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Victoria Park Quarter,
37 Drake Street,
Freemans Bay

(09) 929 2790

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Reviewer Anand Govind
Tasty tapas - ordered Pull pork tacos, cumin battered fish tacos, jerk chicken bites and charred lamb ribs (all small plates). Pulled pork tacos were the highlight. Jerk chicken bites were also very nice. Very nice food. Meat was cooked so well that it fell off the bone.

Disappointed as waitress took an age to take our order - she came to take our drinks order, then took off before we could give her our food order! When she returned with our wine, she spilled it while pouring and had to be asked to wipe up the spill, rather than get onto it straightaway...
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Libertine means, someone who indulges in the pleasures of the flesh without any regard for moral standards.

Now I don't know about you, but when I'm considering patronising an establishment I don't want to be told that I'm immoral for doing so. In any case, the place really doesn't seem that sinful but sexy with the retro hanging light bulbs and lanterns. I loved the long tables with bench seats and black chain curtains that divided the area to make your own sultry private space.

The menu takes a broad view of the Americas - there's ceviche, empanadas, croquettes and Paella.

In the first section of the menu, little plates to share, you'll find jerk chicken which some of my friends had and soft-shell crab. I love the fact that you don't get messy fingers from having to dissect the flesh from the shell and pincers, easy to eat with knife and fork. I also had soft tacos with chicken, corn and a spicy guacamole and Louisiana Ribs which were really tasty and covered in meat.

The service was friendly and tentative and bar well stocked. I'd go again to try the mains. Shame I had no room to fit in the Key Lime pie.
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Dropped in on a Monday evening for dinner. The place wasn't too busy when we got there. The bar area was definitely more popular than the restaurant.

We were seated promptly in the restaurant area in one of the booths. Seating was comfortable and the restaurant was nicely decked out.

Our waitress was friendly and really helpful when it came to ordering food. I had a cocktail, which was alright but tasted a little weak.

The food was tasty and was prepared well. The cornbread wasn't that great but generally no complaints from me. Their ribs were pretty good. Cooked well and it was seasoned well enough.

It didn't take too long for food to come out. I can't comment as to how the food quality and service efficiency is like when the place is busy. But it was all pretty good while I was there.

Overall, I won't mind going back again to try some of the other things on their menu.
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Reviewer kenmeri
Service here is dishonest. Their 'Libertine's own' ale on the menu is neither ale, nor their own. I called out the bartender because it did not taste right, and he admitted it was "some English stuff from a keg". Foolishly I went back on another occasion. I went to the bar before taking a table with a fried. I specifically asked the bartender that time if the 'ale' was now what they advertised it to be. He assured me it was. I ordered again, and unsurprisingly it was the same terrible stuff I'd had the first time. This really annoyed me so I complained to our server. She checked and returned, admitting again it was not what they advertised and offered me a refund. Which would be fine, except I found later when I checked my credit card statement that I had been charged the whole table's bill, on top of them charging my friend half the bill! Every item on the small dishes menu was deep fried. It is very clear that the management is putting revenue before honesty, scruples and guest experience here. I wouldn't mind the bland, unhealthy food and the crap drinks so much if they would charge accordingly and just be up front about what their establishment is.
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Reviewer blablabla
Went in few weeks back for drinks and have to say i was impressed with the venue. So we called back last Sunday for food this time. I've seen some comments about the service at Libertine being slack or casual and have to agree, but it was a Sunday and its not really fine dining so it didn't bother us.

For meals i had the roast lamb and gnocchi was i was really impressed with, probably the best cooked roast lamb i've ever had. My partner opted for pan fried fish, not a fish lover myself but i have to say this was excellent.

Really impressed with Libertine and will no doubt be back!
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Reviewer Jon_Lang
Met some friends at Libertine for a friends birthday, there were 8 of us and we got one of the big tables in the restaurant area looking out of the window. Got there around 5pm to watch the sun go down and stayed there all night.
Had a great time and will be back for more soon, thanks Libertine!
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Reviewer CMich
Libertine is exactly what a restaurant should look like. Cool decor, exposed ceiling/brick wall open plan, dark candlelit ambiance. We had great service (it was Monday and was almost empty so I would assume any review stating otherwise went on a weekend) and the wine list was great. The menu LOOKED great. I ordered the roast duck and my partner, the pork belly. You would think both would come searing hot with crispy skin. But both came lukewarm and soggy. The pork belly was chewy and overcooked. The duck was okay but not worth $32. The food is not good value for money - and it's not very good, full stop. If you want great atmosphere and food and are looking for a similar price range - go to Sunday Painters or Depot. Both have a much MUCH higher standard of food, and even if you leave breaking the bank, you feel satisfied. Unlike Libertine.
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Reviewer Keidis
No whisky on the drinks menu..?
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