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Westfield Shopping Centre Albany,
219 Don McKinnon Drive,

09 444 1076

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Reviewer stephanieanna
What a funky place! Mama Loco is very different to anywhere else I have been. It is definitely very vibrant and up-beat! I was served by a lovely guy who was very chatty and attentive. Food is a bit on the expensive side for what it was to be honest but didn't mind paying for the experience. Like some others have said, it's not really the place to go if you are wanting to have a deep catch-up, as the music is pretty loud, but I think its really unique and something a bit fun! You can go there and be a bit loud at dinner and have a good laugh without looking crazy! Cool place :)
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Reviewer Sushi_Pantha
The first time I went to Mama Loco, everything was great, food tasted good (although a bit pricey for what it’s worth), nice decor and staff seemed friendly. Today however, I was severely disappointed and put off by the customer service.Firstly the food took about 40mins to be served (and the waitress forgot our drinks) and secondly the music was pumped up so much I had to shout to be heard. Also bass was beating so hard my insides were literally vibrating. Lost my appetite and couldn’t eat. When I asked the staff to turn the music down, they point blank said no “it’s our policy to be loud and energetic, if you’re after a intense catch-up maybe this isn’t the place for you, or you could try sitting in the corner outside. We get older people asking the same thing, but we just tell them that this is who we are.”Never had such a nasty experience at a restaurant. No customer service skills whatsoever (they could have at least apologised for the bad experience). I felt completely disrespected. Will not be going back to Mama Loco again. Definitely do not recommend going there if you are after a nice dinner and to socialise.
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Reviewer phatbeats
Hey Sushi_Pantha

Although you had a bad experience I think you should applaud them for their stance on things like their music policy. I've only been to Mama Loco twice and you can definitely pick up on the energetic vibe of the place - and I think that's what makes Mama Loco different from so many other bars/restaurants around the place. If you wanted an intimate experience (or even a quiet one) there are a few other choices around the mall but I'm glad they stayed true to their policy - and 40 mins isn't that long to wait for food...just sayin... - Report
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Reviewer Sushi_Pantha
Hi phatbeats,
I applaud them for remaining stubborn even though there have been many complaints about the music. What I don't applaud is the way they handled things. I was basically told to either deal with it, or leave. I don't consider that a very good way to treat paying customers. I was not after a "quiet experience", simply to be able to talk to the person sitting directly opposite me. Judging by their response, they've obviously had the same complaint many times before, and yet they refuse to address it because they think that music needs to be on full blast for the place to be "energetic". Complete BS if you ask me. People can have a good time without having music blasted at them. If I wanted that, I would've gone to a nightclub, not a restaurant. - Report
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Reviewer pdaddyaucks
well, I went to Mama Loco last night for drinks that turned into dinner and a couple of those pitchers of that fruit punch, why not.
There was only 1 server on but luckily the place wasn't too busy, she was well in control and soooo pleasant and professional, every restaurant server should take lessons from her. The food was better than great, I had the hottest sauce they could find, yeah baby but could have been a bit hotter yet. Apparently we were the first 2 people to cope with it. Anyway, the atmosphere and decor is great, on a sunny day you could sit outside, I will be recommending Mama Loco at Albany Westfield mall to everyone.
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Reviewer Anonymous
really looking forward to the opening of Mama Loco - one of their staff members was handing out tapas the other day when I was at the Albany mall and the taste was awesome. Good to see the flavours aren't bland and haven't been dummied down for New Zealand palates! Bring on Mama Loca - I'm ready!
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