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North Wharf,
Jellicoe Street,
Auckland Central

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Live Fish Seafood Restaurant is the Home of the freshest local NZ seafood. Owner Joanna Chan, her father and his creation Live Fish, have 7 lucky charms in their modest kitchen. Modest because of the old man's belief that with small things come fine art.

Choose your seafood live and have it cooked and served to your table. Crayfish, clams, crabs, fish, abalone, oyster and much more, all dished up with different choices of cooking styles, and the most delicious authentic Hong Kong traditions. If seafood is not your cup of tea, a good range of other gourmet meat and vegetable dishes are available to suit everyone. Also indulge in our selection of wines careful chosen to suit this cuisine and coffee beans from Italy. Our award winning baristas will make the best coffees, and our bar tenders with flair will make great cocktails. Great service, great people, with a touch of Asian atmosphere. Simply the best Asian alfresco dining experience in Auckland. Live Fish, sensationally Asian, truly New Zealand.

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Reviewer bbbe
Came here over the weekend, great place to be. great atmosphere and great service. A quick hand up and the staff noticed straight away. Ordered yum cha items as well as the other dishes and all were fantastic, lots of flavour and good portion. Realized that the restaurant was very busy but didn't wait long at all for our dishes to come out. This restaurant has definately been listening to customer comments and made the effort to improve. Will definately come back again!!
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Reviewer NitaB
Not happy at all, would not recommend Live Fish Seafood Restaurant and will not go back ever again!!We ordered a live fish at $118/ kg, asked approx how big the fish is, the waiter replied approx 800g ~900g, we thought that is not too bad, then when we went back to our table the waiter caught a 2 kg fish to our table, we replied that is too big for us, then he came back with a 1.8kg and said that is the smallest! We eventually accepted, as we have guests with us, can't be bothered to argue with them, and ruin our dinner. But that is not the worst, the live fish which we spent $198 for it, came in chopped fish pieces, not even a whole fish!!! The other 3 plates of sea food were made the same way!! Very hard to get the tea refilled despite 2 waitresses starred straight at it and pretended they didn't see it!! Very disappointed!! We used one of those groupy vouchers however that is not a reason to provide such a bad service!
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Reviewer Willske
Over all environment at Live Fish Seafood was nice, but service was not overly impressing.
had ordered a 6 dish dinner and first 3 dish came within 30minutes which was great, but might be just us as there was an error made in the kitchen that all 6 dish was served and it took a good 50minutes of waiting before they realized the mistake and the other 3dish in the next 30minutes. one more thing that made the evening not so good was once the dishes served it was near impossible to get service on refilling of tea/water. I would not go back to Live Fish Seafood again, as the food was expensive and service was bad!
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Reviewer mungy
Have just had lunch at Live Fish, the service was amazing lovely, friendly waitress. The service was very prompt. I ordered the Laska seafood pasta dish and it was great, good size packed full of delicious seafood treats,
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Reviewer FoodPirate
Good food and views! They must have taken into account other reviews. Chilli prawns was very tasty. Will be back to Live Fish!
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Reviewer an_yue
Positive:-Service was pretty good-The cocktails are also pretty good-Live Fish Seafood is a very nice looking restaurant with a beautiful view Negatives:-There was quite a bit of dust in my water glass-The food are tasteless; no flavour and not enough seasoning. Everything was bland. The Curry Mussels doesn't have "curry". It just tasted like mussels boiled in white murky water.-Despite the name "Live Fish" with a tank of crayfish on display the crayfish are not fresh. It tasted chewy and tough with no crayfish flavour. I thought I was eating rubber. I have cooked crayfish many times before so I know what they're supposed to taste like when fresh. The crayfish tasted like the crayfish I left in the freezer for months. -The salad got some dirt in it which we left asideUnless you want to feel fancy I don't recommend the food at Live Fish Seafood. If you want somewhere that taste better than Mcdonalds or your local fish and chips shop this is certainly not the place.
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Reviewer Prettyinpink
The pros:
- fresh seafood
- nice decor
The cons:
- expensive
- food arrives Luke warm, never hot
- Very poor service, had to practically jump up and down waiving arms around to get the attention of the waiters
- tea never refilled when we open the cap, had to once again jump and waive to get attention
- we order two dish basically the same and the waitress didn’t even think to warn us
- waitress who took our order was not knowledgeable about the restaurant products
- last dish we had was rushed becos we tried to cancel it
It was absolutely disgusting ! Half the vegetable was raw and sauce not evenly spread out

I’m sorry but running a restaurant like urs word will get around and u r not going to have repeat customers.
I would not recommend anyone to go eat at Live Fish Seafood Restaurant. There are so many nice HK restaurants in Auckland with fantastic service for half the price
I would of complained but my friends took us there and it would of been rude
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Reviewer EatWell
Worst dining experience of my life .- 24 September 2011 Food took over 1.25 hours to come after constant nagging - when it did it was poor quality - plastic rice, small portions of chicken - and my daughters mussels had been left off by mistake! My wife's chili sauce had a human hair in it. It was replaced by a bowl of tartar sauce - not cool with chicken! Eventually we left - still with my daughter not having received her meal. i took the time and trouble to clearly outline to the manager the woeful dining experience we had endured. His response was I suppose what you would expect: 'Well mussels do take longer to cook'. No apology or offer to reduce the bill at all.

While one can make short-term gains by having an establishment in the right place at key times - Rugby World Cup ...I suspect Live Fish Seafood Restaurant may find themselves on a long wait for customers eventually.....a bit like my daughter's mussels!
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Reviewer whitenette
We were just walking along the wharf, trying to find a restaurant to eat. At first glance, Live Fish seemed like a quieter and sophisticated place, but go in for a few seconds and you can definitely see why there are less people. Going into the front entrance, we had to wait several minutes before a waitress noticed us. They weren't exactly busy either, just standing around twiddling their thumbs. The chair we got was at least okay, but they didn't arrange the seat properly for us. We had 3 chairs around a table for 2 and only one of the chairs was in position with the cutlery.
We then ordered a "Seafood Platter for three - $38.00".
That took about 30minutes. Wow, they sure moved fast. While we were waiting, my mother noticed that the waitresses didn't really do anything. The man in the striped shirt was doing most of the work. One of the waitress also tied her hair quite loose - it was a windy day you know! - very unprofessional.
Onto the actually meal. It was surprisingly little for something that was supposed to serve three people. Just because everything is in multiples of three doesn't equal serving size for three you know. I don't even need to say anything about that. Heck, McDonald's did a better job at the rings than they did. Oh wait, was it supposed to be calamari rings or onion rings? I couldn't even tell.
For a seafood restaurant, this is appalling. $38 for something that probably feeds 1.5 person is just plain sad. Don't even get me started on the fish. Utterly tasteless crap. I'd rather eat fish&chips at a local shop.

Could a restaurant do worse? Probably, but at least they'll be a little cheaper. Very very disappointed with Live Fish Restaurant.
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Reviewer CherylS
AWFUL awful awful. Terrible service, too much deep fried food on the menu, unhelpful staff who could hardly speak english, deep fried calamari cold in the middle, drinks delivered to wrong people, took ages to be served. Live Fish Seafood Restaurant is like an asian faulty towers but they weren't rude. Shocking.
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