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23 Britomart Place,
Auckland Central

(09) 366 1759

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Drenched in bright colour and spiked with bold imagery, this joint has a fast-paced atmosphere reminiscent of the streets of its namesake nation.

Moodily lit with dripping candles, whimsically decorated with offbeat Mexicana, Mexico instantly transports you to another, cooler place. You can drink in the eclectic front bar or settle into the cosy dining area to explore the short but compelling menu. Mexico celebrates the vibrant, fresh and lighter side of Mexican cuisine. The flavours are big, spicy and complex: grilled corn on the cob with lime-chilli butter; street-style salad and ceviche; soft tacos filled with pulled pork, grilled fish or skirt steak. Plates are topped with house-made salsas and slaws and peppery mayonnaise spiced with jalapeño and chipotle.

The drinks keep the vibe loud and lively, with jugs of sangria and margaritas, including variations such as watermelon and tamarind, and Mexican twists on classic cocktails. There’s a good selection of top-shelf tequila and mezcal and a long list of Mexican beers. Food is available to take away throughout opening hours and a late-night servery continues to dish out fast, satisfying food into the small hours of the weekend. Everything is served at prices that will leave you plenty of change to carry on your night or come back soon for more. And watch this space for details of a tequila tasting bar, coming soon to this little corner of Mexico.

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Daily 12.00-late
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Reviewer andreas79
I've been a bit of a regular at other Mexico locations across the city and always thought that although well priced, tasty and a relaxed setting, the one thing that I've found consistently bad/poor is the service. Staff think they are too cool for school and to get any sort of attention at all - well, let's just say good luck.
We were in town last weekend and on a cold winter's day, thought we'd take the gamble with the Britomart Mexico outlet - so glad we did. No qualms with the food (that's never been the issue) but the staff were oh so friendly, courteous and more than helpful. If you're after well priced, delicious food - Mexico Britomart is a great option and thoroughly recommended.
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Reviewer Tatiana Wise
Great place to hang around with friends for lunch and the portions are just the right size for your hunger.

Haven't had the drinks yet, but the meals are delicious (given that there are other places that serve Mexican food, I personally think this one takes the cake for how close it is).
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My 2nd time at Mexico but my 1st to the Britomart one. A little cosy and a packed joint on a night prior to a Public holiday.

The space is scrumptious in its own rustic, colourful, cluttered way with walls fully adorned. It bursts with all the energy and vibrancy of a backyard fiesta in Mexico.

We had a selection of things other than our Margarits and Sangria – Pork cheek soft shell tacos. The octopus and chorizo skewers which I found the octopus to be way too chewy. Gorditas w caramelized lamb, pomegranate, peanuts, pimento pico was nice and presentation pretty. And of course you have to have their specialty fried chicken. Yum!
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Positive - the food was delicious.

Negative - they only take group bookings at 8.30pm, so there were 2 groups of approximately 30 people seated at the same time, with no power upstairs. It took 45 minutes for our drinks to come out, we weren't eating mains until 10pm, the salads come out by themselves and last (who wants salad at the end?), there wasn't enough food - not everyone got one of everything, and the service was just diabolical - we were clearing plates on their behalf just so there was space for the extra food. Definitely wouldn't go back.
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I'd been wanting to go to Mexico for ages but had been put off every time due to the no-reservations policy, a lack of tables and being hungry. Going with four colleagues at 6.30 on a Wednesday night we expected a wait, and when we were told it would be an hour headed off for a drink. But it ended up being over two hours (and several follow up visits) later when we were finally seated with a couple of free bowls of nibbles as way of an apology. After this everything was fast (making us question why they weren't turning over tables for five much faster), but unfortunately the food could in no way be described as worth the wait.
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Reviewer Kim Lancaster
There is nothing about this place that I found negative. Yes, there was a bit of a wait, but we were taken around the back to a converted loading dock where they had set up a bar and brought free nachos. Delicious. The waiting staff was outstanding and loved the decor. But best of all was the food. Normally I am not huge on Mexican as I am not a fan of spicy food, but I have been introduced to some of the most delicious flavours and can't wait to go back.

