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North Wharf,
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Jack Tar lives just behind the Auckland Fish Market on Jellicoe Street - a new gastropub in a dramatically updated post-war goods shed. Firmly anchored in the generous traditions of kiwi hospitality, Jack Tar offers a bar fully stocked with cool draught and bottles beers, fine wines, fresh juices and quality spirits. A hearty menu with a selection of tasty share plates, gourmet pizzas through to traditional steaks, seafood, lamb and vegetarian plates offer superb quality with a contemporary twist. Owner operator Peter Parkin has owned, developed and managed a number of bars and eateries in Wellington, including Flanagans in Courtney Place and The Back Bencher. On this occasion Peter has teamed up with his partner Dianne Bridgeman and General Manager and business partner Ben Squire. Their entrée into Auckland with Jack Tar promises a relaxed and affordable gastropub just a two minute stroll from the Viaduct Basin, Viaduct Events Centre and Silo Cinema.

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Reviewer Gautam
The ambience was upbeat. Food was fresh and tasty. Service was quick and with a smile. Location is great.
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Easter Friday I found myself down in Wynyard Quarter with friends and we stumbled across the restaurant Jack Tar. With signs already welcoming us with no holiday surcharge we thought that we were already onto a winner and we weren't disappointed! We were there right in the middle of the lunch time rush and although we had to wait for a table to be cleared we were seated close to the views of the gorgeous Auckland Harbour. I decided on the salt and pepper squid salad and it was brought out very promptly to the point it bet our drinks order. The salad was scrumptious with just the right amount of leafy greens and salad toppings and a healthy amount of squid! I will be heading back again as there were so many mouth watering dishes on the menu - it's a must on a sunny Auckland day!
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Reviewer Amberina
Food is great and service. Staff are really friendly and outgoing.
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Reviewer mikekt
Although I like the Wynyard Quarter and it was especially good during summer, I always wondered how it would fare when Auckland hit the colder months. I was at Jack Tar last Thursday night catching up with a few mates - beers good (James Squires on tap which does get my seal of approval) and can't fault the staff as they were really hospitable but the atmosphere is a bit lacking. Maybe it's because of the size of the place (if you haven't been, Jack Tar is huge) but not overly lively. Still - Jack Tar is good for a quick catchup and I'd imagine when the ASB suits head over and start flashing the company creddie, atmosphere might jack up a few notches!
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Reviewer Reesey
Jack Tar has great food, cocktails, music and atmosphere!!
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Reviewer Robyn100
Went to Jack Tar for lunch today. Very disappointing. Took forever to be fed, admittedly they were busy being a public holiday but they should have had more staff to cover the service in the kitchen especially when charging 15% surcharge. Two of us had seafood chowder, lukewarm - obviously had been sitting for some time before being brought out as had a thick skin on top. The other two people had burgers and chips - also lukewarm. We didn't send it back for reheating as we have all heard of the stories that come out about food being returned to the kitchen and didn't fancy not knowing what would come back in the food.

When we finally got our food we had to ask for cutlery and was told sorry have run out of forks will go and find some. Got the cutlery but had to go and ask for no knife for those that had the soup to spread the butter around. I ordered a Rum and coke in tall glass but came in small as they had no clean tall glasses left.

Was asked how our meal was half way through and when we commented on the temperature the waitress obviously didn't know what to say and walked off.

Never got asked if we required a top up of drinks - the owners loss not ours or of course the staffs.

When I went and paid for meals told them I didn't wish to pay the surcharge because of the service and food and was told the chef said it left the kitchen hot so was hot. Reason given for no cutlery was it had to be polished. Paid the bill and said we would never return, that they were sorry for. Not their concern as they are being paid just the owner who dips out. Maybe they should become owners of a business and then they would try and keep the clientele they have.

