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Ponsonby Central,
140 Ponsonby Road,

(09) 360 0708

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Chop Chop Noodle House is the latest eatery to join the ever popular Ponsonby Central dining precinct.

At Chop Chop Noodle House you can expect the very best of Asian eats: bowls of BBQ ramen from Japan, spicy Korean-style fried chicken and crab, Chinese pork buns, Hong-Kong cocktails and a smokin' range of whiskies. All served with a wink and a smile by Deputy Chang's posse of cocksure cowboys.

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Daily 12.00-oo.oo
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Chop Chop is a fun place to go for a quick and delicious meal. There is only one big table, so if you have a few people keep in mind that you may have to sit along the counter. I really like the ramen bowls, and also recently tried an Eat Drink Love Ponsonby special of beef ragu that came with a Duncan's Pacific Lager and a salted caramel dessert cone - great value and all very tasty!
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Chop Chop; a hole-in-the-wall noodle bar in Auckland’s Ponsonby Central, owned by the creators of the Blue Breeze Inn - Renowned restaurateur Mark Wallbank.
At first glance, Chop Chop looks a bit like a Tiki hut crossed with an island beach bar, with kitchen and bar combined into one. Sturdy wooden bar stools are positioned at the door and ready for our butts.

A focus on a variety of steaming bowls of soup noodles, some of the more popular Blue Breeze Inn classics such as the steamed pork buns and more. I wasn’t that chuffed with my noodles, there was a lot more than the Pork although the pork was crispy skinned and cooked perfectly. My soft shell crab bun had chewey flesh but the bun and other accompaniments were nice. The Pork one looked much better. I wasn’t overly impressed and probably can find better places around. I don’t think it was as good as Blue Breeze Inn.
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Reviewer HRoughan
The food here is ok, I wouldn't rave about it. Had the pork steamed bun which was pretty tasty and very filling. The pork inside was huge. Also had the soft shell crab bun which didn't compliment the pork bun very much so don't order those together! We also ordered the crispy fried chicken but got the hot sauce on the side. This made it extremely bland. Our friend ordered the beef brisket ramon who said it was good. So all in all it was ok but I probably wouldn't go back or recommend. If you're in Ponsonby Central go to Dantes - their pizza is amazing.
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Reviewer YoTriz
Fast, quick, and enjoyable. I have heard about this place in Ponsonby central and finally got a taste of it. First off, let me just tell you that I am a huge ramen fan and this place did not disappoint. The ramen bowl is huge and can easily be shared for two. It is a bit pricey but you're paying for quality. My friend and I shared a few items, the salad of was so yum, it was tasty and the pork belly was pleasing (i love pork belly), the next was the brisket bun, and OMG the brisket was amazing, definitely worth getting again and just one to myself next time, and the miso ramen was delightful, filled with a lot of extras and not just a bowl with noodles, the broth was so good. Overall, my friend and I left full and satisfied. Go check it out!
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Well first off, Chop chop Noodle house is super busy all the time and has a great vibe going for it. Had wanted to try it out for ages and Sunday night they had seats spare at the bar where you can watch all the action with the chefs preparing your dishes and the rest of the team making awesome cocktails. The cocktails did look ab fabulous!!...We asked for a sauv blanc and there was only one which was fine as it was very nice. The staff are lovely and as it was night and the lighting pretty dim she offered her pen/torch so we could actually see the menu. We ordered the Pork Ramen and the Beef Brisket Bowl. The Pork was beautifully cooked but to be honest the whole thing lacked flavour. Now I know you can add your own condiments but frankly I expect the basis of the flavours to be there rather than start to add my own. My husband had the brisket and it was brimming with chilli to the point his tongue was tingling (not in a good way). Again the flavour was chilli with very little depth happening. I really wanted to like this place as I love noodles of all descriptions but there is just too many other places who have the flavour down waay better. Staff though were awesome and the service quick and friendly. And in no way does it put me off the Blue Breeze Inn who own it. I love their food!!.
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Reviewer eat2enjoy
Feednominal!!!! I don't reckon these ramens could be beaten - even in the best places in Asia. Chop Chop has been open about 2 weeks (I think) and my wife and I are totally addicted to the ramens here - and the cocktails too. Ohhh - and they also do a really tasty pork bun - it's only a single but is huge, fresh and flavourful with some type of tasty herbs (I think) in it. The 'base' ramens (which are huge) are $18 and great value. The beef shin is like a combo of shin and great steak - no cheap cuts here. I think they get their meat from neat meats which is a top notch provider. The pork belly ramen is really large fillets of yummy pork and the ramen base (soup) is rich and satisfying. My wife also likes the vegetarian one though my fav is the 'super ramen' that has pork, fried chicken, egg, noodles. If you like to spice things up you can buy a small bowl of chopped birds-eye chillis to make things eye-watering. The non-alcoholic cocktails are nice (and well priced) and go great with the ramens but add a couple of bourbons to these in the evening (especially to their house made white cola) and it gets even better. The service is fun, friendly, energetic and excellent. This place delivers great value, flavours and a fun experience. I have been on my own, with my wife and with friends - it fits just about any occasion. Well done team and thanks - see you today for lunch!! I hope readers enjoy their food here as much as I do but beware, this place is addictive.
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