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North Wharf,
Jellicoe Street,
Auckland Central

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Reviewer MAyers
We experienced extremely poor service at The Conservatory. We arrived at lunch-time and ordered two drinks and a pizza. Then we sat and waited. After an hour, with still no food on the table we decided to give up and go somewhere else.

It was a busy day, and I could have accepted a wait, however we just seemed to get completely overlooked. Quite simply, other customers who arrived after us ordered and got served and we didn't.

Finally, I was unimpressed by the response of the waitress who said "You arrived at a very busy time, our kitchen is really small, and people don't realise we're more of a bar than a restaurant." Lots of excuses, and no real apology.

Won't be going again, and wouldn't recommend.
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Reviewer georgia_r
I went to the Conservatory with a group of 5 on a quiet Saturday afternoon.
The staff all looked like they'd had a hard night out the night before. Although they were friendly they were not attentive.
We sat down at a table which was not clean, and the seats had crumbs all over them.
We had to wait an astonishing 45 mins - 1 hour for our food. Which was odd since there weren't many other customers and we only had basic stuff, eg burgers.
During that time no one told us it was going to be that long, and no one offered us more drinks.
The food is ok, but overpriced for what is basically pub-food.
Even in such a nice location the Conservatory lacks atmosphere.
Would not recommend and will avoid it in future.
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Reviewer Waihekien
Luke warm food, cutlery served after warm food.
bacon Avocado dish served with no Avocado.
Went to The Conservatory once before would not go again.
No apology or any effort to correct incomplete meal.
The Conservatory Management need to sort this one out.
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Reviewer hawkyj
Beware of ordering the calzone (I think it's called the "Pergola" folded pizza on the menu). It was served to me completely burnt black on top (they tried to hide the burntness by putting salad on top of it - er, didn't you think I might notice when I cut into it and tasted it?). No apology for it either. Having said that the Conservatory itself is nice - sitting outside and chilling out.
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Reviewer stiffarm
best bar in the Wynyard Quarter bar none. Been to the Conservatory three times now since it opened and haven't been let down. If you're quick get one of the hanging seats outside the conservatory...any more relaxed and you'll be asleep!
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Reviewer MTGDF
The Conservatory, North Wharf
I feel this bar lacks character, atmosphere and warmth; has a very clinical feel! The waitress mixed up our order and we got someone else's food! I wont be ordering food from here again. Have also heard from other people, that many things on the menu weren't available to order!
Word of mouth travels fast, in the hospitality industry!!
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Reviewer manhac95
My in-law family and I attended the conservatory today, Fathers day! It was very busy at wynyard quarter as you can imagine and we could not fault the conservatory! (even mother in law). The only fault being that there is no wait list, so sweet talking the staff for a next available table is the best way. They were great, put a reserved sign on a table where the guests were nearly finished, and within 10mins we were seated. Everything was stretched to the max, menus, chairs but not service. Our waitress attended all our needs amazingly promptly, always with a smile and lovely demeanor.
We ordered a round, which arrived in 2mins. Asked for our meal order, we asked for another 2min, we got exactly that, not forgotten like some places do when u ask for more time. 3 pizzas and 3 fries to share was the perfect amount. Great big flavoursome pizzas.
Menu looked great for tasting platters, and another guests risotto looked amazing.
We really could not fault the conservatory's service, food and atmosphere. We will be back (including mother-in-law)!
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Reviewer braindrain
visited the conservatory yesterday - first visit to the Wynyard Quarter - and must say I was pretty impressed. Good standard of service and a nice, relaxed setting. What was equally surprising about the conservatory was it's reasonably wide selection of beers - nice touch.
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