I am sure there are better restaurants on North Wharf and beyond, no doubt we will find somewhere else next time.
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Reviewer aden
Absolutely terrible. We went to check out the place for a corporate venue - no way could we recommend. We sat in the garden bar and ordered drinks then tried to order food but because we were outside we could not eat from the main menu! We could have moved 6 inches inside or collected our food from the bar, but the staff refused and were so rude we walked out. Our group were 7 and no one was interested in losing this business, they lost two more outside as I warned people reading the menu. They also lost a big corporate booking! Far better was another restaurant just further down - the staff were charming and went to great lengths to find a table large enough for us - good great too! Don't go to Jack Tar's.
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Reviewer Wallis
We have been to Jack Tar on a few occasion's, always as part of a large group. The staff have been helpful, courteous and friendly. The food has been timely (appreciated when you are a large group), they have a good selection we will definitely be back.
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got stuck in a booth that had a sticky table top.
got handed a menu that had a wide variety of food on it, looked like some steak juice, the second page had some lovely cheese on it,
not a good start but the baby was sleeping and we were hungry so i scrapped the table down with the clipboard menu and got some of the gunk off my space and we ordered what seemed to be safe options from the to share section of the menu,
salt and pepper squid, tasteless frozen rubber.
jacks catch, 3 prawns, 3 oz of bait used to catch tasty fresh fish.
ribs, boiled then thankfully covered in sauce that had a hint of seasoning in it.
pizza, not bad but nothing special.
definitely never go back, staff at Jack Tar were just as depressed as we were, worst thing was we spent 115% to much for the experience because it was queens birthday surcharge!
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Reviewer tahlulah
Went to Jack Tar over the weekend for a girls lunch on a nice sunny afternoon. The atmosphere was great and the service was pretty good, especially the drinks staff.

Unfortunately we found the Calamari bland and not that special. I had it just as an entree and a few people had it in the salad. There is no kids menu at Jack Tar and the only option for my young children were the $9.50 jugs of fries which were dry and disappointing.

Being such a great location and obviously popular I would probably see myself ending up there again and would like to think the food had improved somewhat. A kids menu though is a must. There were quite a few children there on the weekend.
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Reviewer guest911
I would have also given Jack Tar 0 if that rating was available.

At the beginning of our night, everything had worked out well – we had reserved a table for a large group of people and as we arrived – the table was available and we were seated promptly. We were given menus quickly and offered to order drinks in the same manner. Once the whole table arrived – we ordered our food – and it arrived after a bit of a wait – understandable with such a large group.

The general feeling of the place was good and the staff were pleasant. The place was busy and staff were carrying around very large amounts of drinks to many tables. A recipe for disaster in terms of keeping track of who ordered what…..one staff member had a tray of over 15 drinks which she was keeping tabs on between different tables….

So after a pleasant evening – two things came at us as a surprise….one was that my fiancé was charged 5 dollars for a slice of cheese in his burger ( a little excessive by anyone’s standards) and two – we had 5 extra drinks charged to our bill which we definitely didn’t order. One can understand that mistakes happen with such a busy environment and we were happy to work through this with the staff, however we were approached by the manager who insisted that “the drinks were delivered to our table” and that we should pay for them. We had spent in excess of $500.00 in this establishment between all the members of the group – and rather than being civil and trying to resolve the issue – we kept being told that the drinks were delivered….although I don’t doubt that – they were not delivered to our table – and therefore we were not going to be paying for them.

