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Princes Wharf,
201 Quay Street,
Auckland Central

377 0040

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Reviewer tastypate
Small and crowded venue. Full of 95% men and 5% women. Staff with extremely rude, dismissive, and arrogant female bar staff (blonde bar girl working as of 11-1-14 in particular). If you get past the bouncers and then plan on ordering a beverage…..expect eye rolling, sneers, and generally pathetically unprofessional attitude by the bar staff. If you plan to comment on such behavior then expect abuse and refusal of service. Consumers advised to avoid. Employers and owners advised to reconsider sloppy appointment of unprofessional staff. See other posts, nice to see such positive glowing reviews of this hole.
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Reviewer Raptorsnz
Impossible to get in if you're a male, and extremely rude staff.
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Reviewer Mine
Seriously need to look at the attitude of your STAFF and bouncers, not fun going there any more, there is way better places with way better and friendlier staff! Don't even know why I bother posting here, as I don't think anybody pays attention to it!
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Reviewer Lysette
It's the owner that is causing this. I saw that first hand tonight.

Just don't go there, I didn't feel it was safe, and given what the owner did I honestly considered phoning the police then and there. Some may love it, good for you. But if you are a single woman / with female friends do yourself a favor and just go elsewhere. - Report
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Reviewer candypanda
Went to Lenin on Saturday night. Started off well - no line for once and was packed so expected to have a good night! Unfortunately my night was ruined by one completely inebriated patron who walked up and groped me on his way out right in front of the manager/general manager. After this, he decided to come back and started harassing me. The manager/general manager who was a couple of meters away stood there and watched, and did not do anything about this, even though I was obviously begging the guy to just leave me alone and leave the bar. If it was not for a awesome patron who ended up grabbing the guy and walking him out of the bar, I'm not sure how the situation would have ended up. I was EXTREMELY unimpressed at the way this situation was dealt with and feel very let down that somebody who is supposed to protect his customers/keep them under control failed to do so. It saddens me that I now do not feel safe enough to go back to a bar that I once enjoyed so much, but if the management will not protect its customers, then who will?
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Reviewer Mine
the EXACT same thing happened to my daughter! she was man handled and chucked outside by one of the bouncers and she had to stand all by herself outside, he didn't even want her to go and call her friends, just because one of their STAFF members friend didn't like her because she didn't invite her with when they went to Lenin!! - Report
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Reviewer BrittanyJ
Ridiculous waiting time to get in to club due to the remedial nature of the bouncers who are incredibly rude. Came up to Auckland for the weekend for a leaving party and this Lenin experience ruined the night for me.
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Reviewer snigmac
Lenin is a great club if u can get past the arrogant bouncers...
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Reviewer Mia
Not sure who reads these, but here's to hoping. I was recently visiting in new Zealand from USA, myself and a couple girl friends decided to go into lenin. We had a wonderful time and the staff was great.... That being said, I had a special liking to one of the bar tenders. He was such a sweet heart, we were suppose to grab a drink after they closed up, but I fell asleep back at the hotel. Could have kicked myself when i woke up 3 hrs later. Anyways my hope is that he reads this and at the very least finds me on facebook.... Mia Natalia Trott...... fingers crossed he reads this and we can keep in touch. I haven't mentioned his name, but I think he will know who he is. At the very least I have a picture with him to remind me of a great last night in New Zealand.
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Reviewer tactilefog
Very cool layout, very cool design, and very cool drinks. The bar is about average in price for the Viaduct area and there's lots of cool little booths to sit at. The outdoor area is pumping on a Saturday night and it's cool to be out there watching people come and go.
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