Cowboy Pizza Kitchen

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95 - 97 Customs Street West,

(09) 377 7778

Cowboy Pizza Kitchen Information

Cowboy Pizza Kitchen is located in the Viaduct Harbour, Downtown Auckland.

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Daily: 12.00 to 01.00
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$$$ per person
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A La Carte Menu
Children welcome
Outdoor Area
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Cowboy Pizza Kitchen User reviews

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Reviewer thombee
Not the most sophisticated bar in the world.
Great pizza. Amazing range of tequilas.
Bar certainly targets those over 30.
Staff make you feel part of the family.
Sunday afternoon music is great.
If you are looking to meet real people, this is the place to go

Yes. I am a regular
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Reviewer emmauk
I have never given a bad review in my life but this place let me down. I used to love it and have visited a lot in the past but never again. Went in at the weekend with my Bro and boyfriend and straight after purchasing our drinks I was approached and asked to leave. I asked why and couldn't be given an answer by the bouncer who had been told by his boss who stood a few feet away and couldn't look me in the eye. I had had three drinks previously so I was far from falling around the place like the majority of the younger girls in there so I have no idea what the issue was. It's a real shame that the management and staff let the place down. Oh well plenty of other places on the viaduct to choose from.
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Reviewer NZFashion
Place is starting to go off!Good atmosphere and great crowd. Better music since the new DJ started. Bar girls more friendly and not as stuck up in the past :) Great place for Friday night drinks!
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Reviewer ozpete
After reading all the reports below, I thought I should visit this bar! The reviews of "dinner" being disgusting are I think a little harsh when all Cowboy Pizza Kitchen sell is Pizza? The pizza my blonde date and I had was good and tasty but not world beating, about 7.5/10 & certainily not expensive, I would go back for it though. The staff and atmosphere we both found fantastic, and while we may not visit every night it is most def on our "to go to" list.I know us people from across the ditch get a bad rep in NZ but perhaps if you learnt grammer/to spell it might help your reviews?????Still perhaps "there boucer" might have other ideas!!
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Reviewer rubz
Me personally, have enjoyed going to cowboys bar during the week. and feel that the girls treat me like royalty, they are nice, straight up, friendly, and alot of fun!! they're new menu is great- and must tell you that they're Shepard's pie is fantastic!!! thank you Cowboy Pizza Kitchen for your hospitality!!! A+++
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Reviewer richardtill
The girls behind the bar are very rude and arrogant, they could pull there heads out there asses instead of looking at them selves all night or playing on there phones. after a very disgusting over priced dinner, we were asked to leave because a group of girls were entering. When we declined the boucer threw my wife and I out. He had no explanation "just doin my job". Never ever I had we felt so disrespected, after handing over a small fortune for dinner. Very dissatisfied.
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Reviewer livelaugh
Saturday midnight early sunday morning, denied entry on racist grounds, showed 18+ and NZ driver licence, when asked those pricks simply had no answers, my other 2 mates were inside and were awestrucked on this incident MOF i reported this to police as well, anyways These guys are racist as...I want this place to be bloody closed so i can breath easy.Peace!
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Reviewer paulus
read a lot of interesting comments about the customer service at Cowboy Pizza Kitchen - glad to say I haven't received any attitude or negativity from the staff at cowboy pizza. When it first opened I thought it was one of the better Auckland venues but now there's some pretty touch competition a stones throw away in britomart - still, a good viaduct spot!
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Reviewer soph6696
This place is so bad, the staff are horrible making the survice awful and the food is disgusting. I have never had such a bad experience or encountered such bad bad customer service. I will never go back here and will encourage others to avoid making the same mistake.
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Reviewer Anonymous
Am writing this on behalf of my boss - since he found Cowboy's, he has been a different man and is constantly looking for his horse. Love his new hat though!! Must be one hell of a place - he is one happy cowboy and loves his beans for breakfast and even has a cowgirl - yehah!!
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Reviewer Anonymous
This place never misses and on New Year's Eve it was fantastic. Totally packed out and charging from start to finish, Cowboy Pizza Kitchen came to the play once again.

Nothing but a packed out crowd of people having a wicked time - no dramas, no overly trashed people, and no fighting (that can often sully a night out at a decent party pub). Bloody fantastic Cowboy!
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