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3 Fort Lane,
Auckland Central

(09) 377 1570

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Take an evening stroll down Auckland's Fort Lane and find yourself entering the realms of good times after dark. Hitch, located at 3 Fort Lane, is not just your new favourite bar, but a veritiable dream come true to the more discerning connoiseur of the finer beverages in life. Shoot some pool, recline on the rich red leather couches, partake in the pleasures of the bar selection. Relax, unwind and enjoy the sounds from a selection of Aucklands finest DJs.

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Reviewer tayla91
I LOVE Hitch!
Everytime I go there, I have an awesome night. I've met and partied with both Swizz Beats and The Game here! It is my favourite club in Auckland.
In regards to what the below reviewers have said, I agree that the bouncers are brutally particular about who they let in. But that is only because that is what they are paid to do, Hitch isn't huge and so wants to maintain a somewhat clean classy image. I wouldn't love Hitch as much as I do if they just let everybody in. I go into Hitch knowing that I won't get hit on by seedy dudes, hardly ever see fights in Hitch, you never see messy drunk people being gross inside. Everyone inside is having a good time - and this is all the thanks to the bouncers!
One of the biggest attractions to this club is the dope beats they're always playing, DJs are not afraid to play underground hip-hop and old school biggie, pac and NWA tracks. The bartenders service is good and you can never go wrong with a game of pool or two while jamming to some good tunes.
Basically if you want to have a good night out minus the seediness that usually accompanies other clubs go to hitch.
There is a reason Local and international hip-hop stars, All Blacks, Blues and Warriors players have been spotted at Hitch - because the atmosphere and music trumps over all the other hiphop clubs in Auckland.
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Could not agree with the previous review more if I tried!! A group of us were recommended Hitch because of good music. We turned up and were denied entree for absolutely no reason. We weren't poorly dressed, drunk, acting disorderly - just a group of girls looking to have a dance. We were told to wait in the line, never mind the fact there was no line. Never the less we waited only to see the bouncer allowing other girls and people in...we noticed the bouncer allowing in girls that were hugging and pretty much hanging of the bouncer. Didn't know that's what it took to be allowed entry into hitch... When we asked the bouncer why we weren't being allowed in he said the club was full and I could see it clearly wasnt!!! I asked why he was letting others in before us when we were waiting and he said there are regulars...yea right!! Too make matters worse there was another girl on the side who was arguing with the bouncer to be let into the club because her sister was inside! All I can say is it's not even worth going into a place no matter how highly recommended when possible paying patrons are treated rudely and turned away. Find some better bouncers because your potential customers will definitely find a better place to take their business.
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Reviewer BeautyCush
Don't even think I would give this place a one star. Maybe with new bouncers or a change in their attitudes. Been in to Hitch once before, absolutely love the music, was going to consider it for my 21 st birthday, however the bouncers are extremely selective of who they wish to let it in. Never mind the fact that your a paying customer, not drunk the bouncers do not care and Let you wait on the side. Saying that there " full try again later" when obviously others are walking in with nO problems, do they think we are dumb. This place has forgotten what hospitality is all about, not who u know or what you look like. Rude!!! Besides that fact, an experience with the bartenders were finer and the drinks were delicious.
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