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183 Great South Road,

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Reviewer makeupmymind
This is a great place for lunch, dinners and private events. I always enjoy the atmosphere here, including the DJ. I only have three major concerns when I know i'm attending an event at the "Clubrooms". Firstly the price for drinks is totally over the top, your average price for a jug of beer is $10, but here its more...Soft drinks, a glass of coke cost me $5 and it tasted a bit flat (watered down perhaps) either all, ALL DRINKS need to be looked at in terms of price. Secondly, the level of service from all staff. I don't know if your upset working or you've had a bad day BUT the level of customer service is low. No one smiling, no one acknowledging the customers or saying "I'll be with you in a minute" I had to wait for 5 min at the bar to get 2 drinks and their was hardly anyone at the bar, maybe they realised how expensive their drinks were. Finally, the toilets never have toilet paper in them. Maybe staff should check on them every hour...Other than that, the venue looks spectacular, food is great and the outside area is pretty!!!
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Reviewer quentin1008
14th july 2012 beautiful steak meals,great bar staff and get this the cooks are friendly and only taken over not so long ago. Definitely will return. I have 2 complaints ,a bit dark in bar,and cooks promote your food more,perfect meal!FAIR PRICES!
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Hi there Quentin
Thank you for the reveiw with reference to the cooks of the Papatoetoe Clubrooms cooks. Yes we my sister Amelia and I (Anthony) recently took over in April 2012 and are pleased you received your meal in the way you wanted it. Just to note the bar is a seperate business from the kitchen so we cant control the lighting aspect tho we do ask the bar staff to make it a tad brighter for our diners. As for promoting our food we started up a facebook page when we took over the kitchen. Its under the Papatoetoe Clubrooms - TheGRILL and there you will see our "Hall of Fame, mpics of our menu and comments albeit positive and negative from our customers. Again thank you for your reveiw Anthony & Amelia (Papatoetoe - TheGRILL) - Report
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Reviewer palolos1
Lunch Time 09/06/2011ToOK up the idea of supporting local business and decided to have my birthday lunch at Papatoetoe Club Rooms...My sis orders 2 x steak meals med rare and well done steak.Get our steaks both are med rare... all good I'll ask the cook if they could cook it a bit longer... Cook was awesome about it... Walk back to my family at our table who are eating and the Bartender Indian male receding hairline with glasses about 28ish walks over and yells at us why did we do that for when we asked for 2 med steak meals... OMG you just did not yell at us... I'm like the cook is ok to do it... where did you come from with your attitude and tone... he calls us liars and actually waves his hand at us sayingg you people... and walks off after we tell him to bring it down we paid for our meals and have the right to ask for my steak to be cooked a little bit longer... my sis walks to the bar sayin to the Bartender how rude he is and he needs to work on his customer service skills he then continues to call us liars... luckily the Waitress comes out and tells this Bartender to stop it right now... and apologizes to my sis and I for his rude behavior... we are so disappointed by this BARTENDERS behavior and realise why the place is so empty... he needs to go he is so scary and sooooo rude... we will never ever be eating there again... Waitress you were awesome but not enough to win us back... we spent $100 there today so disappointed
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Reviewer Shirl

I would like to complain about the astronomical prices this bar is charging for softdrinks. At a function last Saturday night a sober driver went to the bar to get a soft drink. He complained to the bar person about the price being $5.00 for one class of coke. When the person offered half this price the bar person tipped the soft drink down the drain.

This is discusting as many bars today actually give sober drivers free drinks.

Come on Papatoetoe Clubrooms why aren't you being fair, softs drinks almost the same cost of alcoholic drinks?, this shouldn't be happening.
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