

If you’re not interested in eating, grab a hot chocolate and snuggle up by the fire while you sit on a comfy chair. From fancy champagne to an old classic library in the back, this restaurant is somewhere you can go for any type of occasion, from posh dinner at the reserved area to casual slumbers on the couch. The food is served through the window of a caravan stuck to the wall. If you remember Slipp Inn, check out the number plate. If you’re lucky enough to get into the reserved area then take a quick glance behind your back and you might be able to see sneaky flamingos trying to nip at your spicy chips.

We loved the food. Ribs, mini hamburgers, steak fillets, there is no such thing as bad food there. From fresh and healthy salads to hot fudge brownies, this restaurant is savoury and sweet! Food glamorously designed on shiny white plates will surely get your tummy rumbling. If your food takes a little while to come, then colouring the picture of the small boy with the ice cream on the back of the kids’ menu is a good time-passer.

This restaurant is in a great location (Birkenhead Shops.) A lot of effort has gone into the restaurant to make sure that every single person who dines there has a fantastic time and has a great big juicy smile when they leave!

The waiters are really kind especially Kate and Eden because Kate taught us to waltz, and Eden who always came in with a big smile on her face when she served our food. It makes you feel at home and it also makes you feel welcomed. There meals are to die for from salads to gooey chocolate desserts they have everything that you can imagine! by Christabelle and Emily
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Caught the footy here last Saturday and was really amazed at the transformation this place has undergone. It used to be the Slipp Inn but in it's place is an open, light bar that could see myself visiting more and more. Birkenhead has needed a place like The Good Home for some time with decent pub food and well priced drinks ($8 a pint). I only got to try their pizza (smoked chicken and brie) but lots stood out from the menu so a return visit will be sooner rather than later.
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