If you are looking for a relaxing night out, this is not the place for you. It is noisy and crowded and heaps of fun. I loved the restaurant, the food and he atmosphere and am already planning to go back.
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Reviewer Brett Taylor
We walked in and wondered if we had to sit ourselves.We were eventually shown a table and that was it! We had to wait about 10 minutes for a waitress to take our drinks order...and then she vanished! We had to wait 15 minutes for her to come back with the drinks and then she vanished again! We were about to walk out when she came back and said sorry for the wait and shrugged her shoulders like she didnt really care.We decided to give the place another chance and the food turned up very fast.A guy with dark curly hair took over and he really got things moving.We ordered another drink each and this time they were there in under a minute!They had a lot of staff working but our waitress went awol more often than not and didnt really seem to care.The place is crowded and dimly lit and the portions are small.You share longish tables with strangers.The homemade corn chips tasted like they had been made a few days ago as they tasted quite stale.My quesadilla had a lot of flavour but wasnt filling.Its more of a lunch place or somewhere to have drinks and snacks as you will leave there hungry...and not impressed with the staffs attitude either!
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Made my first visit to Mexico on a Friday night - we had to wait one and a half hours for table, but I had been warned about that so went to a bar for drinks with some friends as planned. The staff at Mexico text when your table is ready, so that worked out fine. The atmosphere once is you;re in is great. It's loud and lively - not the place for a quiet dinner, but for a bit of fun and tasty food and drinks with your mates. We tried the pork tacos, the ceviche (delicious), quesadillas, crispy chicken wings (spicy!) and corn chips (fresh and crisp). The churros we had for dessert were great, the only thing I didn't like was that the chocolate sauce has chilli in it. This is not mentioned on the menu and I'm not a fan of chilli chocolate. Margaritas were great - I'll definitely go back and now that they have opened in Taka it's even closer for me.
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Reviewer HRoughan
Great atmosphere and service, although the tables and chairs are way to close together so you are practically knocking elbows with other diners. Really rowdy too so don't expect a peaceful meal. The food was very good - especially the pork soft shell tacos. Don't bother with the churros. Would go again.
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Work has just recently located to the Britomart area and although I'm still grumbling about the cost of parking, I can't complain about the restaurants and bars that I now have quick access to.
Been here 5 weeks or so and already have been to Mexico three times (twice for lunch, once for dinner). Love the quesadillas especially when combined with the chunky guacamole and a few cold ones on a Friday lunch top off the ideal finish to the working week. Mexico does get busy but there's a pretty quick turnaround so don't worry if it looks too packed.
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Reviewer k4renm4c
Very overrated! We tried on several occassions to get a table at Mexico and every week we were told there was a 45min wait. This is usually a good sign. When we decided to wait for a table we were put on a bench looking at the wall which was nice as we could sit and order a sangria and nibbles. However staff then decided this would be our mains table and it was only after an hour of waiting for a normal table when i objected to other people getting seated before us, we were reseated. It took a further 20mins to order. Mexico is chaos!! When the food came, it was distinctly average. Wouldnt go again.
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Reviewer Kamala
Food was okay but servings at Mexico were insultingly TINY and we had to wait over 40 mins after ordering for even our entrees to arrive. Staff were offhand, and inside is way way way too crowded. Cocktails were average. Overall, the mexican cafe is WAY better and WAY better value for money. If I never went back to Mexico it wouldn't bother me at all. Don't believe the hype!!!
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Reviewer sammywhiten
This place is so has a great hussle and bussle about it. perfect for small groups wanting to have a bit of fun..... Even though i am not a fan of Margaritas I really like theres. Mexico is well worth a visit.
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Reviewer SuzieC
friends in town have been raving about Mexico since it opened in Britomart a few weeks ago. Caught up with a few of them last week so was keen to see how on the money they were.
Awesome colour scheme and, although I haven't been to Mexico before, this is what I'd imagined the restaurants to look and fee like.
Had the Dos Equis beer which is actually really good and had the grilled corn cob to start (I kept on imagining the skinny guy in Nacho Libre loving this place) and the pulled pork taco which was delicious.
It seems all the rave reviews on Mexico are warranted - it's a shame Britomart is only a treat for me and not a daily destination.
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I'm a real sucker for Mexican food but the biggest problem I've experienced with Mexican restaurants around Auckland so far is that you leave thinking - "I could have done that myself". After having visited Mexico in Britomart, I'm very pleased to say that no - I couldn't have done this at home. In addition to the mouth-watering food is a really buzzy, bright atmosphere - I lurve it!
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Reviewer Anonymous
cant wait for Mexico to open - a good restaurant with authentic mexican cuisine is seriously lacking in downtown auckland so here's hoping this Britomart restaurant can be half as good as a place like Mexican Specialities!
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