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134 Ponsonby Road,

(09) 376 9929

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fricken love Golden Dawn! you guys are ace, the staff have been super friendly and the atmosphere is priceless!
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Reviewer Trimlatte
first time at Golden Dawn last night and although good, can't agree that it's one of the best going. Wine list is fairly comprehensive but right up there compared to other Ponsonby Bars. Will give Golden Dawn another go to see if it might have just been the buzz on the night.
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Reviewer Nano
Some of the reviews here are indeed suspiciously similar, but hey, I guess a bars gotta do what a bars gotta do! I actually do like GD, even though it's full of people trying ever so hard to look as if they're not trying ever so hard. Hipster boys flock here in droves to parade their ironic facial hair, oversized specs and jauntily tilted hats to their female counterparts. And the music tends to be a little haphazard as the DJs favour dropping in tunes so off-the-radar that nobody recognises them (not that they admit it). But if you can keep a straight face in the midst of all that uber-hipness, you should enjoy the vibe, the opportunity to watch the hipster wildlife, the friendly bar staff and the breezy outdoor area. The only real downer is the toilets, as dark and dingy as they are stinky (that's what happens when guys and gals are forced to share). So, have a tactical pee before you go, get there before 8.30 (when queues start to form), leave your cynicism at home and enjoy it while it's still a favourite of the almost-underground.
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Golden Dawn successfully flies under the radar as far as Ponsonby bars goes - maybe because it is not showy nor pretentious or maybe it's because it's so well hidden - either way it's one great example of a bar not trying to be something that it's not. Golden Dawn is a must for any Ponsonby visit - recommended!
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Reviewer j.po
A lot of these reviews for this venue look suspiciously similar (i.e. not genuine) - lol

Anyway I was at Golden Dawn last night for Friday after work catch-up. Place was busy and had a good vibe.

I usually have a look through the wine list where ever I go - but gave up doing so here due to extra small print on a clipboard menu, which proved to be challenging to read through and understand.

There was a small selection of house beers on draft and I found the pilsner quite good.

One thing that I really noticed that won't be seeing me back in a hurry, the sound system sounded like total balls. The DJ and the vibe in the outdoor bit was good, the sound was average, and inside the sound was so bad that it was really distracting if you know what I mean. I mentioned this to a staff member thinking that maybe someone had maxed out all the settings, but she didn't give a hoot about it - lol

However that said, the place was busy and its funny how people don't really seem to care much about good sound when good company is around.

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Reviewer trueflavour17
Believe the hype - Golden Dawn is well and truly the best Ponsonby venue at the moment. understated and relaxed - patrons all there for a good time too. few more trips to golden dawn on the cards!
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finally got to go to Golden Dawn last week after meaning to for at least a few months. Very understated but very cool - can see what all the fuss is about.
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Reviewer suesmythe
Been twice now to Golden Dawn and both times had a really good time. Doesn't have the sophistication of some of the other Ponsonby bars, but then again, it doesn't have the same tossy crowd. Looking forward to a few more nights at Golden Dawn soon.
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