Easy Tiger

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23 Dockside Lane,
Auckland Central

021 801 890

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Easy Tiger in Auckland's CBD is a sexy new bar with a bit of a jungle theme and large outdoor courtyard and one of Aucklands best back bar and beer selection.

Great for groups and pre and after concert parties.

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 16.00 till late Sat: 18.00 till late Sun: 14.00 to 22.00
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Jeans OK, Trainers OK
Children welcome - Children allowed before 19.00
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Reviewer kjljrj
Visited after being at the Madonna concert. Had the most appalling service and attitudes, not just from the bar staff but the manager as well. Clearly he was finding it more important to fry chips instead of looking after his customers. It was obvious we were not the only ones disgusted. Loads walked out. Would have had a perfect night if we'd given Easy Tiger a very wide berth. Never again.
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Reviewer Palm
We received appalling customer service when a friend and I went in for lunch recently. Even though we were standing by the bar where there were a number of wait staff restocking the bar, we were completely ignored. Easy Tiger was not busy at the time. After a few awkward minutes of trying to attract their attention, we walked out and went to the 1920’s café next door where the staff was very friendly. I will never go back to Easy Tiger again.
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Reviewer DR_BOB
just an update as silly site wouldnt let me adjust the stars in some browsers ..

Great bar .. great staff .. fun humorous .. ok .. possibly politically at times :) .. but thats the best part .. real people
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Reviewer DR_BOB
Brillant place .. great characters.

They best back bar in auckland..

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Reviewer Easygoing
Easy Tiger has the most limited menu in Auckland so not sure why it took 30 minutes for a sandwich.
Customer service is terrible. the Easy Tiger barman kept telling us he was the only one there hence why he couldn't serve us drinks!. Tip: Get more staff and stop making excuses. Do you want to run a bar or not!
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Reviewer traveller
Nice atmosphere, decent drinks, terrible service. The owner of Easy Tiger may state he has a lot of experience, however he clearly failed any business communication studies. If the owner did not work behind the bar, it may become more profitable. Although in saying that, the other bar tenders are brilliant.
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Reviewer Chris566
Easy Tiger - Easily one of the best bars around town!

A great atmosphere, huge selection of drinks; beers, wines & spirits, excellent location and cool bar staff.

My wife and I had our wedding party there back in August and the night could not have been better all our friends are still raving about the venue and staff.

The night would not have gone so well if it wasn't for Ric and his staff who were more than helpful with every request. It was great to see them even having a good night whilst working.

I would recommend this bar to anyone looking for a funky place to throw a party or even just for a chilled out drink after work - be careful however, with such a great selection of drinks, you can't stop going up to try a new one!
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Reviewer joshua689
The bar and the drinks are fine, after this experience however, the same can't be said for the customer service! I had spoken in person to the owner twice when organizing a function and was under the impression everything was fine. But when we arrived and asked him to put some music on instead of the rugby he got all pissy and said "if anyone else comes in and want to watch it, the music was going off".
He made my friends stand outside with their newborn baby (in the middle of winter). He refused to serve my wife unless I asked him to. So if you like a good cocktail in a cool looking bar and DON'T mind some bad customer service.. it's a good place to go.
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Reviewer Anonymous
This bar has great drinks and a great atmosphere, but the bar tender is a total prick and came close to ruining our wedding after party. He is pleasant while taking your money, but ask him to do anything extra (like playing a dvd of wedding photos) and he couldn't care less. He never once served my wife, unless I asked him too. He also made our guests with new babies stand outside with the smokers! (In the middle of winter!)

Don't bother going to this bar, even if you can find it!
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What a great bar. Awesome style & atmosphere. Where else can you grab an outstanding glass of port & some of the best cuban cigars available anywhere? Easy Tiger, thats where! The best kept secret in the CBD!
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