It seems that the staff there are more concerned about 5 drinks vs their reputation – this left such a sour taste in my mouth – that none of the people were going to be returning to Jack Tar again! One should always remember the rule – the customer is always right. Attacking the customer or implyin
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Reviewer bigmac
Ok With a fantastic location, tasteful fit-out, and ok food and cold beer Jack Tare should be a sure fire winner. But throw in some of the WORST 80's music known to man and you have a recipe for failure.Sorry, but to be successful you guys need to tick all the boxes and having your bar managers homo erotic music preferences (John Farnham, Elton John, Billy Joel, Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen) forced upon one, at loud volumes makes for a grating experience. I think in the perfect daytime setting no music was required, but if you insist on daytime music make it back ground, or make it damn good.Wynard Quarter is a Auckland showcase of forward thinking urban design and your choice of music was embarrassing. This was only matched by the bar managers insistence that he only received compliments for the music when we complained, what a knob, go back to the Fat Ladys Arms where you belong. We are by no means music snobs but I would not endure this place again.Honestly take some criticism on the chin and sort it out.
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Reviewer RuthHader
really liking the North Wharf / Wynyard Quarter area now that the hordes of tourists have gone and you can actually get into places - and so far anyway be afforded the service levels that you'd expect.
Partner and I both had the day off work yesterday so thought we'd head down that end of town and took the opportunity for an afternoon stop at Jack Tar. Shared a pizza and wedges between us which were both plentiful and fairly well priced considering the area.
Service is friendly and convivial. We'll be back to Jack Tar I'm sure.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Great venue - love the location, the building etc. I like the booths and the food was pretty good too. Jack Tar has a good selection of drinks and good music etc. I would definitely go back... if it weren't for the terrible service! The waitresses knew nothing about the menu, they weren't friendly at all and they certainly didn't make us want to come back. We were told it would be a half hour wait and after 45mins I politely went to ask how much longer it might be and the waitress was outright rude to me. Not impressed! I will probably give Jack Tar one more chance as I do like the location, concept etc. but it had better be damn good service to get me to return after my dismal first experience!
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Reviewer Tina_Akl
Visited Jack Tar in late August/early September with a group of friends. Good atmosphere, but we had to wait for 2 1/2 hour for a table! The Maitre d messed the order up, and about 7 groups after us were seated before us, and when we questioned her she told us that if we didn't want to wait, we could leave. Worst service ever! Except the disaster didn't end there. We had to wait another hour for our food as the waiter mixed up our order with another table. Food is not bad, but would never come back to Jack Tar again.
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Reviewer pommysoandso
jeez some people are precious...I was at Jack Tar over the weekend and with the crowd numbers that were at all venues, even the most accomplished operation would have struggled. Few pints after a stroll round Wynyard Quarter on a sunny spring day - this is why I have moved to this part of the world!
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Reviewer abc
WARNING - do not sit outside if you intend to use the bathroom. When Jack Tar gets busy, they close the doors and you can't get in. Fine. But when I went to pay my $300 tab (I had been sitting outside eating and drinking for 4 hours) so I could get back my credit card and go somewhere else to use the bathroom - they would not let me in. After trying to be patient and not too rude about pointing out the bars obvious flaw - after more than an hour and all of my party needing to pee - I was angry. I finally got hold of the owner and his attitude and arrogance was disgusting. Let your patrons use the bathroom or at least let them pay so they can go to another bar that is run properly. Lastly, I was understandably upset but if the words "I'm sorry" had come out of the owners mouth all could have been forgiven. But even that was like getting water from a stone. Terrible - you have lost my business and the business all the the other patrons I saw get turned away and denied use of your bathroom because we had chosen to sit outside. The 2 stars is for the Jack Tar wait staff who were run off their feet and still smiling.
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Reviewer LCfranco
After using the email link on the Jack Tar website to make a reservation we never received a reply so assumed this was good to go. When our party of 7 arrived at Jack Tar we were told they don't accept reservations and so couldn't seat us for at least an hour. Apparently they are "too busy" to take bookings. I wonder how they expect anyone to eat at their establishment if they never take any bookings but are always busy? It would have been nice of Jack Tar to let us know that they didn't take bookings. There was no effort made to make up for this lack of communication, just a rejection "here take a number and come back later"

North Wharf is a beautiful place but the quality of hospitality venues is disappointing. I have to say it's starting to look like Auckland has too many restaurants and not enough good people to work in them.
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Reviewer Aveybaby
This bar is amazing. Delicious food and fantastic atmosphere, Jack Tar is definitely the place to go in Auckland
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Reviewer RuthHader
One of the most popular places in Wynyard Quarter last Saturday and I could see why. Jack Tar is one of those venues where it's very easy to sit back and relax and while away a heck of a lot of time. Jack Tar is definitely the exciting new kid on the block.
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Reviewer bonnza
What a brilliant spot on the harbour to have a fantastic time! Jack Tar has amazing views right on the water. Plenty of room and the old Navy building look has gone high tech. Booth seating, great wine selection, live band, yummy food...definitely heading back to Jack Tar soon. Can't wait until the RWC arrives - I've found my hangout venue!
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Reviewer 73holden
really really excited about the opening of Jack Tar - promises so much so hopefully lives up to the billing. There's a few good gastro-pubs in town but most of them are in the suburbs (good ones anyway) - it would be great if Jack Tar has a good range of boutique beers available too...
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