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204 Quay St,

(09) 377 7811

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Spy is a haven for mature individuals seeking intelligent nightlife in a unique atmosphere.

Nestled in the busy Viaduct region of Auckland this glamorous bar boost the utmost surreal settings from decadent wall design, to chic neon lighting.

Delivering all things best from it’s signature style glamorous party nightlife to house music in it’s highest quality.

You can glam it up a notch by hosting your very own Private Party in one of our gorgeous SPY VIP style booth lounges or book the venue exclusively.

Opening Hours
Fri-Sat 22.00-7.00
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Cocktail List available
On Fri Sat
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Disabled Facilities
Wheelchair Access, NO Disabled Toilets

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Reviewer Engeljake
Very arrogant bouncers! Wouldn't let me in reason being I don't have a girl with me? You won't get in unless you are with a model or you have some type of reputation in the scene! After its guys that spend more money at bars. Doesn't make sense!
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Reviewer Billy_jean
Great vibe, open late and not full of 18 year olds. Drinks are a bit pricey but i guess thats to be expected at a venue like that
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Reviewer alirean
5 out of 7 photos of them are from their barmen,probably the bar owners.
not so difficult to guess that this bar must be a bullshit and they are so arrogant.
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Reviewer tomachi
Not that great. Spy Bars bouncers seem to insist on "no hats" policy. I went down there wearing my trilby hat and they didn't like that. I managed to slip past the initial screening, and purchased a drink. Then the bouncer found me and kicked me out, and puched my in the side of my face. They're lucky I dont file an assault charge.
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Reviewer Avanti
Man did Spy Bar go backwards quickly. If you are looking to be treated like crap at the door - go down into a smelly over crowded dungeon where you pay through your teeth for a drink get approached by Russian prostitutes and can't even hear yourself think then the is the place for you.
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Had a great time a Spy Bar recently with Doctor J spinning the decks. He always gets the crowd going with some awesome tunes and is not bad on the eye either! Spy Bar is one of my favourite venues in Auckland because it's not full of teeny boppers!
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Reviewer Kieran663
After getting past the rude doormen to get into spy, we found the bar a mess with broken glass all over the ground in the bar proper and the toilets.

Despite the setting we were having a good time, until when asking for a tap water the barman attempted to charge me! Upon refusal to pay, the duty manager came up to me, calling me a pedantic F***ing C*** and I was asked to leave. It was a disgusting abuse of power, and definitely in breach of liquor licensing conditions which state the bar must do what it can to promote responsible drinking...

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Reviewer joejoe
I waited at the bar for far too long. I understand that "boobs get beers" but never have I seen so many well presented patrons ignored while barely clad, one-too-many, bleary eyed patrons were served almost on approach to the bar. The barman was rude, suggesting I should lay off the drinks after I requsted my change from the $50 note I gave him - then begrudgingly skimming it across the bar on a tray once he realised he was wrong. Very cool music though it was too crowded to even think about dancing. We lasted one drink before escaping to the sanctuary of our Hotel bar. Maybe another night will bring another experience but I'm not in Auckland enough to risk wasting a well deserved night out.
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Reviewer Ra1
awesome DJ on Sat nites . Only bad thing I can think of is you have to pay for water !! LOL . Nice ladies and nice surroundings
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Reviewer QueenBee
My Friends organised my 25th Birthday Party at Spy, knowing it is my favourite night spot in the whole of NZ! As always the staff treated all my friends and family with respect and like VIP's!
I love Spy Bar! Thank you for making my night so special!
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Reviewer hook
Ive never seen a bar generate such a bad reputation for itself, ive been denied a couple of times due to Spy bars' members only policy, and ive also been in on the odd occasion - emphasis on "odd".
Spy bar isnt that good?? its pretty small, and full of people that model themselves off the gossip columns in womans magazines. Its New Zealand people, chill.

The bouncers are jacked up goons, excessive force has been utilised on far too many occasions, just ask Mils Muliaina the day before he was named as an All Black. Fair enough you have done some martial arts training and wear black suits fella's, but relax.

The drinks are way overpriced and taste just the same as they do at Danny Doolans. They are obviously going for the exclusive, high priced approach, but i've seen alot more high profile people heading into pony. Maybe its to maximise profit? hard to say.

No huge problem with the place, I just have no desire to go there..
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Reviewer AMB
I agree.
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Reviewer AMB
You can have a pretentious dress policy and over charge for drinks, or you can have missing tiles on the bar room floor and a bathroom that stinks of urine, but not both.
Twenty bucks to get in, five bucks to check your coat, five bucks for a bottle of water. How much do a bucket and mop cost? Perhaps we should have a whip around and buy them one. I don't mind a bit of pretentiousness, but you need to be able to follow through, and a clean bathroom is the least effort to make.

Ignore the first review, clearly written by someone's mate, but which accurately captures the self-glorifying attitude of the management, and go somewhere where the decor is actually finished, rather than another tired attempt to pass off cheap as 'deconstructed industrial'.

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Reviewer Anonymous
Rude door staff was the first thing I noticed. Then I paid $14 for an average cocktail which is an ok price, but the cocktail was poorly made. This bar trys far too hard, kind of like the people who go there, so dont waste your time waiting in the line, you will be dissapointed. It is also a private members club, so you will may have trouble getting in, unless you know someone or are a member. I wouldnt return even if offered free drinks!
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