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152 Ponsonby Road,

(09) 361 2320

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Reviewer chloe_mae
If i could give a minus star i would... So me and my partner went out last night for the first time in months as we have a 10month old... anyway the night started we went out for dinner had a wine or two then ended up at Ponsonby Social club... anyway waited in the que to order a wine and beer.... the girl took our card to pay for it asked for our ids and that was that, until the manager butted in and asked for our IDS again.. fair enough and then out of no where she poured 2 glasses of water and said " WE HAD TO DRINK THE WHOLE GLASS BEFORE WE GOT OUR DRINKS" what the hell.... we asked why and she just kept saying.... "FINISH THE WATER then you get your drinks.... never in my life have i been so embarrassed and treated so poorly.... we ended up walking out without our drinks..... and spent our money at another local which was 100x better atmosphere... if we had acted drunk or disorderly fair enough.... but me and my partner aren't loud people... nor drunk wed had literally 2 glasses of wine over dinner before coming to PSC.... sorry but this place is the worst place iv EVER been to
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Reviewer frodo56
thats pretty crap! .... so what was the bar you went to?? having a night out in ponsonby in a few weeks and need a good place to go.. - Report
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Reviewer chloe_mae
We ended up at chapel bar, theres many decent places to go in ponsonby eg long room Also grand centrals pretty good.... But hell i cant help to express my disgust in PSC with the was we were treated.... - Report
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Reviewer James01
I've been to PSC many a time before and always enjoyed a great night out. Ponsonby Social Club is one of the best late bars in the city and the quality of service and music never disappoints! I ate here for the first time last week - Both the food and service is top notch. The food at this place is Ponsonby's best kept secret....was surprised as always thought of PSC as more of a bar. I had the lamb, chicken, and rice balls - was amazing! I would try to keep it quiet for my own selfish reasons, but feel the place deserves to do well in the food department. I'll be back to eat for sure!!! I also hear the Sunday BBQ grill is worth a crack.....will check that out too! Compliments to the chef I say!!!
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Reviewer ammc0403
Inattentive staff, poor quality food, annoying clientele. Maybe it's just me, but this place is wayyy pretentious and overpriced. A friend and I shared some tiger prawns with chili sauce and aioli along with hummus and flatbread. The prawns were okay but why they gave us aioli with them, I'll never know. The hummus was more like watery butter and the flatbread was extremely greasy. Very disappointing.
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Really disappointing. We went with friends for a few drinks on Saturday night. We spotted a table that had come free and we stood and sat around it.

After about an hour and having bought at least 6 drinks my husband was approached by a bouncer and told he had to leave because of the bottle that was on the table in front of him. Apparently the table we had sat down at had an empty RTD that the bar didn't sell and we were accused of bringing it in. When I said it wasn't ours the bouncer said they could prove it with video and the bar manager had told him to ask the guy with the drink to leave. I told him he should review the video footage as he would clearly see it was not our drink at which he told me that both my husband and I needed to leave. After gathering about 8 of the 12 or so people we were at the bar with to leave the bouncer finally admitted he had made a mistake (I think only because he could see that he was about to loose quite a few patrons). We decided to leave after we finished our drinks anyway as I was upset by the way we had been treated. We carried onto Cosh where we received fantastic service.
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Reviewer Anonymous
PSC is okay for a night out - although there seems to be a lot more of a younger crowd coming there lately which for us late twenty-somethings can be a bit of a put off!
Love the fact that it doesnt have queues and the bar service is really good - especially the cocktails!
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Reviewer dreadsey
The PSC is awesome! Went there for the first time about a month ago and happy to say it's now my regular haunt! Don't go if you suffer from claustrophobia but if you can handle people in your space, take the trip down to ponsonby's latest hotspot.
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